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Time is money…. Here are tips to make the smartest use of your time at work

It is rightly said that, “wasting time is like robbing oneself.” Save yourself from late working hours, missing deadlines, forgetting appointments and not being punctual using the below 5 tips.

1. Make the calendar your best friend: Your calendar should be that one friend whom you visit every single day of your life. It also should be the one whom you give every detail of your schedule and plans. With so many things going on in your life it becomes easy to forget things. The best way to not miss any detail is by jotting it down on your reliable calendar.

2. Make the best use of technology: Today is the smart age of technology. Use it to your benefit by automating as much work as possible. It is no secret that the computer is the most reliable resource for flawless work. So leave most of your work on technology to handle. Rather than manually processing things, invest the same amount of tie in learning new technology which will be more beneficial in the long run.

3. Get Systematic: Keeping a set process for every work saves you from wasting time in managing the same work each and every time. Every worker finds it easy to adjust in a more organized setup. More concentration can be put on the end product rather than the system.

4. Prioritize: Know what is more important and follow the sequence. Don’t pick the work of your choice first if it’s not the most crucial one. Be realistic with your to-do list and focus on check-marking the work on fire in priority. Applying deadlines to every work also helps you restrict yourself from getting distracted.

5. Spend leisure time in the right place: It’s a fact that the 8 hours spent at work cannot be spent continuously working. That’s just not how human brain works and if forced to it can’t deliver quality. But to ensure you don’t even waste time, spend your leisure time in learning more about your field and business. Read and share industry insights. And if you are in an informal mood try engaging with colleagues, it helps strengthen team and results in better teamwork.

The perfect way to apply and experience all the above tips is by adopting uKnowva at your workplace. Try it now!

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