Sound business decisions for buying a new product are made by weighing the pros and con of the product, such as the benefits that the product can provide, the ease of use, and the ROI that the product provides. For products like CRM or lead management software the ROI is instantly visible in the form of improvement in tracking leads, responding to customer queries, etc. However, for uKnowva, the ROI is not immediately visible. This is more apparent when uKnowva is used as an Intranet in an organization.

While many organizations may feel that having an intranet is a waste of time as it might distract employees from their core responsibilities, there are many organizations like Prime Focus Technologies, EXIM Bank of India, Capital First Ltd., etc., who have embraced the intranet and, now, swear by it.

In this article, we have listed some of the features of uKnowva and how they give you a return on your investment.

{uKnowva is a brainchild of Convergence Services}