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Planning your holidays is an essential skill you learn when you have a list of holidays in advance in the company you work for. Oftentimes, HR teams are not ready with the list of holidays beforehand. It messes up the entire year’s plan to go on vacations and utilise the time off work for employees. Thus, to plan your holidays, you and your team need a better system. We are talking about uKnowva HRMS software in India here. It is a smart tool, and why is that is what you will know in a moment when you scroll down the blog post at your pace. 

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5 Steps To Plan Your Holidays Ahead Of Time With uKnowva HRMS

Keep a check on your leaves and holidays balance

uKnowva provides every employee or user with their leaves and holiday balance in the menu. However, when an organisation implements uKnowva, it is HR’s responsibility to upload the right list of holidays. That way, the system will be accurate in assigning the right leaves and holidays balance to the user. 

When you check the current leaves and holidays, it is easy to plan your holidays. Then, you do not need to take unplanned holidays until and unless there is an emergency. You can plan your trips off work without worry when you know how many leaves you have left. 

Plus, you no longer need to chase the HR executive to know this information. uKnowva HRMS software in India is self serving. It will provide all this information and other data on leaves, attendance, and holidays within minutes. 

Track the holidays you are eligible for this year

Not every employee might be eligible for all types of holidays. It depends on the company and the HR policy, to be honest. However, uKnowva lets you know how many holidays are there in your list and crosscheck it with the help desk when you click to talk to HR. This way, you will know if you are eligible for specific holidays or not. 

Moreover, you can track the holidays you have taken in the leaves and holidays balance. So you know how many more are left for you to plan your holidays. Again, this data makes you a smart planner of your work and life balance. 

Check the HR policy to know the number of optional holidays you can apply for

There might be some holidays which are important for employees to apply for. These holidays are mostly regional or religious. So employees no longer need to wait for HRs bandwidth to know this information. 

Simply log into your uKnowva instance and know the optional holidays' list. However, it’s best to talk to the HR leader once to know how many optional holidays you can apply for in a year. Otherwise, it will mostly be mentioned in the HR or company policy. You can also find the same in the document repository of uKnowva. 

Again, this feature of the uKnowva HRMS software makes you independent and a smart planner. You are no longer waiting for your HR leader or reporting manager to confirm this data.

Use uKnowva HRMS even on the move for important messages 

When you plan your holidays, you still need to, at times, handle escalations and queries from your teammates or clients. It depends on the work front you are at. So uKnowva HRMS software is also available on the mobile store as an app. 

You can use it even while on the move. It makes the connection and collaboration process easy for your subordinates and seniors to reach you when in need. 

You can leave them a quick message even while you’re on the move. Otherwise, you can leave an announcement message to all in your unit or team about your unavailability for some hours or days. This brings more clarity to teams and improves coordination to the next level. 

Keep your teams in the loop with your holiday plan so the business remains as usual

As a standard process, you must inform your teams about your holiday plans. uKnowva HRMS software makes it easy to inform your team. 

Use the social intranet by uKnowva. Send private messages, create group discussions, and start a streamed chat with an added chat messenger. Find any way out of those to reach your team members and let them know in advance. 

This process keeps the business as usual, and they can inform your clients on your behalf or handle the queries or escalations till you return. It keeps the momentum intact of the team. And everyone deserves paid time off once in a great while. 

So plan your holidays with complete honesty when using uKnowva social intranet, integrated fully into the HRMS portal. 

The Bottom Line

Plan your holidays and keep everyone in the loop with uKnowva HRMS. You can go on trips and enjoy the paid time off while coordinating with your teams on handling the most critical queries on time. 

Make your work life balance easy and achievable with our holiday calendar on the human resource management software we provide. 

Contact us now for more information. 


Why is planning your holidays important for employees?

Employees have their personal life commitments and goals to fulfil. They need to take their paid time off accordingly so that the business does not hamper. Planning holidays in advance helps everyone, especially when using smarter planners, as is available on uKnowva HRMS.

Will productivity hamper when you plan your holidays?

No, if you plan your holidays while keeping track of your leaves, attendance, and holidays while using uKnowva HRMS software, productivity does not hamper. 

How HRMS makes employees plan their holidays better?

Smart HRMS saves time in coordination and planning when an employee already has a list of holidays for the entire year ahead. It improves their planning and organisational skills. They communicate clearly about their leaves and holiday plans over a social intranet. 

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