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HR teams and managers now feel more responsible to  retain their best employees after the insurgence of The Great Reshuffle last year. From here on, good employees have learned to value their time, skill, opportunities, and flexibility factor more. 

The  LinkedIn article by its CEO, Ryan Roslansky, justifies this point. It puts HR teams in front of the most challenging task at present:  retaining their best hires. 

And with the best people in an organisation, comes the responsibility of accurate and timely  performance tracking – to know whom to retain, how, and when. 

As already, there will be three to four times the talent gap, as per  the Nasscom report in Fortune India. The same study says there are only 30 percent people employable in S.T.E.M. sectors with the rise of digitalisation. 

Therefore, HR teams prefer not to lose their best employees. They have to work up their talent development, management, and engagement skills. Only then can employees feel a particular company deserves their skillset. 

To know more about rightful  employee tracking for  continuously collaborating, connecting, and communicating in hybrid workplaces, let’s focus on the suggested tips below. 

5 Tips To Retain Top Performers In Your Company

Maintain healthy & productive communication with your employees:

Employees feel the urge to depart from an organisation that doesn’t promote healthy and productive communication. They consider looking for meaningful and inclusive jobs where they belong or are listened to. 

In such cases, companies can use  employee management software like uKnowva. It has an integrated, intuitive, and immersive Social Intranet portal. There, different teams can connect transparently. 

Teams can create group chats, send messages, engage in polls and surveys within a few clicks. 

As a by-product of this system, there can be a sharp elevation in employees’ mindsets while working in a team or a firm. They would want to engage more when they know their team leaders are ready to talk to them like mentors, guides, and true leaders. 

Eventually, the  retention of top performers improves when communication combines with transparency and respect in a hybrid work culture.

Help employees develop their talent and skill set:

Reskilling is one of the concerns that is emerging in the employment sector. Employees would increasingly consider shifting their jobs when they find they have no scope of growth in a firm. 

The same factor pushes team leaders and HR managers to think one step ahead. They have to inculcate an  employee performance management system ultimately in their firm. Doing so, they help  top performers shape their career graphs.

With eLMS and other modules available for companies in  uKnowva HRMS, top-performing employees can be persuaded to retain. It shows that firms care how well each employee is suited for different and challenging jobs emerging in the hybrid workplace. 

Plus,  top-performing employees are hungry for new skills to impart in their portfolios. So, managers have to bring new approaches to upgrade their knowledge for improving the overall retention rate. 

Let employees rate themselves for correct appraisal:

Employers use  employee management software like uKnowva to provide appraisal opportunities to their top-performing hires. They no longer have to operate like information silos and focus on the bigger picture of their work-life journey instead. 

Such facilities enhance their competencies to stay valuable to the company. Plus, there’s an implicit value delivered using a self-rating system:  highly-productive employees feel they have a say in their internal promotions. 

This notion builds an entrepreneurial zeal in them. They pave their way to becoming righteous and collected when working on projects. Because this appraisal shows that punctual, progressive, and productive employees are also accountable to themselves for their deliverables. 

It’s no longer just an employer or team leader who has the right to rate their contribution for each assigned project. Their vote counts too. And in the long run, it’s all that matters for their professional growth. 

Know your top talents better:

Formulate a journey from insights to action to know which employee is performing well and what drives them to work smart/hard.  As recently commented by Rob Hefner, the vice president at David Weekly, you must focus on people first before product and profit. 

Having great people in your organisation would automatically increase profits and product sales. To do that,  uKnowva HRMS provides happiness meter and live dashboard reports for admins and HR leaders. 

Using these dashboards, you can know which employee is always on time and clocking in with a happy mood consistently. Simultaneously, employers would know which talent to nurture to reach their full potential. 

Plus, conducting polls and surveys in HRMS helps leaders to appreciate their top talent’s voice and needs. However, forming reliable and insightful questionnaires and polls is necessary too. 

Besides that, weekly or bi-weekly calls on the HRMS help  nurture talented individuals in the firm. 

So, an  employee performance management system helps HRs/managers execute necessary actions to keep top performers heard, engaged, and appreciated on time. 

Provide the right tools and tech to your top performers:

The Great Resign period in the pandemic era has forced teams to introspect. They should pay more focus on every employee they hire, including top performers. Which also concerns the right tools and tech available to them. 

This is a more important factor that drives employees to switch when working remotely. So, while  performance tracking is in the loop, HRs should cross check whether there is stability in deliverables expected from top performers. 

This includes, but not necessarily only that:

  • Having seamless internet connection,
  • Knowing to-do tasks for everyday management of workflow,
  • Timely check-ins and check-outs – virtual or physical,
  • Right items available to employees, including mobile devices to serve clients, 
  • Spreading awareness and educating employees about the company’s vision/mission,
  • An automated HRMS tool for them to streamline their mundane tasks,
  • Growth aspects discussed promptly with their team leaders,
  • Genuine feedback and redressal departments/portals are available to employees in the moment of distress or discomfort. 


There is no one perfect solution to restrain the strain of resignations as the world adjusts to the new normal era. What HRs or team managers can do best to retain their top performers is that they are proactive. 

It can be in any sense – for example, talent acquisition, development, management, and engagement. What matters is there is agility, adaptability, and willingness to change from all fronts for the greater good of employee-employer relationships.

Only then can  employee management software like uKnowva be successful in helping firms persuade their top hires to stay with improved scope and hope.


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