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Organizing the everyday functions for developing a growth driven foundation.


Wockhardt Foundation is the non-profit division of the pharma giant Wockhardt Group. It runs several programmes in health, education, water and sanitation across the length and breadth of the country. For Wockhardt Foundation, employees are the assets who help attain the change they have envisioned to bring in the society.

  • 300%Increase in employee performance
  • 50%Rise in internal communication
  • 1000%Better task management
  • 500%Reduction in the time taken to complete projects

Challenges Faced:

  • Appraisal system was complicated and required collaboration between all the teams.
  • No systematic data management of tasks and projects
  • Lack of communication between management and employees
  • No daily work report maintained

Investigating the cause:

  • The foundation has a unique performance appraisal system that requires the entire team to rate each other, but the system is not backed up by a systematic format to do it.
  • No collaborative platform for the employees to communicate with each other and the management.
  • No reporting format for employees to present their work schedules and daily achievements.

Strategy Devised

  • Integrated uKnowva in Wockhardt Foundation
  • Employee management, Project and task tracking and increase in communication were the main issues that were taken into priority

Our Solution

We conducted in-depth market & competitor research before executing the best practices in user experience design.

  • Task tracking

    The foundation works on various projects and uKnowva helped them analyze the task beginning date, time taken to complete and the various stages it went through. uKnowva keeps check on the deadlines of the projects and reminds about the same to the concerned teams. If the task has not been completed on time, the issue gets auto-escalated to the higher management to ensure that action can be taken and the timeliness of the work does not suffer. The complete task reporting is sent by an auto-email to the CEO who can at any point of time analyze the working of the foundation using this data.

  • Increase in Communication

    Social intranet and other communicative features like polls and instant messaging has helped increase the communication between the internal teams. At Wockhardt Foundation, an employee’s progress depends largely on what the members of other teams think about him, so it is important that employees interact with each other and are constantly updated about each other’s accomplishments. uKnowva gets this job done.

  • Appraisal Management

    The 360-degree inter-departmental appraisal format followed at Wockhardt Foundation required a highly organized platform for execution. uKnowva helped to not only make this process more systematic but also easy to perform.

  • Daily reporting formats

    uKnowva provided a DAR (Daily Activity Report) facility to Wockhardt Foundation, whereby every employee is required to input data about their daily activities on uKnowva. This gets directly submitted to the HR manager for scrutiny. This helps the employees to show their achievements and the HR Manager to understand the progress made by every employee. Failure in filing the DAR leads to reductions in the ratings of the employee, which in the long run, affects their appraisals too.

  • Extensibility

    uKnowva is a highly adaptable platform and in the case of Wockhardt Foundation it also allows the users to integrate third-party apps to uKnowva. This saves time and efforts of the user and makes his overall experience of uKnowva more pleasant.


Key Stats

  • 300%Increase in employee performance
  • 50%Rise in internal communication
  • 1000%Better task management
  • 1000%Reduction in the time taken to complete projects

Departments benefited

  • Top Management: Check on the tasks helps complete projects on time and with optimum efficiency
  • IT:Various tasks that would require multiple software or platforms are taken care of single-handedly by uKnowva
  • Employees: The work data gets more organized and daily reporting ensures they get credited for their hard work
  • Operations: Accurate and updated data about every project helps in the correct projection of the timelines
  • HR Increase in internal communications and daily reporting by employees are the dual benefits that help HR team to keep internal issues at bay