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Employee engagement in HR is one of the often neglected topics in the organisation. It is seen in startups and small and medium-sized organisations. Having an engaged HR team influences the productivity of your company. So HR professionals need to consistently improve their approaches and strategies to engage the workforce, irrespective of their endless responsibilities from hire to retire. Additionally, every organisation has its terms and methods which they must follow to improve employee engagement in HR. 

When HR is fully engaged in their work, their workplace productivity and involvement improve organically. Employees also work hard, the workplace culture is healthy, and teams satisfy clients with the desired experiences. 

Today, in this blog, you get insights into how you can achieve all the above-mentioned metrics. For that, you must need smart uKnowva HRMS software. To know the blend of employee engagement in HR and the evolving HR technologies like uKnowva, read the blog copy ahead. 

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5 Steps to Improve Employee Engagement in HR

  1. Build a strong company culture 

Developing a higher rate of employee engagement requires a strong and healthy company culture. When your company culture is good and attracts employees, the chances of higher engagement in your company increase. 

The workplace culture becomes healthy and well-connected when HRs and employees enjoy each other's company. Every company has to take different steps to make this happen. 

To improve employee engagement in HR, employees need to feel they have potent value. HRs must recognise their efforts consistently for the milestones they achieve. 

When HR makes strategic decisions for the company's growth, they remain in the organisation for a long time. They make an effort to make the culture favourable and friendly, letting employees feel that they belong to the firm. 

  1. Promote a Work-life balance

As technology is overpowering the market, being updated with emerging technologies becomes essential for HR to survive in the scenario. It also puts pressure on HR and hinders their well-being. 

To make the process work smoothly, you have to take care of them by offering them flexible working hours, short breaks, and leaves. Most importantly, provide them with smart HRMS software that helps to automate and streamline their daily tasks. It makes them so relaxed that they can focus purely on increasing work productivity and decreasing the employee turnover rate.

  1. Corporate gifting

A gift at the right time does wonders. Corporate gifting is one of them. It is a step towards the journey of providing recognition to hard-working employees. It will help in boosting morale and motivate employees to do more. Apart from gifting for performance, try to gift on special occasions like Holi, Diwali, New Year, and more. 

Giving personalised gifts to HRs and employees on their work anniversary, new joining, and retirement helps to spread a message that you value them. It makes them feel a part of the organisation and improves employee engagement in HR.

  1. Focus driving engagement at all levels

A company can flourish well when the engagement of the employees takes place at both local and organisational levels. Empowerment comes when both HR and managers work together and execute different programs for employees. 

The employees help to retain managers in the company when their relations are good and strong. Both HRs and employees have to work together to identify the barriers that are coming in the way of increasing engagement and opportunities that affect positive change. 

They both make the company grow and increase productivity. 

When the employees get attached at all levels with the help of a social intranet, this enhances employee engagement and helps HR to grow well in the company. 

  1. Provide Plenty of Development Opportunities

Every employee wants to achieve greater heights in their career. Thus, providing good opportunities to work and grow helps to improve employee engagement in HR. 

It is like a win-win situation for the company. 

Arrange expert sessions, classes to learn new skills, and training courses that help in the overall growth of HR. uKnowva, the human resource management software, provides an eLMS feature. It enables HR professionals to upload new courses, training sessions, chapters, and modules in multiple formats. These learning materials are available to employees as per the uploader or publisher’s choice. They can make the course visible to all or make it accessible only for permission is granted. 

Using this feature, employees start learning new courses and skills. Reporting managers and HRs get updates on the reporting module on how many courses an employee or a team took. They can overview how many hours were invested in a course by the team or an employee. Additionally, they can check what projects they can assign to employees after learning new skills or courses. 

So when employees engage in a course, they improve their chances of getting tougher and more challenging projects. The more projects they spearhead and lead, the more appraisal and authority they earn in the team or in the unit. It makes them an indispensable asset in no time to HR or to the company. 


To improve employee engagement in HR is a whole topic in itself. HRs form an essential unit of your organisation that handles every task and procedure. To make your HR more engaged in work and enhance workplace productivity, implement uKnowva HRMS software today. 

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How important is it to improve employee engagement in HR?

Employee engagement in HR is crucial to driving the necessary and predicted business growth in the workplace. It makes sure that employees connect with each other regularly. There are fewer conflicts, more purposeful conversations, and the environment grows more supportive. 

Is employee engagement relevant even in 2023?

Yes, it is relevant even in 2023, and it will continue to be so because employee engagement is a testament to the direction of the company. It shows that the culture is on the right path or track to motivate employees to do better each day at work. 

What are some creative activities to transform employee engagement in HR this year?

Implementing a fully connected and easy to use social intranet is one of the activities to boost and transform employee engagement in HR this year. 

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