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Optimising efficiency through HR and CRM automation


Uniglobe is a leading travel management service provider which is spread across six continents and present in more than 60 countries. It has a network of franchises which delivers maximum efficiency through travel expertise. The Modi Group operates the Regional Master Franchise of UNIGLOBE Travel in the South Asia Region that covers India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Bhutan, and Maldives.

  • 300%Reduced emails for communication 
  • 100%Increased efficiency in all the franchises
  • 75%Cost reduction to manage HR activities
  • 250%Increase in overall business growth

Challenges Faced:

  • Current communication was unfavorable because it was dependent on emails which were inconvenient and confusing
  • Lack of real-time communication between employees and management also within parent company and other franchises
  • HR and CRM work was carried offline which was unorganized and time-consuming
  • Operations in all the franchisees were chaotic and cluttered which led to inefficiency

Investigating the cause:

  • No collaborative platform for upward, downward and sideways communication
  • No platform to manage all the HR process within an organization
  • Delay in announcements going viral which hampers work productivity
  • Need for common system to communicate with employees from franchises

Strategy Devised

  • Integrated uKnowva in Uniglobe Travel (South Asia).
  • Special attention was paid to build one common platform where employees can easily connect and communicate across various franchises
  • HRMS and CRM was integrated with Intranet for all the franchises

Our Solution

We conducted in-depth market & competitor research before executing the best practices in user experience design.

  • Collaborated work

    uKnowva has developed a collaborative network for UNIGLOBE’s franchise and their employees through which they can instantly connect with & stay updated about latest news, trends, and deals. The access to the intranet is open for everyone through which they can get notifications for new events. All the employees can easily post status/issues/thoughts on the intranet which can be viewed by all the members instantly.

  • Employee engagement

    The easy to use platform by uKnowva has increased the overall interaction between employees and the company. There is an open way of communication which improved the employee-to-manager relation. Employees were now more engaged because questions were answered immediately. Employee engagement was enhanced as they were now well informed & more connected with the subordinates.

  • Increased productivity

    uKnowva’s Intranet has now become a common information sharing platform through which all the operations are handled efficiently. This resulted in better management of internal activities as well as the tourism service delivery process.

  • Streamlining the process

    With one systematic platform, all the operations are streamlined. uKnowva has helped Uniglobe’s employee to be in touch with their colleagues from different locations thus improving the flow of work.

  • Reduced email traffic

    Employees at Uniglobe are now less depended on emails for internal communications. They can now comfortably communicate with each other through instant messaging and intranet portal.


"uKnowva has helped us create a very simple and easy to use Intranet+HRMS system. It works awesome on all devices. We can now interact with all our employees and our franchisee employees as well who are distributed across the world with a click of a button. They helped us create our self-branded Mobile Apps as well. On top of it they have an excellent support team with a very short TAT. I reported a minor issue but it was resolved within a couple of days."

- Ritika Modi, Regional President, Uniglobe Travel (South Asia)

Key Stats

  • 300%Reduced emails for communication 
  • 100%Increased efficiency in all the franchises
  • 75%Cost reduction to manage HR activities
  • 250%Increase in overall business growth

Departments benefited

  • Operations: Complete data under one platform has helped to bring uniformity in operations of different franchises.
  • IT: There was a better flow of information between IT and the staff. Technical issues were quickly solved with less intervention. Easy knowledge sharing for the entire team across branches.
  • HR: Increase in internal communication has enhanced the work culture and has brought employees closer. Most of the HR activities are automated making it easier to manage people.
  • Corporate Communication: Streamlined flow of work with the unified flow of communication. Meaningful connections were established in an organization creating an open and transparent environment.