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Work is an essential part of life. Maintaining work life balance seems an easy task, but it is not. This challenging task can become easier for remote workers by giving the best tips below on balancing work life.

uKnowva is an HRMS software that helps to maintain this balance so efficiently that HRs don’t feel the extra burden of workload on themselves. Plus, it lessens the work by doing most of it with its magnificent features incorporated in it. So let's learn about the six tips to balance work life and create a major impact down the road. 

Remote Workers

6 Tips To Balance Work Life For Remote Workers 

With these basic tips, remote employees will be able to balance work and life. However, that’s also more effective when employers initiate and implement HRMS in the workplace. 

  1. Create and stick to a routine 

Before starting your day, always try to create a routine. For example, which tasks must be performed to create the proper priority list? Also, list your meetings and emails time. It will help employees not waste their time on unnecessary things and avoid last moment rush.

Employees can write their to-do lists on their uKnowva HRMS network. It makes them stick to the plan, and they don’t have to switch tabs while checking the work done. 

  1. Avoid multitasking 

Remote workers usually have a habit of multitasking, affecting their work-life balance. We think things like organising our room and eating food will not take much time and thus make them a routine during our work time. These small tasks will divert your mind and result in poor-quality work, which could be better in the long run. So, avoid doing things between your work and take proper small breaks after completing one of your tasks.

You can also check your time clocked in after every break in the HRMS we offer. That way, you can make the best use of your working hours. Plus, you check the projects completed within particular hours from the projects panel. So then you will know which projects need your immediate attention and cannot allow you to multitask. 

  1. Don’t take unnecessary workloads 

Remote workers are assigned more workload than their capacity, so it is the sole duty of HRs and managers to distinguish the workload effectively as the time is the same for everyone. HRMS helps to know the time an employee takes to finish an assigned task. As more workload will also result in a bad turnover and work quality.

Managers can help their employees to allocate better work and improve quality. That is possible when managers have visibility of the tasks handled by their team members. But that also does not mean micromanagement. It means managers have to use the smart HRMS to check how many projects an employee is working on. 

Then, they can assign better tasks to the person who is efficient but is not working on tougher or more challenging tasks. That’s where the managerial skill gets tested for the manager. But it will positively impact the work life quality of each team member. 

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  1. Make a proper workstation 

It seems to be unimportant for you, but having a proper workspace for working is much needed. You need a place to sit properly and keep your laptop safe. It helps you to concentrate on your work and keep the hustle-bustle of the house far away. This space can be anywhere in your home but keep in mind to choose a place that doesn’t distract you often. 

  1. Meeting with a walk 

As remote workers spend most of their time sitting, taking their meetings with a short walk is more advisable. It helps keep you fit and gives you a break from sitting for so long. After this blog, try to take meetings with your phones while walking. Therefore, instead of feeling tiresome after the meeting, you will feel very much refreshed.

  1. Learn to communicate with teams purpose

Communicate with your colleagues with purpose and get tasks done on time. This leaves you enough time to enjoy the second important half of your day. But that seems impossible with loads of tasks in hand. That’s when you use uKnowva’s social intranet to improve your communication skills with other staff members. 

When you all learn to resolve conflict and be on the same page, that’s when your work gets done on time. The ultimate impact will be more, and you will know how to contribute to the organisation effectively. 

Plus, it would not ruin your work life balance at all when all members are fully focused and contributing as they should be. A social intranet comes into play here to increase visibility and make sure everyone knows what the other person’s day’s like to collaborate with minimum conflicts.


Every concept and idea works differently for everyone, and so does maintaining a balanced work life for a remote worker. Each employee who is single, married, or has kids needs different options to maintain their work life. uKnowva HRMS will help every employee to have this balance, as the balance between work and life will affect the productivity of a company in many ways.

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