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VUCA is the world where demand and data change every second drastically. It’s highly volatile, complex, uncertain, and ambiguous to control without the availability of digital skills. 

To sustainably appreciate and adapt to this world, young and maturing firms must welcome inclusion & diversity in their cultures. This policy will make way for consistent learning and reskilling every other quarter, if not every day. 

The hired workforce will be the best even after being distinctive and different from others in teams. The respectful nature of everyone will allow people to be different, skill up and learn new things at their pace. 

The VUCA world has also taught us, changemakers, the same. No one learns at the same rate. But every day, business managers and reporting managers need their staff at their best. 

This capability is in demand to tackle the increased Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity, and similar factors. Thus, it’s best you get more familiar with the VUCA world regarding HR tech development to nurture your teams better.

6 Powerful Skills That Can Work In Your Favour To Bring More Inclusion & Diversity In The VUCA World:


As the VUCA is waking up, evolving, and replacing conventional technologies, your teams need to be more aware. Self-awareness is the key to setting the right vision for their hiring and journey in your firm.

Every hire you onboard must have the right vision aligned with the firm. Make it happen by interviewing your candidates right from the first interaction.

Take the help of the uKnowva recruitment engine to automate the CV parsing and scheduling of interviews with qualified applicants. 


To welcome more inclusion & diversity amid the VUCA world, you need strong communication skills and tools. Staff members can use the employee engagement platform to improve their current communication skills.

Each cycle of communication has 7 principles in general, as given by the psychologist and behaviourists.

Employees get to adhere to those principles of communication using a platform where there is transparency, autonomy, ease of use and accessibility. 

They reach the concerned person over the platform with a purpose and agenda. They clear it on the spot in the face of adversity and confusion – common in the VUCA world. 


Your workforce has to be ready to adapt to new changes every quarter. In a few organisations, change occurs every month. This is becoming the norm.

You cannot shy away from it, nor can your employees remain employable in the next appraisal term. The fact is scary but interesting, challenging, and even more exciting for employees who overachieve.

They feel a surge of motivation to achieve more goals each day. Every working day must bring new learning opportunities for diversity at the workplace to simmer and mature. 

The uKnowva HRMS is one platform for the modern firm to train their employees to welcome changes. This tool is highly customisable and flexible. It can attune to the changing needs of a particular team, business unit, or individuals. 

It motivates HRs and their teams to welcome inclusion & diversity in times of rapid change. 


Employees and organisations need to be resilient in times of “Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity, and similar other changes.” 

The digitally transforming HR solutions and platforms at uKnowva help bring those changes with complete resilience and self-serving features. Employees grow less dependent on HR for every trivial concern. 

They get the initial training and demos on how to use the on-cloud and AI-rich software for automating their daily activities. They can use the ESS portal to upload their documents and download the same. 

There are regular updates that teams get automatically about their taxation documents, pay slips, and salary disbursements. Automatic notifications can also inform them about the leaves in their account’s balance to plan their month or quarter. 

Workforce management becomes more transparent, sustainable, and reliable using uKnowva smart solutions on the go. HR teams find relief in exercising autonomy without the use of micromanagement. 

This practice welcomes onboard better-qualified teams and individuals without needing to train them at every stage of change. 

Emotional intelligence

Today change is inevitable in the VUCA world. We all are drastically aware of that. Not every individual love changes. Some are habitual of old patterns and slow at learning or adapting to new norms or policies. 

HR teams need to judge and constantly evaluate their firm’s weak points, including non-achieving and slow employees. This evaluation system is possible with live dashboards in the uKnowva HRMS

Using these reports, it’s easy to follow the prediction as to which employee remains emotionally strong during change.

The bifurcation is easier and smarter on this tool. HR managers know how much emotional intelligence each person has depending on their completed projected, closed deals, and delivery rate.

They check the consistency of each individual’s performance. From there, it will be more apparent to know which employee can the firm trust more. That is to complete and deliver projects despite external changes in a quarter.

These emotional intelligence skills bring more inclusion & diversity to teams. Once employees grow well in the firm, they show respect for others. They understand each other’s emotions, peek and productive hours, triggered emotions, and other qualities. 

Most of these qualities are frequently present in team leaders and CHROs. They have to deal with their staff daily coming up with new challenges and problems. That’s how they build their EQ better and promise the same to their teams. 

Besides that, using the employee engagement platform helps HRs to evolve their staff’s EQ rapidly. They encourage employees to use the platform to clear their doubts and complete impending collaborative ventures. 

Using the tool brings more different people together to work for a similar/same goal. They forget their differences and join forces to leverage their synergies. This could be only possible when each individual has higher self-awareness and emotional intelligence.

Without the presence of either, working with the modern workforce harbouring sensitive triggers and mood swings becomes uneasy and uncomfortable. 

AIQ – Artificial Intelligence Quotient

AIQ is one of the emerging quotient levels that help employees understand the power of AI-backed tools in times of the VUCA world. They make more sense of the complexity of the business process and delivery rates. 

Employees productively establish a vast and growing understanding of systems with higher AIQ. The same gets developed using smart uKnowva business solutions where upgrades happen almost daily or monthly. 

The upgrades in extension store apps help different teams improve their UI and UX. Developers can connect with delivery and implementation heads to understand the backend of the system better. 

There could be more collaborative engagements from cross-business units to deliver the same project more efficiently. It is all possible with smart knowledge and the usage of AI-backed platforms. 

The need for such tools is higher in the VUCA world, where data exponentially gets fed to the system.


Make your organisation more welcoming in the VUCA world. Use uKnowva smart solutions to exercise all the smart skills that form your base for tackling VUCA world challenges. 

Connect us here for a demo uKnowva HRMS. 


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