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What exactly is an employee's Exit Interview?

An exit interview of an employee is the final meeting between a departing employee and management: by termination or resignation. 

An online/paper survey, in-person or telephone interview are the best ways to conduct and improve exit interviews. 

It collects honest comments about their experience in the firm, the reason for departure/resignation, ideas, and areas for development.

Why Is an Exit Interview Important in Human Resources?

Exit interviews (EI) frequently reveal concerns that were previously undisclosed to HR. 

It might be about the manager's leadership style, workers' perspectives on work, remuneration and benefits, corporate goals, company culture, and so on. 

Improving Exit Interviews can benefit HR in the following ways:

Employee perception: 

Exit Interviews reveal how employees feel about their working circumstances, corporate goals, company culture, teammates, and so on. This will provide light on how the organisation is operated, if there is unconscious prejudice in recruiting and promotions, teamwork, and so on.

Understand the market benchmarks: 

You'll learn how much your rivals are paying, what amenities they provide their employees, how much time off they have, and who is poaching your personnel.

Discover the effectiveness of a manager's leadership style: 

When managers fail to execute their jobs, companies frequently experience an outflow of staff. They frequently discover this during EIs and may take the required steps to avoid losing brilliant personnel.

New ideas for enhancing the organisation: 

Employees can provide their perspectives on how to improve items that have previously been unexplored by the company. Employees may have worked at many locations and seen various methods of doing things that can be applied in your firm.

Make your leaving workers your company's ambassadors: 

When you treat ex-employees with dignity, they are more inclined to promote your brand and suggest your business to others.

Six steps to improve Exit Interviews

While exit interviews are necessary for a business to progress, make better choices, and reduce turnover rates, most firms are unaware of how to conduct these conversations effectively. 

Here are a few steps to take:

Prepare a list of questions ahead of time, and then listen to what they have to say.

Determine exactly what you want to learn from the departing employee. However, these are not the only things you should ask the employee. Pay attention to their responses, pick up on their clues, and take note of their criticism.

Determine the reasons why the employee should stay with the organisation.

Talk about the potential of keeping the employee. Tell them about the positive parts of working for the organisation, explain how you plan to rectify the problem, and solicit any positive comments they may have for the company.

Put the staff at ease. 

Allow people to express themselves, critique the company's processes, and offer their thoughts. Companies receive honest responses and may try to improve them as a result. Allow them to express themselves if necessary; after all, people prefer to be heard.

Inform them of the last commitments and paperwork. 

Inform them of how offboarding will be handled, who they should return the equipment to, how leaves will be encashed, and so on.

Inform them of how the departure interview data will be utilised. 

Employees are more often proactive if they know how their comments will be used. Tell them how you intend to address their concerns and recommendations, and assure them that they will not be penalised for raising them.

Determine what prompted them to hunt for new employment. 

What was it that compelled them to make such a decision? This is the exit interview's principal goal and objective.

Bottom Line

Utilising a tool like uKnowva HRMS can help you avoid mistakes and guarantee that all of this occurs in a timely and effective manner. 

uKnowva HRMS tools include all types of human resource management procedures. This involves the automation of exit interviews and employment termination.

The decision to terminate employment can be communicated automatically with its aid. HR specialists can provide counselling online, and departure interviews may be handled in an automated manner as well. 

Furthermore, final settlements may be authorised immediately, eliminating the need for an HR manager to go through superfluous minutiae, making employee exit easier

These final settlements also provide employee and employers every minute detail on the HRMS portal to smoothen and ease the offboarding process.


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