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Recruitment is the first step, where a candidate interacts with the company and its person of contact. They get to experience the culture of the company beforehand, being an outsider. From posting a job vacancy to getting applications on time with the right skills at the appropriate cost is a constant battle for recruiters to win over. Without the use of smart tools, it seems impossible to accomplish their recruitment goals. When the goals are incomplete, it becomes challenging to welcome new hires on time and provide them with the onboarding experience they deserve. The culture also gets tampered with when either the staff is over or underutilised. 

To set the recruitment goals straight and clear from day one, recruiters have smarter tools like uKnowva HRMS software to trust. Our tool helps to digitise and streamline the entire preboarding to the onboarding process. 

We can know more about it in the blog post below. Once you start to digitally transform your recruitment process, you will never look back to traditional methods. Rather, you and your HR team will want to keep automating the process and get better at hiring the right people for the right job. This will improve your internal reputation and create a better business impact as a snowballing effect. 

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7 Ways To Achieve Your Recruitment Goals With uKnowva HRMS Software

Leverage the availability of manpower planning

Manpower planning is the module you get with the uKnowva recruitment engine. This module is important for setting the budget right from day one of the new year. HR managers have to get approvals on the budgets for different positions to fill throughout the year. Then the budget, number of positions to fill, and filled positions get calculated on its own. The manpower planning makes recruiters check up on their recruitment goals for the year at any given time. 

Recruiters can send automated reminders to the approvers of the budget when there is a new vacancy with a higher cost. In short, it streamlines the entire financing and costing process before the recruitment starts. So, recruiters will not have to chase the finance managers throughout the year, most generally. 

Integrate the job portal with the career page

To meet your recruitment goals, you need to integrate the job portals with your career page. So, whenever you publish a job vacancy on the career page of your website, the same gets published on the job portals too. uKnowva’s recruitment engine provides that feature to you and your firm once you implement it. 

Configure the CV parsing rules and candidate application

You can configure recruitment strategies, CV parser, and the candidate application as per the company policy. uKnowva’s recruitment engine or applicant tracking system is flexible to optimise. This way, recruiters can get ahead of time to select the best CVs in their talent pool. 

Get timely updates on the candidate application with an applicant tracking system

The applicant tracking system (ATS) helps you to automatically get updates on the applicant’s application. You will get a follow-up notification from the process of the application. That is when you can make a proper strategy to schedule the interview with the selected candidates for finalising them into the funnel. 

Get to update the candidate lifecycle automatically

uKnowva’s recruitment engine makes it easy for you to meet your standard recruitment goals every year. That is because it is smart enough to update the candidate status on its own in the talent pool module. That way, you do not change the status manually. This change is set with certain triggered actions taken by the candidate when clicking a form, filling it out, and waiting for the test results to pop up after giving an aptitude exam. 

However, that’s only one example of the hiring process. It can differ for each company. That’s okay. uKnowva and its DevOps team help you to configure and customise your recruitment engine from day one with best practices. 

Send automated reminders to the candidates

Candidates will get automated reminders once you set the triggered actions and emailers in your workflows of the recruitment engine. For example, they get an instant email to give an aptitude exam after filling up the basic information in the application. They get emails to complete the form and start the process of getting hired on time. Then, there will be emails sent to them to book a date for scheduling an interview. 

Scenarios are many, but the email is sent with a click by the recruiter. So they do not have to extensively sit for an hour and write an email. The template is already saved in the tool, or the recruiters can download a template online and save it there for reference. Then, they don’t need to write the email from scratch while reminding each candidate to fill up the form or set a date for the interview. 

This way, meeting recruiting goals is fast and easy for recruiters in a firm. They no longer chase the candidate. The system is intelligent enough to automate these reminder emails. 

Hire by hiding sensitive information in the application form

You can now hide sensitive information in the application form filled out by the candidate. There is an option to configure the application form before rolling it out for new potential hires to fill it up for a job vacancy they see online. Sensitive information like age, gender, religion, etc., can be removed from the form. It makes the hiring skill and merit based instead of looking at demographic or private information of the candidate. Again, this strategy helps recruiters to meet the recruitment goals on time.

The Bottom Line

We studied seven ways to meet recruitment goals for recruiters by implementing uKnowva HRMS software in their organisation. You can do the same. The tool we provide is flexible, agile, and meets your current business model needs. You can streamline the entire hiring process with triggered actions and save templates of various emails to send out to new candidates. There’s a lot more to achieve with the flexible and intelligent recruitment engine as an operating cost. 

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What do you refer to as digital onboarding?

Digital onboarding is when organisations start hiring candidates from online portals or pages. The entire process of posting a job, receiving CVs and applications, shortlisting candidates, interviewing, and selecting the right person for the job becomes online. It reduces the paperwork and heavy dependence on the Excel workbook. 

Is it easy to automate recruitment in a single platform?

Yes, it is easy to automate recruitment using smarter tools like uKnowva HRMS software. It is a unified platform. It will help you streamline and automate the most mundane and boring tasks in a recruitment process to meet your recruitment goals on time. 

What are the common roles and responsibilities of a human resource person when onboarding a new hire?

A human resource professional must be able to welcome the new employee with warm wishes and good luck for their journey ahead. They must select the right person for the job there was a vacancy for. The employee or the new hire must have a clear understanding of their roles and duties. The HR helps them be familiar with the same from day one. They can use uKnowva HRMS to get the entire paperwork completed within minutes. 


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