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By now, you must be familiar with remote working, hybrid working, flexible working hours, and working from home. The next big thing that is knocking on the door with a big bang is the ‘4-day work week’. It will reach you sooner than you think about it. The global pandemic has introduced the above concept of working from home as the virus surrounds all lives badly. The employees are in such a habit of working from home now that they are not in the mood to start coming to the office. 

Many companies are still struggling with the concept of ‘work from home’ due to the nature of their work. However, the 4 day work week is becoming the new buzzword, and it is sure to bring a lot of challenges with it. With a lot of pros, there are a lot of cons also. With the help of smart and innovative HRMS like uKnowva, you can easily tackle all the difficulties as it is customised software, to alter depending on your business needs. 

In the coming years, we all are going to experience a colossal change in the future of work and will be able to establish a solid “work-life balance.” It will take hold as it values human connection, and it is the demand by all remote employees, specifically. It provides more meaning and purpose to the employees and thrives the businesses that will implement it.

The number of hours and the work pressure increased much after the pandemic, which resulted in low productivity. The employees are feeling exhausted and can’t put forward their best as they have a lot to do. 

Adopting smarter HRMS software will automate your manual work and decrease the unnecessary pressure on HRs. An HR department that keeps a hold on every employee and has to deal with lots of pressure. So, when you do uKnowva, you are helping your employees to be more productive and efficient.

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The New Equation Of A 4-Day Work Week

The norm of working only four days a week is a really big challenge. It brings lots of changes too. The whole working procedure has to be maintained without affecting productivity.

With a 4-day work week, employees will have to prioritise their work accordingly. That means employees can:

  • Eliminate unnecessary and time-consuming meetings;
  • Automate tasks that don’t require human time, and
  • Concentrate on the most significant projects and drop low-impact tasks for later.

Now with a 4-day work week, employees will get long weekends. That means employees can:

  • Concentrate on their well-being without intruding on the flow of a work day;
  • Spend more time with their elderly parents or young children, which reduces the distraction that comes when they are not able to give them proper time.
  • Increase their mental and emotional concentration when they are online or active on working days.
  • Spend time with themselves for an in-depth analysis of their strengths and weaknesses. It will increase their energy and motivation when they come for the new work week.

This norm can’t be placed easily, just like the move from office culture to working from home. With the passage of time and the usage of smart and the latest HRMS, this journey can be easier and more interesting. 

Every new thing takes time. Before the pandemic, we hadn't thought about the idea of remote working. In the same way, years from now, we will think the same way about working five days a week like it was nothing but a nuisance to one’s mental wellbeing.

This norm is one of the corporate experiments that will define the work life balance and the future of work.

What Does A 4-Day Work Week Mean For The Future Of Work?

In many studies, it is displayed that working a 4-day work week will help decrease the employee turnover rate, as employees are demanding flexible working hours and days. 

It will make an employee more productive, as now they have fewer days to work on more critical projects. So, they will be working with heightened focus and attention on the work. 

All the productivity, engagement, and automation depend on the HRMS that a company opts for its workflow management. 

An HRMS software can make your work as simple as you want it to be. Selecting a smart HRMS to make the most of the 4-day work week will be the most crucial decision next. That’s why you need a trusted HRM tool like uKnowva. 3,00,000 users use it already every day to automate various tasks from hire to retire. Your team could be next while implementing this new norm of working only four days a week. 


As the number of resignations increases, companies should embrace the norm of a 4-day work week soon to retain their employees. The demand for a 4-day work week is accelerating at a louder pace as the pandemic has altered the approach of employers and employees. In the tides of changing the pattern, give your employees a safer place to work by switching to uKnowva.

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