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Companies today must go above and beyond to give employees an exceptional experience at work; they cannot get by only providing fundamental perks like paid time off and health insurance. The total of all the encounters that your employees have with your business makes up the employee experience.

It involves the company's culture, benefits, physical workspace, and tools for employee performance. It may also be related to income. Businesses with high employee engagement generate 2.5 times as much money as those with low engagement. Use the suggestions below to improve employee experience in your firm, leading to better retention scores. 

Improve Employee Experience

Here Are 7 Ways To Improve Employee Experience

Provide superb communication

Communication is the key to enhancing your relationships with your staff. Although most HR leaders and business professionals acknowledge the value of communication, they ultimately spend more time talking to the media, stakeholders, and customers. 

Make sure you have a dialogue that is more than simply email if you want to boost communication. Use communication tools to convey good and bad news, recognise significant achievements in your staff members' professional and personal lives, and make your purpose and values known.

This will give your employees a better experience as you can create an emotional bond with them over time. Eventually, employee productivity might also improve because you can motivate them with direct and superb communication that has a purpose. 

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Strengthen internal communication

Teams responsible for internal communications go much beyond simply providing corporate information. They provide a sense of belonging, inspire employee teamwork, and develop a consistent corporate culture. Employees who feel more purposeful are more productive and act as brand ambassadors and advocates for your business. 

You must use internal communication to stay in touch with your staff and earn their trust. Additionally, internal communication is more crucial than ever as the workforce grows more mobile and dispersed. 

Keeping remote workers engaged is essential, and giving everyone in the organisation the right communication tools may help foster employee relations and promote effective communication.

uKnowva HRMS is the right solution here. It has the complete package of social intranet for teams to connect and collaborate. It can provide live integrations with chat platforms and apps for real-time internal communication. Team leaders can easily enhance employee experience and perception by building a culture of purpose and transparency with uKnowva.

Employees get instant notifications on the announcements they are tagged in. This can be a notification on their mobile phone when they use the app or have the message emailed. Either way, the staff is one click away from talking things out with their colleagues and wishing them well for their life achievements posted on uKnowva’s social intranet. 

Organise stay interviews

Exit interviews are useful, but they won't keep a departing employee on your payroll. Stay interviews are one-on-one discussions between the manager and employee that assist businesses in better understanding employee priorities and preventing retention concerns. There should be an open discussion to establish trust with employees and get their opinion of the working environment. 

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You may determine their reason for sticking with the company and work toward objectives that keep them interested by knowing what works. This method also strengthens internal talent pipelines and offers excellent insight into areas where the organisation can develop globally.

Spend money on employee health

Employee wellness goes beyond physical health since healthy employees save your business time and money by having lower healthcare costs. Well-rested, focused, and productive employees result from initiatives promoting mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness. 

To mention a few suggestions, businesses can consider implementing sick time, paid vacation, paid parental leave, on-site gyms and health centres, and offering healthy snacks. Team leaders can also invest in uKnowva HRMS, a comprehensive HRMS suite that integrates happiness metre insights with the virtual biometric system. 

So, at every click, employees have input on their moods and fatigue level. Each such input gets assembled at the backend of the system. The analysis is drawn based on these bites of information or raw data. The reports shown to the managers are in terms of employee and team-wise happiness insights. 

Team leaders must draw conclusions based on these insights and improve the employee experience. They don’t need to ask every employee extensively for the experience they have. With genuine punch-in and punch-out of the emoticon, employees also remove the need for micromanagement on the manager’s part. A manager would know how their teams are mentally and how to improve their mood scores in the future. 

Encourage management to do so

Employees who work with great supervisors feel supported in their daily tasks. To keep no one in the dark when important decisions are taken, they, for instance, set teams' and the organisation's goals clearly and transparently. 

Great managers also coach their staff by providing regular feedback, encouraging them to learn from others, boosting their self-esteem, and genuinely asking how they can assist them in achieving their objectives. 

uKnowva HRMS is already a trusted tool by 3+ lakh users for continuous feedback and appraisal modules. It helps team leaders implement a forward-looking approach to performance management. They are able to circulate a genuine feedback system within the organisation. 

Present career-development initiatives

If employees believe there is room for job progression, they are more inclined to stay with your organisation. You may attract devoted workers who appreciate your investment in them for developing your next generation of leaders. 

Every employee must think and plan to have a career development graph, and managers should talk about long-term career growth at least once a year. Employees may also be given a mentor who is an expert in the field to act as a coach and provide feedback. Your internal talent pool will grow, and employee engagement will rise.

Share consumer opinions with your staff

Customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction are inextricably linked, and many employees find satisfaction in serving consumers. However, the employee hardly ever hears compliments from customers. 

Employee confidence and a sense of purpose in their work can be increased by allowing consumers to provide feedback and share it with staff. Customer feedback ought to be circulated throughout the entire business to acknowledge employee success and that of the corporation.


Employees' journey with their employer is known as the employee experience. It covers the worker's disposition, interactions, accomplishments, and general rapport with their employer. Companies can improve employee experience and positively affect their company culture by investing in the strategies listed above. 

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