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Organisations have realised that employee engagement is critical for keeping the staff attached to their job roles. Therefore, there has been a rising need for trustable and dependable employee engagement software in the industry today. 

That’s why you must read the 7 benefits of an employee engagement portal here. Grasp the knowledge on how it digitally transforms the exchange of information and helps staff collaborate. 


7 Significant Benefits Of An Employee Engagement Software:

  1. Effective source of communication

Employee engagement tools are surely effective with their feature-rich interface and portal. 

Employees talk directly to concerned persons without changing tabs or swiping through multiple windows. The conversations here are transparent between teams and seniors. It gives the right space to interact with a purpose and deliver targets on time. 

  1. Boost for higher performances

Employees are said to perform well when there is clarity in their job roles and expected metrics every day. That can easily happen on the engagement software where employees interact with their seniors. 

Any doubt, query, or grievance gets resolved within minutes. Hence, the software empowers reporting managers to run smooth conversations about roles and responsibilities with their teams. 

Plus, group members can also overview each other’s performances when they put their achievements on the news or announcement boards. It ignites a feeling of healthy challenge between teams to collaborate and deliver better. 

During that process, their performances elevate to newer heights.

  1. Multiplied productivity levels amongst teams

When performances improve, so does each member’s productivity tied directly to the company’s growth. Therefore, employee engagement software is a must-have in modern workplaces.

Reporting managers gauge their teams’ productivity levels from reports assembled in the dashboard of this software. They know which employee is excellent in delivering their goals in every cycle. They can appraise them on the spot.

For that, they can use the news/announcement/congratulations streams or channels. Such information is visible to other team members. Thus, this practice makes others perform better and break their personal performance records. 

Every employee wants that kind of respect and recognition. And they thrive better to reach that point to add value to their company. 

  1. Saves time and effort

Conversations’ click-through and conversion rates are faster on the uKnowva employee engagement platform. That is because the interface is easy to use. It has visible content and CTA buttons. The overall experience on this platform saves time and total effort from one touchpoint to another. 

Employees and their employers trust this platform for a reason. Their project deliveries are fast. Employees love engaging with each other with a purpose. They know there is no confusion when talking to the new or existing employee.

When teams talk and participate in polls, discussions, and surveys frequently, their mutual respect increases. 

This increases joint efforts’ impact on overall business performance. Hence, each employee can easily reach out to the senior management on the social intranet interface to get things done and save time.

  1. Reduced absenteeism

Absenteeism occurs when employees are unhappy. They feel so when a company cannot nurture their talent, emotions, or well-being anymore. Or, there could be other reasons which they won’t like to address.

Irrespective of this situation, they leave when companies fail to engage them regularly. If engagement doesn’t happen, they don’t feel the connection to their job roles. With time, they lose trust and respect to outgrow in that lonely or misunderstood environment. 

However, all such issues are promptly addressed with smart employee engagement software

Reporting managers ensure that their employees talk to each other on this platform. Their messages are on time, there is no server error, and the system constantly runs security checks and backups.

There is no excuse left for employees not to participate in a social intranet workplace, even from remote locations. At least they do not feel lonely, unhappy, or unsatisfied anymore. This platform has a solution for all such issues.

It has a separate help desk, fast chat messengers, and interactive activities: polls/surveys/forums. Each employee has an equal opportunity to add others to their system and get to their team better.

People can become one another’s extended family here. If that is a value an employee engagement platform promises to offer, there is no point in leaving such a firm.

  1. More job satisfaction

Employees have more connection and satisfaction with their jobs when projects are on time. 

They feel they add value to their work life and harness the ability to manage their lifestyle simultaneously. That is through regular interaction with their teammates on the engagement tool. 

It helps them feel they can achieve better goals every month when they see their colleagues performing well. This could be a boost of indirect motivation they need when starting their day from remote or hybrid workplaces.

Plus, reporting managers and other senior members indulge in instant gratitude on employee engagement software

That means people get appreciated for their outstanding and extraordinary performances on time. Teams overview each other’s grades or performances. 

They feel motivated collectively when more than 2-5 teams work towards a similar goal. Overall, when employee journey and experience is fruitful and productive, they feel a higher sense of satisfaction. 

If the C-level management also congratulates them for achieving different goals, employees receive a delightful experience. 

Such is an honour that one seldom receives as per the general perception. But this barrier between founders and entry-level employees also breaks. 

That’s another reason for employees to feel the importance. Their suggestions are heard, and positive changes begin in the company because of their point of view. 

  1. Improved internal branding

While using employee engagement tools, employees get to know their company better. That’s more in the case of new hires or joinees. Their orientation to the firm is easy and more effective on employee engagement systems like uKnowva. 

All employees get to welcome the new ones. They can celebrate their anniversaries, joining, retirement, birthdays, etc. This creates a positive internal reputation and branding amongst employees. 

They start knowing how well and humanised their culture is at the workplace. If they learn that about a company, it’s hard for them to depart. Instead, they love breaking their previous records and always come up with new ideas to outperform. 


Using an employee engagement software is a must to reap all the benefits listed above. Your firm can access those too. For that, they can try learning about all the uKnowva Social Intranet features in advance. 

Otherwise, contact us here to request a callback.

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