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The key to greater productivity, cost efficiency and profitability undeniably lie in your colleagues. Or, to be more precise: in their involvement with your company. If you can increase their engagement and enthusiasm, productivity will increase. So while wondering how does a social intranet help, know that it can unlock your organisation's potential for greater innovation, knowledge sharing, and employee engagement.

No matter how brilliant and promising your business strategies and plans are, they will be of little value if your employees are not cooperative. If it is difficult to build commitment and consensus and to get everyone to go in the same direction, there may be structural, communication, or organisational problems. 

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While an intranet won't solve structural problems, it can certainly help employees connect to solve them indirectly. We can say that a social intranet is an online channel for open and transparent internal communication.

New synergies, unbridled creativity, and increased employee engagement will automatically follow when everyone can communicate freely and easily in the organisation. But is that all? Let’s explore more on how a social intranet improves your team’s engagement and productivity consistently by viewing its features and benefits below. 

Know How Does A Social Intranet Help Improve Employee Engagement Rates Below:

Easy way to communicate in comparison to traditional channels

An updated and flexible intranet leads to 

  • Better internal communication and collaboration, 
  • Simplified information management, 
  • Higher knowledge sharing, and 
  • Increased employee engagement. 

The traditional intranet generally funnels information from top to bottom, which does little more than simulate the old, outdated analog communication structure. If information becomes more accessible, it fosters enthusiasm and employee engagement.

The ability to find and distribute critical information quickly and easily, with multiple and necessary approvals, creates huge efficiency gains. But there's even more efficiency in the social intranet's ability to open up and smooth out structures and organisational boundaries that previously impeded internal communication.

Empower employees to easily share their ideas

Employees are ready to honestly share their ideas and solve problems in social intranet chat rooms and discussion forums. In general, more people get involved and are more solution and result oriented in the digital workplace than in the physical workplace. 

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Those who have difficulties in expressing themselves in front of a group of people are often freed from their phobias and limitations and can more easily express their opinions and ideas digitally.

When people feel that they are being listened to and that their opinions and ideas are valued, their interest in the well-being of the organisation grows. Then the process evolves into a self-unleashing spiral of increased participation and involvement. Basically, the more self-assertion you get, the more active you become.

uKnowva HRMS provides that social intranet with ease to employers and their teams. It is available at a click and on smart devices. Employees can post their opinion and publish their photos, videos, and other media formats there. Others can like, comment, and view it for more engagement on the tool with one another. 

Make social intranet user-friendly and easy to browse

In order to optimise the use of the social intranet and ensure that it promotes employee engagement, it is important to work on its attractiveness and make it user-friendly, task-oriented, and adapted to the organisation's specific needs. 

For example, you can customise information feeds based on each employee's role, preferences, and access level. This way, users can find relevant information faster and don't have to wade through the digital flood to find it.

If employees find useful information quickly and easily, the intranet will be used more often, and attitudes towards it will improve. As they use the intranet more frequently, they are more likely to participate in various volunteer projects or discussion groups. 

That’s what directly influences employees to engage more. They see their colleague voting, liking, and commenting on other people's photos or other content media. Then, they feel obliged or urged to do the same. That’s how the engagement starts shooting up initially. 

Employers to find employees based on skills on an intranet

Decision makers and employees can easily find skills, work experience, and knowledge resources through the intranet's intelligent skills search engines.

In general, knowledge exchange becomes more effective in an organisation with an active and well-structured social intranet. Employees are happy to share their experiences when they have access to smart tools that allow them to do so. 

Employees keep updating their skills, hobbies, and interests on their profiles on the intranet. It happens within minutes, even if they are outside or on the move. And employers don’t have to search around a lot. They can punch in the right keywords in the intranet’s search engine. From there, they find out which employee is worthy of the next task or project. 


We listed quite a few points above to know how does a social intranet help improve or boost employee engagement points. You can read the blog post again to decide if a social intranet tool is what you’re looking for at present.

uKnowva HRMS has a social intranet integrated into it. It helps you avoid switching between multiple tabs or platforms for communication with your staff. Rather, you can use a unified solution like uKnowva to improve and strengthen your internal communication at every level. You can learn more about uKnowva and its intranet from our experts. 

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