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Let’s Discuss!

Start Free When ideas are shared, innovation is born.

Post a Topic

Create topics for discussion, involve more and more people and get conversations rolling with their ideas added to your discussion. In case you wish to restrict the participation, the access control is in your hands too. Spread the knowledge you possess, ask your queries and get solutions or simply brainstorm. Make the best out of this unique knowledge building platform on uKnowva’s social intranet.


Forum Dashboard

To raise a new query, you just need to mention the same in the new topic tab and choose a category from the index column, under which it will be posted. To browse through past discussions and queries raised by you, just visit the My Topics tab. You can also access the discussions started by your colleagues and friends through the Recent Topics tab. There is plenty to learn at every click.


Easy Information Share

Sharing your thoughts is much more interesting with the user-friendly uKnowva discussion platform. Just post your views and reach out to your entire work world in one go.


Simple Discussion Threads

You will be surprised how helpful uKnowva’s discussion forums can be. A reply by someone could be exactly what you have been looking for. Read the discussion as it has happened and gain knowledge every time through someone’s views. Don’t forget to thank them by replying back and ensure that you “favorite” their post too. Enjoy multiple interactions with your buddies and keep brewing ideas!


Subscribe Favorites

uKnowva’s index is full of various categories which are discussed about regularly. Choose the ones that interest you and subscribe to them. Receive daily updates to these subscribed categories and stay a part of the discussions, always.