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There is a rapid shift in the economy due to the global pandemic. The economy is still reviving itself to come on the same page. The demand for more workforce reduced unemployment and has allowed employees to grab new and exciting opportunities. The most challenging task to attain is to retain top talent in the workforce. HRs and managers are finding it challenging to retain them with the daily responsibilities to fulfil.

Employers provide multiple-figure paychecks and excellent workplace culture, but they also find it difficult to retain high-performing employees. To maintain a proper flow of work and execute efforts to retain employees, the uKnowva HR management system is the best choice. This HRMS software makes working seamless and gives employers more time to invest in impactful activities throughout the day.

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5 Trends and Tips to Retain Top Talent

To retain top talent, an organisation has to make lots of effort. Advanced and modern HRMS software in India needs to be implemented to attract employees’ attention. So, let’s see what an employee demands the most for digital HR transformation through an innovative and simplified HR management system. Focusing on those 5 trending demands and expectations, an employer and HR professional can retain those employees for the long term. 

  1. Provide sufficient growth opportunities

When you invest your time in establishing career paths for your employees, it gives you great returns. Allowing employees to build their skills and knowledge and promoting their interest in the organisation itself helps to gain the trust of the employees. It offers them motivation and makes them feel valued. Integrating various education opportunities and investing in education with formal training is a great approach. The expert session, question-answer round, assignments, and daily quizzes make employees compelled to learn new things and work as a powerful incentive to make employees stay in the organisation. 

Besides that, you content creators and coaches can upload courses, webinars, sessions, etc., using the eLMS provided by uKnowva HRMS. It helps employees learn new things on the move. Employers get real-time reports on which employees completed the course and who all are still learning it. It gives them a bigger view of the efficiency of the course materials uploaded on eLMS. 

  1. Encourage employee engagement

When an employee does the same work every day, it becomes boring. They need encouragement and motivation to focus on their work. The best solution to end boredom is to make groups of employees rather than allowing them to work in solitude. It helps employees to acquaint themselves with other employees and reduce boredom. For remote workers, social intranet helps to bring all employees close to one another. Employees can participate in polls and surveys, upload photos and videos, and create events on uKnowva social intranet. It makes the everyday journey at the workplace more interesting and less lonely or formal. 

  1. Make employees feel valued with timely recognition

Everyone wanted to be recognised and valued for the hard work they put in for the organisation apart from the basic salary. Lack of recognition in the organisation can lead to serious damage to the employer’s brand and image. 

Make employee recognition a part of your organisation to deal with such problems. You can show appreciation in any manner, whether you send them a personalised thank you note, hampers on occasion, a token of achieving another successful project, and much more.

You can add health-related coupons or benefits to make them feel valued and show that you care about them genuinely. This activity makes you stand out of the crowd and attract employees to your organisation.

Otherwise, employers can list out the top performers on the banner of their social intranet by uKnowva HRM software and network. Everyone gets to see the slider or banner rolling. The “employee of the month” accolade can be highlighted on the notice board of the intranet for everyone to appreciate and congratulate the winners.

  1. Offer competitive salaries and benefits

There is no doubt that salary and compensation are the two greatest factors that lead the competition while looking for and retaining a job. With this, the benefits offered by HRs and managers play a significant role in retaining top talent. 

When employees get extra benefits with their salary, they remain satisfied and willingly do great work that helps in the productivity of the workplace. Benefits like career opportunities, job security, and health benefits play vital roles in attracting and retaining employees. 

Offering flexibility and remote working facility helps to cut-throat industrial competition. A good salary genuinely helps in hiring great talent in the organisation. It also works well to retain top talent for a long time in the organisation. 

  1. Pay attention to perks

With the use of a smart and complete HR management system, figure out perks that you can offer to your workforce to retain in the organisation. These additional perks play a role in determining factors that motivate employees to stay in the company. 

Perks such as sick leaves, parental leaves, and remote work are now considered the expectations of the employees, and your policies and practices need to keep pace. 

Promoting work-life balance by providing workshops on stress management, fitness coupon, and healthy snack options are the perks that today’s talent is looking for. 

Try to connect to your workforce more to get an idea about what their expectations are from the organisation. This helps to make maximum adjustments in your workplace to enhance employee engagement and morale.


To recruit and retain top talent, HRs have to adopt HRMS software to make the process smooth and clear. The use of the right platform, like uKnowva, helps to appeal to the top employees accurately. Top talent always yearns to be a part of something outside of their careers so they can contribute more to the economy. 

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Why retaining top talent in the workplace is so important?

Retaining top talent in the workplace is important as they affect productivity, engagement, and turnover rate. They are the ones on which the quality of work depends. If they quit, the quality decreases, and so does the image of the organisation.

How uKnowva helps to retain top talent in the workplace?

uKnowva helps in different ways to retain top talent or employees in the workplace by providing extraordinary features like attendance and leave management, timesheet, project management, performance management, a payroll system, and a social intranet, all in one portal. It makes working for an employee easier, and they can enjoy the ultimate work-life balance they deserve. 

Who is responsible for retaining employees in the workplace?

HR managers are responsible for retaining top performing employees in the workplace. They are in continuous touch with the employees, so they must know what employees demand from them and should figure out a way to make that possible. 

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