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Helen O’ Grady

Making management systemized so the focus can be only on training stars of tomorrow.


A unique concept of developing a drama system is what Helen O’ Grady is all about. It was found in Australia in 1979 and has continued to grow beyond global limits. Till date, over a million children have been trained in the after-school drama programme by Helen O’ Grady.

  • 300%Increase in internal communication
  • 50%Improvement in process management
  • 1000%Increase in overall business growth
  • 50%Reduction in email and phone call dependency

Challenges Faced

  • Helen O’ Grady has been consistently growing, but the expanding franchisees are difficult to manage and control.
  • Communication between franchises was poor leading to confusion and affecting the quality of service.

Investigating the cause

  • Communication was dependent on traditional means like calls and emails, which are both time-consuming and confusing in case of multiple franchisee models.
  • No single collaboration platform for the global franchises to connect on.
  • Lack of communication was causing the franchisees to suffer loss of quality.

Strategy Devised

  • Integrated uKnowva in Helen O’ Grady
  • Special attention was paid to increasing the communication across the franchisees and making data sharing more viable.

Our Solution

We conducted in-depth market & competitor research before executing the best practices in user experience design.

  • Controlled franchisee operations

    uKnowva’s customized franchisee management system helped Helen O’ Grady control operations in all their centers spread across the globe. This involved maintaining uniformity in operations and collecting student data.

  • Increased internal communications

    Being a collaboration platform, uKnowva enabled Helen O’ Grady team to communicate easily. The dependency on emails and calls reduced and communication got shifted to modern means like instant messaging and social sharing.

  • Data Management

    A systemized setup helped collect data from all franchisees in a uniform format including the admission and student fees related information. The head office has anytime access to the functioning of the franchisees and can generate accurate reports based on the data saved on uKnowva.

  • Social intranet

    Helen O’ Grady didn’t just get organized with uKnowva, but also explored an interesting way to communicate within the internal teams using the social intranet platforms. All franchisees can share updates and photos with all other franchisees using social intranet.

  • Business growth

    With operations being managed professionally there is a lot of scope for business growth. No matter how many more franchisees get added to the Helen O’ Grady family, managing them will always be a matter of few clicks with uKnowva.


Key Stats

  • 300%Increase in internal communication
  • 50%Improvement in process management
  • 1000%Increase in overall business growth
  • 50%Reduction in email and phone call dependency

Departments benefited

  • School admin: Control on franchisee operations helps to grow business without any distance-based glitches.
  • IT:Optimum use of uKnowva and its features makes IT management easy
  • Customer Satisfaction: Organized student data management helps in providing error free service to the students and the parents.
  • Operations: Ease to manage franchisees has helps keep uniformity and faultlessness in operations.
  • Finance & Accounts: Complete data about the franchisees operations and admissions helps organize the finances and make accurate reports.