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HR benchmark tool 1. What do you use for tracking and monitoring employee attendance? * Employee attendance is required to measure the employee availability and performance and can help in saving costs and improving profits
HR benchmark tool 2. What do you use for tracking and monitoring employee leaves? * Leave management helps in tracking and planning of work based on employee’s availability. Also helps in making the workplace employee friendly
HR benchmark tool 3. How do you store the employee information? * Easy access to employee information helps in enhancing employee communication and collaboration
HR benchmark tool 4. How do you measure employee performance?* Performance management helps the organization in creating performance based culture which is key in establishing a healthy competitive workforce
HR benchmark tool 5. How do you handle employee reimbursements? * Employee reimbursement is a key process in managing the operational expenses incurred by the employees due to business travel and other support activities. An efficient reimbursement management process is a must for companies to monitor expenses and avoid cost overruns.
HR benchmark tool 6. How do you handle employee grievances/requests? * Serving employee grievances and issues are one of the most time-consuming task as a part of HR’s day-to-day activities. A process to automate and serve the request can help free up time for the HR personnel
HR benchmark tool 7. What do you use for internal corporate communication? * Corporate Communication is an important aspect for delivering information within an organization. Faster spread of information can improve efficiency and help the organization in adapting to changing business needs
HR benchmark tool 8. How do you manage employee engagement & collaboration? * Workforce engagement helps in increasing employee productivity using tools to enhance team discussions, decision making and collaboration
HR benchmark tool 9. How do you store company policies for employee’s access? * Easy access to policies can help improve the policy adherence among the organization and in turn improve governance.
HR benchmark tool 10. How do you process your salaries? * An efficient and transparent payroll process helps in establishing trust and credibility among the employees.

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What is an HR Benchmarking Tool?

An HR process benchmarking tool can serve as a great source of information for Human Resource Management. It can be used as a mechanism to measure HR practices and processes against the competition to improve performance and implement best practices. A benchmarking tool can be used to evaluate organization’s performance and transform HR and people management strategies.

This HR benchmarking tool is the designed keeping in mind the issues and processes implemented in a small and medium-sized enterprises.The efficacy of your HR processes is highly dependent on the policies and the management teams. To understand how efficiently the organization’s HR function is operating, it is important to analyze the tools and systems used for implementing the HR policies.

This tool analyses the HR process based on the 2 main aspects:

  • Company size
  • HR process automation

Nowadays organizations expect HR to drive employee engagement and performance and not just deliver core HR services. Thus HR managers in every organization need to evaluate their HR functions to understand whether the organization is lagging or leading in the market. The benchmark tool by uKnowva measures maturity of the Human Resource Functions by aligning HR practices to business needs.

The following functions are covered in the survey to evaluate your HR process :

  • Employee attendance and leave tracking
  • Employee Knowledge management
  • Employee Grievances & Requests management
  • Corporate Communication
  • Employee Engagement & Collaboration
  • Employee Payroll
  • Employee performance management
  • Employee Travel & reimbursements
  • Employee data management

Results -The survey results will show a score derived using an industry standard logic for identifying efficient business processes.

The speedometer displays the score of the survey based on the choices selected by the user. It marks the organization into 4 categories according to the scores.

  • 0-250 - Dysfunctional
  • 251-500 - Laggards
  • 501-750 - Operative
  • 751+ Early Adopters

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