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The latest workplace buzz is around the corner regarding the 4 day work week in India. Many trade unions are compelling the government to reduce the work week, but the pay remains the same. 

Now you might think over about its benefits as a recruiter. You might be confused about the benefit of paying the labour and workforce the same for the reduced working week. 

There are already many articles circulating online to catch up on this buzzword. So, we thought to clear the mist and educate readers on the benefits of promoting this 4 day work week in India. 

Read this blog post at your pace. You don’t necessarily need to stay emailing your employees that you are welcoming 4 day work week from tomorrow. 

However, let’s get into depth. Understand it from the perspective of the HR world and how HR tech helps tackle challenges you might face when implementing a 4 day work week for your teams in India. 


6 Benefits Of Promoting 4 Day Work Week In India:

Welcome happier employees at the workplace

A shorter workweek gives enough motivation to employees. They have plenty of time to spend with their family and friends. In their time off work, they can achieve their personal goals rapidly. Now the younger generation wouldn’t have to wait for years to complete their educational, travel related, and other goals.

And when the employees are living the second half of their week as they want, they turn up to work happier. They want to achieve 10x more at work as they can do the same in their personal life. 

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This work life balance keeps the employee motivated for long enough. And who does not long like a happy environment at the workplace? Everyone can easily empower themselves that way to complete their tasks on the to-do list on time. 

This happens because they recognise that only work is not their life. The way to enjoy life is beyond that. But a shorter workweek will not hamper their contribution when the firm uses HRM software to automate mundane work. 

Reduce demotivating cultural traits like staying online for long hours

Employees find no reason to stay online for long hours and waste the productive time of the day. Rather, they can easily log off and go back home and spend time with their family and friends. 

But the 4 day work week would not let them hamper their contribution at work, as mentioned earlier. All employees will be more productive with the use of uKnowva HRMS.

Our tool helps them sort their workflow with automation techniques. So employees do not need to waste their crucial time of the day. Instead, they spend it on completing other tasks for the day, which may or not be related to work. 

Enjoy working with more focused teams

When there are distractions, employees lose focus at work and feel they are missing out on the other part of their life. A 4 day work week helps employees stay more connected to their real life where they can socialise more often. 

Now, this type of workweek brings back employees with a focused mindset. They have already completed their socialising part for the week, as an example. So employees can now focus on achieving terrific goals within predefined deadlines. 

In other words, sincere employees would have no reason to feel distracted. They will pay more attention to their tasks at hand. They know that the workweek is short, and they still have to create an impact worthy of 5 days of working period. 

So they automatically put in the extra effort. However, that’s where the human resource management system becomes more beneficial. It helps employees automate their follow up tasks and other workflow tasks. Then there is limited or almost no scope for human error. 

It shows that human intervention gets more value over a period. And humans get to spend the other half of the day happily without worrying about the work half of the time. That’s the culture the modern workforce already demands. 

Turn your slow-learning employees into top performers of the week

Workers are slow when they lack motivation or do not have the right knowledge or tools. Often they go through burnout and depressive episodes due to unwanted work pressure. Then they indulge in office politics and rumours. But all that’s sorted with the help of a shorter workweek. 

Employees have limited to grow well in a 4 day work week. So their focus is more on the impending tasks to complete and churn out more results. Reporting managers themselves turn out to be more strategic. They focus more on handling slow performing employees in less time to turn them into star performers of the week.

Such a culture is pretty motivating for everyone to excel within the four days of the workweek. 

Boost and preach better work life balance for all

How do you think employees attain this work life balance without leaving work on time? That’s not possible when their expectations are growing day by day. But without taking regular breaks, employees will slow down their productivity. 

As it is, humans are not made for long hours of work life. They are not machines, and robots have come into the picture to help them complete work when humans cannot. 

That’s why modern organisations are preaching a 4 day work week in 2023. They want to prioritise employees’ health and happiness. And today’s human resource management software or HRMS like uKnowva is pretty smart, self-learning, and intelligent. 

It is easy to use and cost effective for all types of firms. Thus teams would not have a problem welcoming uKnowva to their culture and making everyone’s life easier to manage and streamline at work. 

Employees can take their 3 days off work when they know they can automate their boring tasks without delays or human error. 

Cut down business expenses and overhead costs

A 5 day or 6 day workweek means businesses have to pay the overhead costs for those many days. Now imagine if employees complete the same amount of work within 4 days of the workweek. 

There will be a tremendous decline in overhead costs like electricity, telecommunication, building (rent), repair, and maintenance. Instead, now business houses can run their crucial online tasks with the help of chatbots and other HRMS technologies.

While employees take their day off, uKnowva will still run in the background without extra charges. So we can say that the work, at least the redundant one, never stops. Artificial intelligence is already here to augment human efforts. And now is the time for humans to leverage this tech-enabled future and maintain their work life balance as it should be. 

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But coming back to the point, businesses will have greater profit margins when their input costs decline drastically. It will also not hamper the workforce as they can work remotely and not come to the office. 

With uKnowva, collaboration and connection with your employee are one click away. And it need not be in your office. It can literally be from anywhere, as long as everyone is sincere and on the same page to deliver goals set in the 4 day work week


There are a lot of perks to applying a 4 day work week in modern organisations. In India, this is a fairly new concept. We are still adjusting to the fact of 5 days working in a week. But surely many organisations are already acknowledging the fact of the four day workweek without resistance. And as it becomes a full working style in 2023, organisations need to prepare themselves for an increasing number of workforce complexities. They have to depend on smarter tech more often when humans are not online or in the office.

And that’s when we can say that 2023 is the year artificial intelligence becomes a daily part of our lives. Now is the time we learn the best case of using smarter human resource technologies without the fear of replacement or resignation. 

And uKnowva’s HRMS is one such tech that can solve your everyday work complexities. You don’t need to suspend your humanised effort. Rather, it will add more value to the work done by your staff on the 4 day work week. 

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