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A data-driven HR analytics discerns the real and evidential reason for employees departing from the organisation. 

Employee retention is the critical task of today’s HR persons. They have to know the value their employees add and what the company provides to them in return for their stay. 

But if the employee attrition continues to move forward, retention seems like a far cry for human resource persons. Budding attrition creates a negative image.

Employees doubt their successful work-life in the organisation in no time seeing others leave. It’s then hard to persuade the masses to stay when the attrition is out of control.

For this reason, new-age and incumbent HR executives need to learn HR tech-friendly ways that help reduce unexpected attrition rates.

HR Analytics

Ways To Reduce Employee Attrition While Using HR Analytics:

Define the data points for HR Analytics.

You need to set up an algorithm behind the system to run whenever registered users enter their information there. This could be based on their punctuality, KPIs achieved, projects completed, etc. 

Such behaviour will show if your employees are doing their job as expected of them. Otherwise, any outlier in the work performances must be notified and highlighted in the dashboard. 

That’s just the base to address increasing rates of employee attrition in your company. You can use these data points or datasets to decipher the overall behaviour of employees in your organisation.

This is a helpful step in the long run. It shows you the right picture of your company culture. You will know beforehand when employees are turning up to work on time not. 

Study your employees’ mental health and happiness scores.

Use  HR technology embedded with  uKnowva smart solutions to decipher the right mood of your employees. That does not mean you micromanage them or hover over their work desks. 

That is also not possible when you’re working with remote staff. But with the use of the happiness metrics, you collectively know if you are working with happy or tired employees. 

Studies show that sad, tired, or demotivated employees have lower performances. They cannot be fully trusted to stay longer in the organisation. Either they leave themselves, or human resources will be told to do so after fair suggestions or warnings. 

In contrast, your  happy and satisfied employees give better results. They have better ideas, punch in on time, and look forward to taking the day off whenever required. 

Check the level of performance of your team members.

Another crucial way to calibrate  HR tech in your system is implementing a PMS. It helps you evaluate your team's performances whenever you need to audit the same. Use accessible and agile software, primarily available on the cloud. 

As an HR or a team leader, you will access it on the go. There is no limitation when you need to check how effectively your team or the entire organisation performs. You can tweak the calendar in the dashboard to compare the performances. 

The reality check of the performance results or scores helps you acknowledge the real reason for employee attrition.

You know which employee is an asset for your firm right now. Besides, the live dashboard can show how many employees finish their monthly tasks on time. 

Accordingly, you assign them more profitable and challenging goals next time. However, if there is a sharp decrease in performances in the majority, you will know that there is something wrong in the culture. 

To resolve that, you sit with the CHROs and inform them the same. Then, you can dig deeper into the  uKnowva performance management tool. It’s that flexible to show you team, individual, and business units’ performances. 

On any given day, you can compare two teams, business units, or individuals. This gives you a better-evaluated picture of what’s going on behind the scenes of your team management. 

Later, you can make strategic decisions, reform employee retention policies, and curb  employee attrition as soon as possible. 

Empower your teams to engage on the tool for a shared purpose. 

Most employees leave when the company culture isn’t right or benefiting them enough. This happens after communications and collaborations are not fruitful anymore. But you can avoid this mishap. 

Use  HR technology like social intranet to empower your staff to collaborate regularly with a purpose. Give them daily goals to break and achieve transparently. Talk about rising issues in the company and even involve your remote workers in this discussion. 

Let your employees know that their answers are recorded, valued, heard, and acted upon. They then feel a rush of moral responsibility to reshape the culture as they want it to be. 

Also, as you promote purposeful communication in the system, employees will start looking forward to connecting on this interface. This tool, especially uKnowva’s intranet, is interactive, smooth to ease, and doesn’t need any downloading from the user’s end. 

It helps  HR analytics backend data when employees regularly engage on the intranet. That is when the system records how often its employees talk to each other for a shared purpose and achieve goals. 

As time passes, positive changes can be seen and observed in the performance and timesheets.

That is because when your workers have a platform to talk their hearts out, they are no longer stressed enough. Instead, they start enjoying completing their tasks and acquiring new goals every day. 

With that sense of job satisfaction, it’s difficult for  employee attrition to increase. Rather, with an opportunity to collaborate with another skilled person across the nation or continent, employees feel very honoured.

They learn many things from new collaborations digitally. 

Analyse current job roles over new ones.

To remain employable, your team needs to add value to their work and commitments. If they are not doing that regularly, it’s difficult for them to work in the firm. Employees will eventually start leaving, mainly if they are dedicated and want to upgrade their job roles. 

That’s when  HR analytics comes into play for human resource professionals. They can use uKnowva smart tools to nurture their working staff by providing regular courses. After that, they peruse the data analytics reformed based on the modules completed. 

From there, they gauge the reality of the current job roles of their active members. That pertains to even offshore, off-payroll, and remote workers.


You can put HR tech to efficient use in discerning the causes of increasing turnover rates. Similarly, this technology helps you reduce the rate, nurture your staff on time, and invite them for digitally transforming collaborations. 

From the above points, you learn foundational knowledge on using HRMS tools for curbing increased  employee attrition. With time, you can prevent its impact or cushion the same when you build brand loyalists and ambassadors in your firm. 

However, your company culture must be agile and flexible, aligned with feature-rich HRMS tools. 

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