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Employee engagement strategies focus on employees’ psychological investment and involvement in the firm. It extends to the inner drive that motivates workers to achieve productive results. 

Often, HRs replace this definition with the happiness of their hired staff. Pure happiness does not project how employees bring or add value to the firm. 

Employers need to adopt a more strategic and cohesive approach to employee engagement strategies in 2023. Without employees connecting and engaging with their job roles, predicting and fostering desired business results is impossible. 

With the innovative, agile, bespoke, and customised uKnowva social intranet, that is factually possible. This tool helps address and implement every latest employee engagement strategy we will discuss below. 

From these strategies, it’s easy for employers to realise how drastically emotions drive human behaviour at work. Implementing smart strategies (listed below) helps them measure, map, and modify human connections at workplaces, despite working locations. 

These modifications improve employee engagement rates, motivating employees to consistently contribute with a greater sense of belonging.


Top Employee Engagement Strategies To Nurture Your Talent In 2023 Using uKnowva Intranet:

Onboard with a purpose

A Brandon Hall Group study by their talent acquisition manager concludes: 

Purposeful onboarding boosts an 82% increase in retention and a 70% improvement in productivity. New hires trust your company each day at work when they know the purpose of their employment. 

The uKnowva intranet solution has HR analytics integration at the backend. It solves your query to answer why you need a new hire at a given period.

The analytical report diagnoses, predicts, and prescribes transparent and purposeful recruitment processes to follow. 

The reports signal why a firm needs to hire immediately in the next week or month. It depends on the alert set by the backend team. This improves the hiring and talent scouting processes. 

The firm’s experience for its employees improves with clarity in the mind and process. The workers know what to accomplish within a period once they are onboard. 

This strategy helps improve employee engagement rates to break previous norms and records. It has to be a consistent effort for a lasting impact, though. 

Offer a communication network for timely collaborations

Employees need to interact to collaborate continuously. Without shared efforts and collaborative projects, employees become information silos. Managing and retaining them for long is another challenge then. 

When employees work with teams without tarnishing honesty and purpose, they automate the experience and lifecycle at work. That’s possible with uKnowva’s social intranet tool. 

It allows teams to connect on separate streams. They see each other’s announcements, updates, and contributions to add more value. Each person has a strong desire to connect and belong. 

This is fulfilled by seeing that the entire team connects and adds more content and conversations on streams. It makes employees feel heard, valued, respected and watched over with respect. 

That’s why it’s one of the most useful employee engagement strategies in 2023. This intranet tool promises to boost clear and on-point conversations between teams.

So, managers won’t worry much as long as their employees connect and deliver work together. The system allows them to overview the collaborative efforts in terms of completed projects. 

Managers know in advance if their teams are purposefully connecting or not. At any time, managers can connect more progressively over these social intranet platforms.

They can do so from any location or hour without lags or failure in message delivery.

Let employees own their projects and goals to achieve. 

Employees need an environment to grow at a speed that earlier wasn’t possible to unlock. They work in that environment more productively, where managers also boost autonomy. 

The uKnowva HRMS is the best alternative or solution here. Managers do not meddle with employees’ work. They overview or supervise whenever they want using their system credentials. 

Employees, on the other hand, focus on their core job and activities to complete. They can be creative, innovative, and progressive about it. In confusion, they reach their teammates to resolve queries. 

There are dedicated and open help desks too. This process helps employees self-serve their trajectory in the firm and evolve critical thinking. They will look forward to taking on new projects with the right skill sets and autonomy in ownership of their workflow. 

Such employee engagement strategies lead to productive workforce habits, influencing them to retain longer. 

Prioritise your worker’s wellness.

Talent nurturers and managers have this moral responsibility to check their team’s wellness score. The uKnowva happiness meter and virtual biometrics help them achieve that task seamlessly. 

Managers gauge the total number of productive and working hours invested by their teams. That can be for any period: day, week, or month. They access these reports anytime as long as they have the link or credentials. 

Reading and analysing these reports teach managers the effectiveness of their teams and individuals. The sharp rise or dip in punctuality and other discipline factors indicate an issue. 

Managers take into notice timely warnings to refine and re-evaluate their workers’ competencies and capabilities. This includes judging and noticing their burnout symptoms. 

The team leaders can ensure that no workers stay up late unnecessarily to complete the task. They have to make employees value their personal time too. This way, employees will harness a laser-sharp focus when at work to achieve more within deadlines. 

This strategy helps managers to improve employee engagement whenever required. Because happy, satisfied, refreshed, and calm workers bring in more business growth than those who are not. 

To tap into the wellness of an employee regularly, managers can run surveys including questions like:

  • Are they eating regularly healthy items?
  • Do they have 7-8 hours of sleep every day?
  • Do they exercise at home to relax their mind and build more stamina?
  • What are their thoughts about mediation and taking necessary breaks at the workplaces to rejuvenate their mindset?
  • Are employees living alone or with family members?
  • Do employees have any issues at home causing them to have a sore or bored mood at work?

To support employees’ wellness, the manager can offer them:

  • Flexible working hours and schedule.
  • Mental health sessions for more awareness.
  • Team-building activities to create a sense of belonging in the team and firm.
  • Ensure to incentivise employees who put in their best efforts despite their rising stress levels.  


There is no end to discover, finetune, and reinforce employee engagement strategies. One like offering flexible and hybrid working hours is the norm after the pandemic. 

Tomorrow it could be something else. For example, removing the emerging urge to stay online every waking hour amongst employees. Because that does not mean that they are more productive and sincere. 

Whatever the case be, uKnowva smart employee engagement tool or HR management system helps organisations nurture the bond each day. That is with the purpose of conquering predefined work-related milestones with complete dedication and expressed motivation. 

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