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Recruiting an employee for a small business is a challenging task, but it doesn’t require a big human resource department to function. Hiring and retaining the employee is, in the long run, a difficult work, but with the help of a smart HRMS, you can make it possible. The HRMS software helps to streamline necessary hiring strategies. Then small businesses get to hire top talent and make themselves successful shortly. In the competition of getting paid, you can offer other benefits and perks to the employee when you’re using human resources management software for all your hiring and onboarding needs. This includes quicker follow ups, automated workflows, flexible work hours, easy to track leaves and attendance, and much more. 

In this blog, you will get all the necessary strategies that you can easily adopt in the new hiring process. Do uKnowva and see the changes, as this HRMS is user-friendly and provides time for employees and employers to build good relationships. Let’s dig in and have a glimpse at a short list of quick and proven strategies for efficient hiring.

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Top 5 Hiring Strategies for Small Businesses 

The success of small businesses depends on the ability to attract top-level talent. If today you can’t succeed in hiring the top talent, success will not happen tomorrow. That’s why it is high time for small business owners to review and refine their hiring strategies.

  1. Track Applicants through the System

By using the best HRMS software in India, you can track the applicants who are working remotely for your business. Plan your hiring process with all minute details and ensure that all your departments follow them orderly. 

With the Applicant Tracking System, HR managers will know how many applicants have filled out the form. They can trigger automated offer letters once the candidate accepts the job. Hiring managers also know if the job portal is efficient or not using the latest ATS by uKnowva. The system will report to the hiring manager about the number of applicants who filled out the application. Then it is easy to estimate if the current hiring strategy is really efficient or effective or not. 

  1. Use Technology to Improve Efficiency

In small businesses, hiring managers are responsible for each step they take in hiring a particular candidate for the post. Therefore, HRMS software must be there to make the process more efficient. 

Reviewing all the resumes and cover letters is a time-consuming step. ATS has an inbuilt AI algorithm that segregates the resumes and makes the work simpler. By applying various filters, HRs, and managers can easily choose the top talent for their businesses. It saves a lot of time that gets wasted in reading every single line of the resume and cover letter to get the desired candidate.

  1. Use Contacts and Connections

You can be a small business, but your contacts can be countless. If you don’t have many contacts and connections, try to build them up using social media sites. It not only helps in building your image but also helps in gaining the excellent team that you are logging for. 

Social media sites help immensely in finding a suitable employee to fulfill your top talent needs. All you need is to make your account and post the job vacancy. 

In the times of digital HR transformation, digitalise your hiring process too. It builds the trust of the candidate in you when they find you on reliable sites and eliminates the guesswork, and hastens the interview process.

To do so, you can integrate various job posting websites with your career page. Moreover, you get direct insights on the HRMS from uKnowva. Then, hiring managers like you can make use of HR analytics to know the real-time efficiency rate of the various job posting websites. 

  1. Be Transparent with Applicants

If you want to improve your hiring process, then transparency is the key. Your hiring process and mission should be clear and open to all applicants. You must assign a particular time for the interview so that they don’t have to wait for long, and give a specific time in which you announce your result and when they can expect from you. 

Give all the applicants appropriate time and explain their role in the company so that no area gets untouched and raises a topic of conflict or misunderstanding.

  1. Emphasize Your Employer’s Branding

Having a strong brand value helps in building good value among the employees. As small businesses have less name recognition, branding plays a vital role. Highlighting your company’s culture, values, mission, and other perks, you offer will prompt people to apply. 

Socialise your company on social media to reach out to as many people as you can. 

Share insights and reviews of your workers on the website so that employees can get a clear image of your work and the experience of the workers.


As a final thought, hiring strategies for small businesses can be time-consuming and requires a lot of patience, effort, and time. Therefore, uKnowva HRMS helps in thoughtful manpower planning and implementation of the right strategies for building a successful workplace.

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What hiring strategies other than those stated above can help small businesses?

Strategies like offering flexibility and perks like rewards and a short trip can motivate employees to come to the company. The workplace culture plays a vital role in attracting employees’ attention toward small businesses.

How uKnowva software helps in hiring talent for small businesses?

uKnowva is an easy-to-use and mobile-enabled HRMS software. It helps in posting of job opening on different job portals and job search engines and its integration helps in hiring top talent by using pipeline at every stage that tell HR about the candidate updates.

Why do small businesses need hiring strategies?

Small businesses need these strategies to flourish in the future to increase their productivity, shape the future of work better, level up their employee retention scores, etc. Plus, smart hiring strategies mean less cost to the company in the long run. Smart hiring also includes making faster decisions, and using AI and machine learning tools to hire the right people without bias. 

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