uKnowva's Collaborative Social Intranet Features For Your Staff

Start socializing at work

Start Free Communicate with teammates through uKnowva’s fun & interactive social intranet.

Activity Stream

Express what you do, what you like & what you feel. Convey thoughts and memories with people by tagging them and share your pictures and videos. Now connect with your colleagues through the most popular way of communication. Since your network is limited to the people in your organization, your micro blogging activities stays confidential and safe within the digital walls of your uKnowva social intranet.

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User Profiles

Here’s your chance to show what you’ve got. Your profile page is your mirror. Share details about your life and choices which get compiled as your info. uKnowva has smart features like stats which constantly studies your behavior and provides this information in statistical format on your page. So finally you get appreciated for all the hard work. Your wall is the answer to what’s up with you. Oh! And you also get to choose who sees your profile by managing the colleague requests. Just accept who you wish to connect with.

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Organization Directory

You want to find a person who has some specific features which are required for a new task. Good news is there are 10 such people in your organization; bad news is how do you find them out in the crowd of 10,000 employees? uKnowva comes to your rescue again- just login to the organization directory and search for any employee by name or make an advanced search using qualifications, hobbies, experiences or other features. You can also fetch some information about the cute guy you saw in the canteen today ;-P

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It’s always nice to be grouped with like-minded people. With uKnowva’s social intranet, you can form groups or join groups that strike a similarity with your choices. Whether it is professional groups or just a bunch of people sharing similar hobbies, you can socially hangout with your kind of people, discuss updates with them, exchange photos and videos, and also create events.

File Sharing

Send & Receive files with group members and keep them organized


Talk about interesting subjects or just launch new forums within individual groups

Photos & Videos

Share images and memories with your clan members

Group Types

Choose if your group remains closed, open to public or completely secret



Got an event or a seminar coming up? Now invite people and share the details through uKnowva’s social intranet. You don’t need to send individual invitations so it saves time and money, but the best part is your invitees can confirm their attendance at your event. Now be prepared with your confirmed guest list, thanks to uKnowva.



Every office occasion the HR clicks pictures but you just never get to see them since there is no common platform for sharing such memories. But at uKnowva we bring everyone closer. Just upload your office or personal pictures which you want to share, on your profile and instantly reach out to all your work buddies. Now you have every reason to dress well for the next office party.

Photo Albums

Organize your images in multiple albums for easy viewing

Face Tagging

Tag your work friends and show other colleagues what you guys have been up to

Likes & Comments

Express what you like and leave your thoughts on posts



It’s the age of motion pictures, so why should you stay behind. Upload the videos you captured or share a youtube or vimeo link of a video you really liked on your uKnowva social intranet account. Don’t just keep your memories saved in a hard disk; share it with your people through uKnowva.


Personal Messaging

Some things are supposed to be personal, so use the personal messaging feature to send a private text to someone.

Personal MessagingPersonal Messaging 2


While uKnowva gives you multiple platforms to communicate it also ensures that you don't miss out on any message sent to you. When someone tries to reach you through the fun instant messaging app you receive a ping notification even if you are busy doing something else on another tab or browser. It helps you stay tuned to the chats but without disturbing your ongoing work. Other notifications like files and folder shares, upcoming events, personal messages, etc., are safely stored and displayed on the notifications bar. So stay notified and never miss a message because you never know, it might be your boss announcing your promotion.


What’s in the Brew

There is so much happening around you. uKnowva ensures that you are made aware about it all. Get updates about the latest happenings, trending news and important announcements through uKnowva’s notice board. Walk hand in hand with the world, with uKnowva.

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