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  • Shadow Contributors in Workplaces: Definition, Benefits, FAQs

    04 June 2024
    Nilakshi Garg
    Table of Content Introduction How do we define shadow contributors in workplaces? Why may these shadow contributors be on the rise? 5 benefits of shadow contributors in your organisation How to promote and recognise these shadow contributors? Conclusion FAQs on Shadow Contributors in Workplaces What challenges do shadow contributors face in the workplace? How can organisations better support and reward shadow contributors? How do shadow contributors impact team dynamics? What are some examples of roles that shadow contributors might occupy? Introduction As per one of the famous magazines of HR leaders, shadow contributors in workplaces are on the rise. Their ratio has doubled since the pandemic. It makes HR leaders to realign and reengineer their recognition programmes.  According to the AWI or Achievers Workforce Institute, organisations have literally never appreciated or recognised these contributors. Their numbers rose from 10% to 17% in the last two years. ...
  • How to Define an Employee Life Cycle? 6 Stages it Entails to Streamline!

    18 May 2024
    Nilakshi Garg
    Table of Content Introduction How to define an employee life cycle? What are the 6 core stages of the employee life cycle or ELC? How can you streamline all the stages of the employee life cycle? Conclusion FAQs on Define an Employee Life Cycle Introduction Finding how you define an employee life cycle is almost inevitable when you are an organisation. As a unit, you need to have a pulse over it. Reimagine processes and define the metrics to streamline each step. Ensure each life cycle at the workplace helps your staff evolve to their ultimate purpose. Developing such transparency in the employee life cycles or ELCs leads to organisational success in terms of: Improved retention Reduced turnover Agile career pathing Creation of leaders Promotion of DEIB Offering a positive workplace environment  Reinforcement of new-age skills with less resistance to change Supercharged productivity at individual and team levels So, let's dive deeper into this blog post. ...
  • What is the Role of Performance Metrics in Fair Compensation?

    15 May 2024
    Soumya Sahoo
    Table of Content 9 Elements Defining Role of Performance Metrics in Fair Compensation Have clarity on what is expected out of employees. Setting up measurable and achievable goals. Setting incentives based on performance to be achieved from day one. Setting benchmarks for appraisal for each job role and department. Fewer conflicts arise on goals and tasks to deliver. Seamless coordination and communication related to roadblocks to overcome. Easier to plan for successors after checking performance results. Ability to create agile career paths depending on past milestones. Improvement in star players in the firm with clearly defined roles. Conclusion: FAQs on Role of Performance Metrics in Fair Compensation: Introduction The concept of "fair" in fair compensation goes beyond just a good salary. Employees crave a system that rewards their contributions and recognises their value. This is where firms must understand the role of performance metrics in ensuring fair com...

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