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Human resource management software can make an HR person's life easier with a click. There are multiple ways to use human resource software effectively. Once the HR leaders learn it, they can focus on strategic tasks and come across as one of the most valuable resources to the firm. They can leverage this tool to improve job performance, candidate hiring, retain top talent, and make more employees engage and collaborate more frequently with one another. 

So, let’s head to this blog post below to know more about these strategies to implement using a smarter HRMS like uKnowva. Then, HR leaders will have a sorted human resource management software in their checklist to implement. uKnowva is already on the journey to become the world's smartest HRMS. So, right now is the best time for all HR professionals to test out this tool and embark on a journey to become efficient and effective from day one. 

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7 Steps To Using Human Resource Management Software More Effectively In The Long Run:

Automate daily workflow 

HR leaders can automate daily workflow after setting up custom workflows and streamlining the process. This is possible with the workflow automation feature of the HRMS. With mundane automated activities, HR personnel pay attention to better things at the workplace. They complete more strategic work on their to-do list, which makes them an effective team player in the organisation. 

Hire the best candidate possible in less time

With the smarter human resource management software, HRs continue to hire candidates without bias. They hire new people based on skills, and that too in less time. The follow-up tasks and back-and-forth communication is less and more often automated with a smarter recruitment engine. uKnowva provides to its clients for managing the hiring and onboarding process, even when on the move. 

Give the best experiences to your employees

HR leaders have to invest time and other resources in software that’s worth that effort. For that, they need to check if the software provides intelligent, cost effective, and user-friendly experiences to the workers/employees. If the experience is as described above, the tool will be smart and help you make the workforce more effective and productive. 

Moreover, when employees receive exceptional experiences using smarter HR tech tools, they stick around for more tenure. They love working in such an environment where they can automate their mundane tasks and focus on resolving existing escalations without delays.

Make employees value work life balance

Invest in human resource management software to bring back the importance of work life balance to employees. Without striking this balance, employees can hardly scale up. To make sure they are maximising their potential at the workplace, they need to use automated tools. 

Without these automated and artificially intelligent tools, it is becoming impossible to handle multiple escalations at once. The staff cannot make excuses for not having enough time. Rather, they need to level up their expertise on certain tasks. That is only possible when they have a virtual assistant to solve their daily work like follow-up emails, automatic approvals, automatic punch-in and punch-out, etc. 

Besides that, when the workload is shared, employees can clock out on time. They need to spend the other half of their day with themselves, their family, and friends. A smarter tool can enable them to be humans at work instead of being just hired resources. 

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Connect employees with a purpose to complete tougher jobs effortlessly

Employees need a medium to connect with their peers to complete work on time. The more they connect with one another, the more they understand each other’s viewpoint. There will be disagreements and conflicts of interest. However, the magic is in coming back to the same page and keeping common organisational goals in mind. 

Managers are not always present to resolve these queries between employees. After a while, employees have to smarten up and have a medium to connect with a purpose with their team members. That is why a social intranet and chat messenger integration is important in the workplace. 

Our HRMS provides that on demand. The social intranet is already the core part of our suite. HRs can ask for the value-adding chat messenger to integrate into their portal for instant messaging and communication. That way, getting ahead of time to complete the work will become the norm. 

Employees will initially raise more concerns with each other because they know one another very less. With time, there will be fewer escalations as communication commences on time, with instant notifications. 

Create more business impact with lesser inputs

Using a smarter HRM tool helps you create more business impact in less time and with fewer inputs. HR leaders can become strategic partners by using manpower planning, succession planning, performance management system, and more in the existing HRM. They will know which employee is the most contributing one and whom they should consider for levelling up in the organisation. At any given point, managers will know which employee to highlight in front of the team to appraise their effort and performance. 

Driving this culture will motivate other employees and staff members. Once they crave this appreciation, review, and appraisal, they will work smarter to achieve their targets ahead of time. That’s how managers strategically coach and mentor their team members to create continuous business impact with lesser inputs. 

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Leverage real-time insights for smarter and strategic HR decisions

uKnowva provides management and HR leaders with real-time reports and an interactive dashboard. From there, HR leaders make more strategic decisions. They know which team is performing really well and which team needs more assistance to reach the point of operational effectiveness and excellence. 

Real-time insights are related to, but not limited to:

  • Employee/team happiness metre/index
  • Employee punctuality
  • Amount of total salary amount paid to employees over a period
  • Number of employees hired over a period
  • Number of employees who made an exit over a period
  • Number of leaves taken by all employees or team over a period


Automation because of human resource management software makes life much easier for HR departments, and this revolution isn't going away any time soon. Maintaining happy and engaged internal teams through efficient HR procedures is simply good for business because a company is only as good as its employees.

If you haven't yet adopted HR technology (possibly because you're a smaller organisation or a startup), you may still be relying on manual tasks. However, automation is worth considering if you expect to outgrow your systems or want your HR team to benefit from more cost-effective processes.

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