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We know companies that grow in size and volume face unknown skills, knowledge, and experience gaps. Their employees often leave due to unwanted and unwarranted reasons. But that should not demotivate recruiters from hiring the best talent in the next cycle. 

The recruiters have to change their recruitment strategies and implement starter tools. That way, they can hire the employee who will be a culture add to the company. 

With the implementation of uKnowva HRMS and its recruitment engine, sourcing candidates is a fairly easy task. To know how, continue to read the post and shortlist the strategies to devise while recruiting top talent during skill gaps.


Effective Recruitment Strategies To Find The Right Talent Even During Shortages And Abridge The Skill Gap:

Know about the job profiles in detail before scouting talent. 

Recruiters are in a hurry to bulk hire often. But the right strategy to fill up the talent gaps is to know:

Whom to hire, 

When to hire, 

For what role and at what cost? 

Recruiters must take the information from the concerned departments internally first. They can also connect with CHROs over the social intranet platform or messenger by uKnowva. 

There, they have meaningful conversations to set the right KPIs for hiring talent before the skill gap widens. This strategy helps recruiters to tackle the issue of how to find talented employees promptly.

With the right information key deliverables of the job, they will use the algorithm better that automates the screening.

Connect with your ex-employees. 

A smarter way to resolve the issue of skill shortage without extensive talent hunt rounds is to contact ex-employees. The system already knows the ex-employees. The recruiters will know who amongst them would now be fit for another role. 

That’s actually one of the most reliable recruitment strategies to fill the immediate skill and talent gaps. The system can record the employee journey experiences through their exit interviews. 

Later, the uKnowva system can itself recommend ex-employees. This activity saves time and total effort. Plus, it’s always nice to send ex-employees a genuine follow-up message.

And the initial bonding with these employees is not required. Plus, the system will already have their details like educational background, work-life experiences, and bank details. 

Thus, their onboarding will be swift, smoother, and less time-taking. 

Leverage the policy of employee referrals for urgent hires.

Sourcing candidates and filling talent shortages is a feat to achieve without a candidate pool. Startup companies face this issue regularly. However, implementing the uKnowva recruitment engine tackles this problem. 

Recruiters can launch referral programs and upload the policy to the recruitment engine. They can roll out a message to remind their employees about another source of income.

These policies can attract a better workforce. Their background and reference checks would be easy. Onboarding through referrals helps the company to hire similar people in the already established working culture.

Referral employees would get more acquainted with the culture easily. That happens when the mediator explains the prerequisites of being employable in the firm for a long period. 

Besides that, the uKnowva HR analytics highlights the most referring employee in your company. The stats make the recruiter approach them to assist with referrals to fulfil the gap. 

Such employees can become celebrities in the team or business unit. Their milestones get recognised over the uKnowva social intranet platform. With that boost of confidence and recognition, employees look forward to helping recruiters. 

They will look out in their social circle for potential employees. This will again automate the initial screening and talent scouting process for recruiters or employers. That is why referral programs are one of the reliable recruitment strategies right now

The recruitment heads can overview the result of these strategies on the tool whenever they want. It will give them tips to tweak and improve the program or policy. That would benefit every party involved in recruiting the best talent at any point. 

Expand your job portal integrations and sourcing channels.

Another creative and award-winning recruiting strategy is this one. Recruiters must continuously look out for new talent sourcing channels and job portals. Some sources are specific and highly specialised. 

Employers will get costly but highly skilled employees from such portals. Otherwise, they must know the number of portals and engines the right candidates use. That data can be gleaned in the HRMS by uKnowva. 

From there, it’s possible to know the effectiveness of each source, channel, and portal. Recruiters make a list of the best sourcing channels to hire and onboard the talent they want next. 

Expanding the sourcing candidates channels means many opportunities, even in times of crisis. Recruiters have no shortage of portals to explore. That means, in time, they know which source and channel to utilise: even for bulk and immediate hiring. 

Started sourcing talent for future roles. 

That’s one of the smartest and future-ready recruitment strategies for hiring teams to implement. Recruiters must connect with team leaders in various departments. 

Different teams can develop the kind of teams they would need in the future. They can create a tentative JD and success map for such employees. 

Then the talent hunters enter the key phrases in the job postings that go live automatically. The uKnowva recruitment engine helps these managers to do that.

The initial stage would be to infuse only a few keywords in a JD. That is to test the efficiency of current hiring for building a workforce for future skill gaps. 

Recruiters train current employees to build a future-fit workforce and tackle projected talent gaps. The uKnowva HRMS has an eLMS function. They leverage it by posting new courses, modules, and advanced training sessions. 

Currently employed top talent can consume and start implementing skills learnt from these modules. It’s a safe approach or strategy because current employees already have a connection to their JDs. 

Plus, it saves the recruitment cost when hiring managers hire immediately to fill up projected skill shortages.


Recruiting managers can trust the feature-rich uKnowva HRMS platform to alert them on time about the existing skill gaps.

They easily execute the above-mentioned recruiting strategies to tackle the unwanted talent and skill shortage. With the changing working dynamics in the digitised era, recruiters need to reimagine these approaches. 

So, they need an agile, flexible, and fully customisable tool. The uKnowva HRMS provides that experience to each user and talent hunter in the firm. It makes hiring efficient, automated, and futuristic. 

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