Compensatory Off

What is the Meaning of Compensatory Off?

A comp off is a leave the employer grants the employee for working for extended hours or on holiday. For example, an employee can work for some hours on a Sunday and apply for a compensatory off on a working day to compensate for those hours they invested working on a non-working day.

It is one of the ways for the employer to reward or compensate the employee for putting their extra efforts for scaling up the organisation’s success and operations when required the most.

Comp days off can motivate employees to be more productive and engaged and enjoy the paid-offs when the workflow is slow or less demanding.

What are the Perks of Compensatory Off for Employees?

  • Additional paid time off
  • Reduced the pressure of OT hours
  • Improved job engagement and satisfaction
  • Get control over the next time off required

Can You List the Perks of Compensatory Off for Employers?

  • Get more work done on an important day and time.
  • Save cost on utilising a day and giving a paid-off later.
  • Flexibility for scheduling comp offs for the staff.
  • Improved employee retention as they take charge of their comp off days.
  • Better work-life balance for the staff when they decide on the days to apply for a comp off.
  • Allows employees to be adaptable and work on a priority basis for high-value projects.

How many days is a compensatory off valid?

It depends on various company policies. Most often, comp off for salaried employees must be applied in the same month when one has worked extra hours or on a non-working day. Other companies might keep it flexible and allow you to take a comp off any time in a year.

What are the Rules of Compensatory Off for Employers?

Have clear comp-off policies in place and communicate the same to your employees, especially when they are new. Do not make the comp off for salaried employees too stringent. Let it be flexible so employees exercise the control of choosing the day ahead to be on leave by redeeming this type of leave in their leave balance.

What are the Rules of Compensatory Off for Employees?

Request and apply for comp off day (s) ahead of time to plan your paid-offs accordingly. It will allow management or the team lead to get the person to work on your behalf for the day. Communicate the same to your employer on time, and do not expect them to approve without knowledge. Avoid last-minute comp-off applications.

   Best Practice:

Configure and customise leave type rules when you implement uKnowva’s leave management module in your organisation. Use the DIY setup easily to align the logic rules of the comp off in the system as per your company’s policies. Adjust the same whenever there is a change and have complete visibility on who is applying for this type of leave and when.

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