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Effective employee engagement is critical in today's workplace. When your workers are engaged, they are more satisfied with their job, more devoted to your organisation's goals, and more loyal to your company as a whole. 

Employees that are engaged are more inclined to go above and beyond to take your company to the next level.

Understanding the reasons that impede employee engagement can assist you in determining what to emphasise when developing your people management strategies.


Here are some of the most prevalent employee engagement issues that firms face today:

  • A lack of awareness on employe engagement,
  • Management or employee scepticism about engagement, 
  • Bureaucratic work regulations, 
  • A lack of work-life balance, and 
  • Erratic management methods.

Let’s discuss them one after another below. 

5 Factors that hinder effective employee engagement are:

1. Lack of awareness and clarity on employee engagement.

The first impediment is a misunderstanding of what involvement entails. Some people link effective employee engagement with job satisfaction, morale, or even happiness. 

However, it signifies much more than that. 

Employees who are engaged with their jobs are:

  • Satisfied with their jobs, 
  • Motivated to do their best, 
  • Satisfied with the work they do and the organisation in which they do it, 
  • Loyal to their organisation, 
  • Willing to say good things about their jobs and their organisation, and 
  • Proud of what they do and the organisation in which they work.

So, employee engagement goes way beyond just liking, sharing, and commenting on firm’s polls and surveys. It connects an employee with the organisation at a deeper level. 

2. Cynicism or scepticism about employee engagement.

When both management and employees are pessimistic about employee engagement, it may be a barrier. In today's world, cynicism is rampant. A cynical viewpoint is often negative, expressing the belief that people are always selfishly motivated and act in self-interested ways. 

Those who challenge engagement on these grounds may dismiss it as a managerial fad aimed at getting employees to work harder for less money, security, and praise. In short, less of everything. 

In summary, a true cynic will not regard employee engagement as a genuine effort, but rather as the newest management ploy to persuade employees to work harder for no reason.

3. Bureaucracy

Bureaucracy has the potential to be another barrier to involvement since rules and procedures in bureaucratic organisations must be followed regardless of how relevant they are to a circumstance. 

Above all, control, rather than results, is treasured. 

Workers in these environments may lose hope and become alienated since they must work hard to have their ideas acknowledged or approved to make common sense adjustments.

4. Inadequate Work-Life Balance

A lack of work-life balance is a fourth obstacle to involvement. Some organisational leaders want their employees to put their personal lives on wait in order to put the organisation first on all occasions. 

When the economy is bad, some managers—and other employees—feel forced to work as many hours as possible in order to look productive to their employers.

Their greatest concern is that if they don't put in additional effort, they will be the next victims of downsizing. It is impossible to be totally involved under these conditions since workers feel forced, however gently, to be on the job. 

However, time spent at work does not always correlate to productivity (or job security) since the value of time spent at work is determined by how it is spent.

5. Inadequate Management Decisions

The fifth obstacle to successful employee engagement is capricious supervisors who make choices depending on who asks rather than on evidence. They make judgments, but then swiftly reverse their decisions, and not necessarily for clear reasons. 

Workers who work with such bosses are disengaged because they do not believe their thoughts are respected or supported.

What can be done to overcome these five effective employee engagement barriers?

1. Create reliable two-way communication routes.

An organisation with a well-aligned leadership staff and a well-defined plan is ready to take the next step. Begin with an annual workplace poll to determine where your firm stands on the trust spectrum. 

You may also utilise a mobile app for employee engagement to poll even more team members. Do employees have faith in the company, or are they wary of new initiatives?

The leadership team cannot afford to take trust for granted. Decisions and actions that prioritise employee interests will establish a solid foundation.

Face-to-face contact is, of course, the most effective. Senior Workplaces offer regular, frank, and transparent meetings so that employees may hear directly from top leaders and ask questions.

2. Align your top management team.

Aligning leadership around a cohesive plan requires time and effort. 

Executive teams are certain to have blind spots and preconceptions. 

In this endeavour, objective and frank employee data, as well as a solid benchmark to lead the dialogue and be your finest guides. External perspectives, such as those provided by board members, will be beneficial.

While analytics are crucial, keep in mind that stories and examples have a greater impact on people than statistics alone. 

Building on the list above, create a story that demonstrates why focusing on employee engagement is a win-win situation. Employees gain from purposeful, pleasurable work, and the business benefits from a more devoted and energetic staff.

3. Create habits at the high leadership level.

Leaders at Top Workplaces are considerably more likely to get feedback from individual rank-and-file employees on issues such as important department decisions, process improvement, and customer service.

Obtaining these insights might be difficult for many leaders. And it's much more difficult to hear when the input doesn't match what the leader wants to hear. Asking – and listening – is essential for any firm that wants to improve employee engagement.

Top workplaces also know how to draw on collective expertise. Leaders create safe, productive environments for workers to explore concerns, make sense of issues, discover solutions, prioritise solutions, and commit to action plans.

4. uKnowva HRMS for employee engagement.

uKnowva HRMS, a Human Resource Management System, has created a game-changing technology to give organisations with smart and innovative solutions to enhance human resource management, allowing customers to build a future-proof firm with more informed and data-driven decision-making! 

In the fields of robotic process automation (RPA), cognitive intelligence, and cognitive conversation, uKnowva HRMS has the unique capability of mixing AI with the talent management system. 

uKnowva has created RPA interfaces that connect with the client's current systems, discover essential data from the system, and modify tasks and outputs. 

uKnowva's AI in HRMS solution gathers data from the talent management system. 

The AI's primary function is to provide team managers with a "happiness index," which provides insight into each employee's performance. 

It also allows you to customise your succession based on a variety of parameters. Most industry solutions focus on people management, growth, and acquisition, while uKnowva's unique solutions focus on employee engagement. 

uKnowva's HRMS includes an intranet, which is a comprehensive collaboration tool with services such as 

  • Discussion forums, 
  • Documents, polls, 
  • Calendars, 
  • Instant messaging, and extensibility.

It offers customers a seamless experience by enabling complete visibility through its user-friendly software, which is cost-effective. Then lays out intelligent insights that bring transparency to work.


Effective employee engagement is not difficult to achieve and maintain when you take the right steps. Go through the above blog post once more to get clarity on where and how your organisation is lacking in deploying employee engagement at a certain level and pace.

Also, connect with uKnowva HRMS customer support system to implement its technology in your systems for increased employee engagement.

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