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Your Databank

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Easy File Management

Manage your files as per your need. Add more files, remove the unwanted ones and update the existing ones. Every feature has been made absolutely user-friendly so that you enjoy even a process as tedious as data management.


Secure Viewing

Sharing files with others can be for several reasons. If you wish to share data only for reference and viewing purpose, add that secure setting to your file. This will allow the other person to view the file but he will be unable to copy or make any edits to the same. Be a smart sharer!


Folder & File Organization

When you can upload a large amount of data with ease on uKnowva, finding it should be just as easy too. For classification of your data, uKnowva helps you create multiple folders and segment your files into them. And since all the files might not be sharable, each file and folder has access levels that you can monitor. The access control is totally in your hands, so unless you allow, no one can have a peek into your data.


Version Control

Evolving work requires multiple updated versions of every data. But how do you keep track of which was the old version and which is the latest one? With uKnowva you need not take the pain of tracking this because uKnowva manages the version control for you. All you got to do is update the revised file in the same folder of the old version and uKnowva will identify and classify them for your easy reference.


Document Tree

Organized work is very important for saving time and energy. That’s why uKnowva creates a document tree of the folders you create on uKnowva. The document tree shows the broad category of folders, which upon being clicked further shows the sub-categories of folders under it. It’s easy-to-use and superefficient in handling your files.