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Engaging employees bring in more value, sales, and profits to the team, if not the organisation. Managers crave employees who engage with others easily in the team or in the organisation. For that reason, they always are in search of practices to scale up their employee engagement in HR

Why is that?

It’s not easy to motivate an employee to engage in the firm. It’s even tougher when we talk about new employees. They might take time to adjust to the business and its culture. And at times, people realise that they are not culture fit. But they might not speak about this out loud. Rather, their engagement rates drop in the team or in the organisation. 

That’s when managers have to get the hint that it’s time to scale up employee engagement using tools like HRM

But the journey doesn't end here.

Managers today hire employees from anywhere or any location, as long as the hired person has the skill and capability to pull off their jobs with greatness. But that also puts double pressure on the team lead. They have to make sure employees are talking to each other, warming up, and not disrespecting anyone in any way. 

Managers, when taking on more projects and tougher goals, find it hard to concentrate on their employees. They do not have frequent updates on employee engagement rates. That’s where they start lacking in managing their employees on time. 

And that’s when a comprehensive and intelligent HRMS like uKnowva takes place. But to know more about how it works wonders in executing proper employee engagement activities and improving their results, let’s dig into the blog post further. 


4 Ways To Scale Up Employee Engagement In HR:

Make sure your workers can talk to you or other leaders easily and without fear

Your employees need to open up in order to improve the stagnant employee engagement rate. For that to happen, you need to provide your employees with an open channel to communicate. Now for that, you can do uKnowva as it offers a social intranet and its integration with chat messengers as an option if organisations need it. 

On the platform, you have to let your employees publish their voices and opinions. Let that be the only informal and formal medium to initiate open and purposeful conversation between your team and the entire organisation. 

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This helps to build an honest culture. And when employees are honest, they also grow receptive to any type of genuine feedback. With time, they will start craving reviews and ratings to improve their tandem and interaction in the culture. 

That’s how you build rapport with your employees and earn their trust in the long run. And when your employees speak up without hesitation but with equal respect, your team’s employee engagement strategy is then on point. The rate will automatically and organically improve.

Check on your worker's feelings and how they are doing at work

Managers have one of the core jobs to check up on their employees. Their team members must feel happy and heard at any given time in the organisation. Without that, how will you expect to direct them into an action that improves the overall employee engagement rate?

That seems impossible. Thus, when you do uKnowva, you have a strategy in place to sort this out. With our Happiness Metre, you, as the manager, can know the real time happiness score of your team. Now, you can also tweak the reports on the dashboard. By that, we mean you can check either teamwise or employee wise reports to know who is happy over a period. 

Your agenda should be to give a happier experience to your employees at work. Otherwise, they would not feel like coming up to work and taking on tougher projects. When employees are happy from the inside, they are ready to tackle daily uncertainties with confidence. That’s what you want so your team players can empower each other effectively.

And uKnowva helps you provide the same with its human resources tool having live reports on happy employee scores. It also can help you see the happiness trend in particular teams or organisation units. It depends on how high you are on the hierarchy to overview those reports. 

Let your workers have a say in important choices that are made

Your employees need to have a right or say in the decision-making process. Otherwise, they are just other assets to the company. To humanise the culture and bring more empathy, you need to give them that right. And once employees start exercising that right, they know that they belong in the company more than ever. Workers need that feeling to start indulging in employee engagement activities more often.

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Participating in different projects, leading the team, and directing others toward a goal are some examples of how employees are levelling up their engagement in the organisation. But it won’t happen in a single day. 

You need to earn the trust of your worker: remote or otherwise. 

That will happen when you do uKnowva and use the human resources tool we provide to convert your workers into taskmasters. To do so, give them the right to vote, participate in polls, and talk to other employees to coordinate and get the work done on time. All that and even more such activities are easy to execute, monitor, and evaluate on uKnowva. 

Ask your workers to join in and use the company's computer system for human resources

Another strategy to level your employee engagement is to make sure employees are using the tool. If you are providing them with the right tool, they must be curious to experiment with it. They should go ahead and ask questions as to how the product works. That’s when employees develop a tech mindset which is important in tech and digitally transforming companies. 

And most of the companies are already digital in India. So we cannot imagine our daily work without needing the help of virtual workflow management tools. Thus, uKnowva is there to help. 

Our tool helps to set up workflows for your team. They can continue to experiment with it and see what more features are of their use. But super admins have to make sure that the rights and approvals are with the responsible person only. At least, that should be the norm until and unless team members are comfortable using the tool for tracking and planning their KPIs.

Once that process is in place, workers can engage well online. They would not wait for the senior to give orders for the mundane tasks. There will be a dependency on the other person, in fact. Rather, they know how to direct the process forward and help empower one another to do better. 

That’s how a strong and robust culture builds. And when that’s taking place, employee engagement easily increases in no time.


Your team and their happiness are your responsibility. You are the nurturer, leader, and mentor for your team. But when you are scaling up, paying attention to each one of them becomes hard. That is usually when employee engagement becomes a tougher metric to put in place. But when you do uKnowva, this is no longer an issue. We have seen from the four core points above how you can digitalise and revamp your employee engagement in HR

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