Sound business decisions for buying a new product are made by weighing the pros and con of the product, such as the benefits that the product can provide, the ease of use, and the ROI that the product provides. For products like CRM or lead management software the ROI is instantly visible in the form of improvement in tracking leads, responding to customer queries, etc. However, for uKnowva, the ROI is not immediately visible. This is more apparent when uKnowva is used as an Intranet in an organization.

While many organizations may feel that having an intranet is a waste of time as it might distract employees from their core responsibilities, there are many organizations like Prime Focus Technologies, EXIM Bank of India, Capital First Ltd., etc., who have embraced the intranet and, now, swear by it.

In this article, we have listed some of the features of uKnowva and how they give you a return on your investment.

Improved Collaboration / Communication It has been observed that effective collaboration and technology enhanced communications helps teams execute tasks faster with maximum efficiency and minimum confusion.
  • Upto 100% increase in Productivity
  • Reduction in communication gap reduces confusion
  • Upto 300% Increase in efficiency
Rewards & Recognition uKnowva provides features for recognizing and rewarding employees on its platform such that everyone gets to know about the latest achievements by their team mates. This motivates people who are rewarded and also the team mates to work better for future rewards.
  • Upto 500% improvement in Motivation
  • Upto 300% increase in efficiency
Automated Workflows Manual work flows like Leave requests, Travel requests Expense Reimbursements, etc., can be completely made paper less and automated through uKnowva. Such processes are still done on Paper in many organizations. Automating these process helps not only reduce paper, but also improve process efficiency by reducing wait times and also provides complete transparency so as to avoid any unethical practices.
  • Upto 1000% increase in process efficiency
  • 100% reduction in use of paper for manual processes
  • 100% transparency to avoid any unethical practices
  • Reduces people dependency
Improved Sales Numbers uKnowva's Lead management, CRM, Support ticketing system, etc. helps you manage customers better, thereby improving sales efficiency and improved customer experience.
  • Upto 50% increase in sales
  • Upto 200% improvement in customer experience
Better Work Culture uKnowva's HRMS helps the HR Team automate many HR processes like Attendance calculation, Leave management, Salary slips generation, Appraisals, etc. This reduces a lot of manual work of HR team. The self-service portal capabilities provides employees a handle to check thier leaves, salary slips, etc by themselves without any dependency on HR. This helps reduce communication time and also helps implement a better work culture.
  • Upto 200% reduction in manual work of HR Team
  • Creates a great working environment and culture
  • Upto 300% reduction in unnecessary communication due to self service portal
A One-Stop Portal for Employees On an average, people waste around 15–20 mins of their work time figuring out application URLs and login details of different applications like HRMS, Email, CRM, Helpdesk system, etc. With uKnowva, you can integrate all such applications with an SSO such that when a user logs in into uKnowva, he automatically gets logged in to other systems too. uKnowva can also integrate with Active Directory (AD) and other such applications so that people can access uKnowva with their AD passwords itself.
  • Helps implement a One-Stop portal for all employees
  • Completely eliminates the time wasted in figuring our passwords for different systems
Better Decision Making uKnowva records many important statistics like average leaves taken, Trending topics, Average salaries, Documents viewed/uploaded, etc. This can help in better analytics driven decision making.
  • Better Analytics driven decision making
Execute Tasks/Projects Well The Project management system helps organize and distribute tasks well to team members. Everyone knows what to do and what is the deadline. It also sends task reminders and helps track the progress on each task. You can also record time spent by each member on each of the tasks. Hence improving efficiency and accountability.
  • Upto 100% increase in efficiency
  • Better accountability
  • Upto 50% improvement in team meeting deadlines
Better Organization uKnowva helps you keep a track of all important dates like Leaves, holidays, deadlines, events, etc., through one single calendar. It can source events from various other sources like ical, google calendar, etc. The system sends automated reminders too. This helps people gets well organized on all fronts.
  • Better organized way of working
  • Never miss any important dates like deadlines, meetings, events, etc.

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