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Keeping employees happy is one of the major tasks for the HR leaders. When employees are happy, they bring in more business to the firm. They encourage more employees to do good work, which increases and improves business output. However, it’s not easy to retain happy employees without streamlining the business process. To automate the tasks from day one, HR leaders now invest in smarter HRMS software like uKnowva. 

If you’re one of these leaders who are waiting to keep up with the retention scores, this blog is definitely for you. Read it and know how uKnowva, as the best HRMS software, helps you retain happy employees. 

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6 Steps To Retain Happy Employees With uKnowva HRMS

Make sure to assign duties properly

One smart way to retain happy employees is to show them what they need to do. Set their KPIs and goals properly using uKnowva’s performance management system. Do not keep them in the dark. Let your staff know what needs to be delivered within a deadline. Nurture them regularly to know if they have any queries related to their tasks or not. 

Make use of an organisational chart for clarity on responsibilities and authorities

uKnowva embeds an organisational chart in every user’s profile to bring clarity to the business process. Happy employees are the most engaging ones because they have clarity on whom to report to and to whom to delegate the work. The organisational chart helps to keep the hierarchy in line. Nobody gets to overstep anyone. Everyone knows who is reporting to whom. So the line of delegation of tasks and communication is pretty clear to anyone who is on uKnowva HRMS software in India. 

Have regular feedback sessions with your teams using uKnowva social intranet

The best strategy here to retain happy employees is to act upon the feedback. This feedback can be from employees or employers. It has to be an ongoing process, and it should be allowed to float through anyone in the team. This builds a better and more emotional bond between employees, seniors, the team, and the entire unit. 

It is easy to generate feedback using the social intranet by uKnowva. Employees send messages to their seniors within seconds of a click. So it makes the user experience worthwhile for all employees. The ease of use for generating and acting upon feedback makes employees happy and chill. They definitely want to remain in a positive environment for the long term. 

Check up on your employees’ happiness scores using uKnowva

One way to retain happy employees is to check their happiness scores. Yes, that’s possible when you implement the virtual biometric system with uKnowva. It incorporates an automatic happiness metre with it. Employees punch in and out with their happiness score at that moment. The report is at the backend later on for the team leaders to supervise and audit. They know at any given moment about the happiness of their team members. Then, it becomes easy to reframe and redefine the culture according to the staff’s needs and expectations. 

Predict and deal with rising attrition rate before it’s too late

Another strategic approach for team leaders and employees to retain happy employees is to predict the attrition rate. Not many smart tools offer it. uKnowva HRMS software in India is definitely different than others expect. It gives you, the HR and the leader, a provision to check the dashboard. There, you get visibility on the current hiring and retention stats. You know which hiring portal is the most cost effective, fruitful, and impactful for your business and workforce (turning out to be high performers of all time). 

Then, leaders know what the common signs for the employees to put down their paper are. That means it can help you identify the early signs of an employee planning or thinking to make a switch. This algorithm is easy to track, tweak, and optimise as per the company rules and policies. You will need to contact uKnowva’s DevOps team to help you with it once. Then, your team is good to go to retain happy employees with the right predictable measures.

Address changes easily and gradually with on time collaborations and training

It becomes a challenge to retain happy employees when they are not feeling happy anymore. The most common reason could be that they do not see their career flourishing in the firm. Then, they might feel not appreciated for the long term in the team or the unit. Again, there are possibilities that there are too many changes happening in the company. So, it becomes a hassle for the person to adapt to the culture if it is constantly changing. 



This constant change happens mostly in firms when they are transitioning or growing at a rapid rate. So employees have to build an agile mindset. Employers have them with constant nurturing and coaching. 

uKnowva provides eLMS, meeting rooms, social intranet, knowledge depository, and much more as the right tools. Using those, leaders and managers can connect and collaborate with their teams. 

It becomes easy to spread knowledge and awareness of possible changes that the firm will be facing in the times ahead. Then, employees do not have fear. Rather, they are ready to take on new challenges when they trust the process and the vision of the leader. 

uKnowva’s complete HR software helps to bridge this communication gap and makes sure that everyone enjoys connecting, engaging, and collaborating on the tool. The experience of every user is easy, cost effective, and pretty intelligent at every click and drag of the cursor. 

The Bottom Line

The blog highlights 6 strategies to retain happy employees with uKnowva HRMS software. There are multiple other use cases when you start implementing the human resource management software yourself. Most companies start and finish their implementation of uKnowva within 45 days. Next could be yours. 

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Why does employee happiness matter?

The happiness of employees means the most to a firm. Employees are its internal stakeholders. They have the capability to put a good or bad word for the company culture on their private social networks. HR leaders must provide good experiences for a better corporate reputation. 

What is happiness metre in uKnowva HRMS software?

uKnowva HRMS software provides a happiness metre with its virtual biometric system. It helps to capture the happy mood and score of the employee. The HR leaders can track the happiness score to know if they are on the right path or not to provide a progressive culture. 

How will the business change if you retain happy employees?

If you learn to retain happy employees, they will empower other teams in the culture. They make sure to improve engagement, collaboration, and connection at an organic level. When engagement improves in a company, employees start turning into brand loyalists and ambassadors without much effort. 

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