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Hiring managers aim to hire the right people for their companies as the peak hiring season commences. However, they need recruitment software to streamline their hiring process. There are already multiple hiring and acquisition software in the market. It confuses hiring managers because of which they end up spending unnecessary hours on the research. So it is best for them to note the features of recruitment software before shortlisting one. If you are a hiring manager yourself, this blog post will help you. 

We will list the best 5 features of recruitment software uKnowva provides. Then, you can check how many features your company wants and whether they can get these many features in a single or unified platform. 

5 Features Of Recruitment Software Your Company Should Have

Automatic status update of the candidate in the talent pool

Hiring managers are busy and don’t have time to do the daily manual work. So there is an urgent need for recruitment software that automatically updates the applicant’s interview process status in the talent pool. HRMS, integrated with a smarter applicant tracking system (ATS), helps solve this problem. 

Companies or managers can configure the options in the ATS to know which candidate is at which interview stage. Hiring managers will not have to change the status manually. 

For example, as soon as applicants finish and send the application, the status of their interview process can change to something else, like "interview scheduled" or "application completed." It depends on the options which the company chooses. Ultimately, hiring managers save their valuable time to invest it in more critical tasks for the day. 

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Automatic shortlisting of candidates based on keywords and skill sets

The main features of recruitment software must include the facility to shortlist candidates without biasness. It means the candidates should be shortlisted based on their skill sets, experience, or keywords entered by the hiring managers. 

The ATS can also help companies configure the applicant’s form’s components. So they will not enter any discriminatory words or phrases. uKnowva HRMS also provides this feature with its smart and future-proof ATS.

A simple and easy-to-learn interface

The most significant feature of HR recruitment software is its adaptability and straightforward interface. No one wants to incorporate an interface that is difficult to understand because it will waste the company’s resources. 

The software solution must also include a customisation feature in case the recruitment software needs to be personalised to streamline the recruitment process. 

The software should be able to list all job vacancies in various forms. It must include dynamic elements that characterise distinct stages of recruitment. Additionally, a tool has to allow you to manage your candidate records rapidly to benefit the company. 

The system must track the candidate's progress throughout the interview rounds. The application's basic and user-friendly interface will give uniformity and make it easier to understand for the recruiter. 

uKnowva answers all these needs with a portal to post vacancies through all integrated job portals. It also helps you to easily sift through the resumes of worthy candidates. 

Track the job posting approvals with ease

Getting approvals from the chain of command for job postings is tedious. With so many tasks, it becomes difficult to put forth and track approvals all the time. 

The right recruitment software can create the perfect communication channel within the company when trying to find skilled candidates. You won't have to go between departments or exchange extensive emails to have a job posting authorised. 

You may add the approved manager from each department and conclude the process with automatic notifications and alerts. It saves time that recruiters otherwise spend following up with the manager. 

uKnowva integrates its applicant tracking system with the social intranet so that companies have a reliable and secure communication channel. 

Integration of recruitment engine with live reports

Analytics and reporting functions are critical components of any recruitment software. Live reports in the dashboard help companies analyse and see if the hiring goals are accomplished on time.

The recruiter will better understand the applicants' interest in the firm with the help of the recruiting analysis. If the system's analytics and reporting capabilities are good, HRs will also monitor the effectiveness of the recruitment channel and portal. Such features of recruitment software are favourable to all HRs managing talent from a critical standpoint. 

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The features of recruitment software must help HRs automate the majority of the daily work. A recruiter often spends the majority of their time publicising openings, sourcing prospects, and connecting with various stakeholders at various stages of the hiring process. 

uKnowva aids in the automation of recruiter tasks, freeing up their time for critical and impactful duties. With the above features we provide, implementing the best recruitment software for your recruitment needs is made simple. 

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