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According to a recent McKinsey report, the employee often feels the performance management system is not up to the mark in their firms. It could be due to several reasons. But all point to the fairness of the impact of the system on the employee’s performance.

However, with the skilful use of a performance management software like uKnowva, such issues are met. Employees would know what to expect and how to turn their performance records into reality. 

There would be less gap between their expectations and reality with the right performance review software for small companies. To understand this ideology in-depth, let’s understand the factors that help bridge the gap between expectations and reality. 

You will understand the workable reality of a performance management tool in India. From thereon, your myths and overly estimated expectations about such a system will be rectified. This will lead to better performance results and improvised workforce management.

Expectations vs. Reality


Factors Influencing Performance Management System Expectations And Reality:

  1. Accuracy:

Managers expect the system to be highly accurate, whereas often, employees do not trust the system. 

The reasons here could be ample: qualitative and quantitative. But the reality of the modern performance management system is that it gives real-time output based on the input data. 

It leaves no chance of manipulation because it automatically integrates with the virtual biometric system and the timesheets prepared. Of course, there will be approval from the admin, reporting manager, employee, and other parties, too, if necessary to complete a project review. 

This way, the accuracy will systematically depend on the input data. So, no single party involved in a task or project can manipulate the same. 

  1. Efficiency:

Often employees who are not tech-savvy do not trust the system to be efficient. They think that the performance management system might consume their manual hours. However, that’s not the modernised way for this system to work.

The performance management system India tool helps you regulate your mundane tasks. For example, you get to set automated reminders. These notify you to fill your pending timesheets before proceeding to rate yourself. 

It automatically creates an analysis of your efficiency levels based on your regular punch-ins and punch-outs. So you don’t fret. 

There is limited or no requirement of your manual working hours to monitor your performance. Over a period, it gets calculated on its own because of the algorithms put in by backend developers. 

These algorithms tie the performance management system with your projects, monthly KPIs, and targets. As a result, you don’t have to check them over and again. So the system ends up saving a lot of your working hours instead.

  1. Performance measurement and elevation:

Those with limited experience with a performance management system like uKnowva often consider that it only measures your performance. However, that’s just an expectation or assumption. 

The reality about the modern performance review software for small companies is different and ever-growing. It measures, monitors, interprets, and recommends suggestions for elevating your performance levels. 

The system can notify the admin and the reporting manager about the employees working too hard. 

Similarly, it notifies you about the workforce performing less work. This way, resource and project allocation is seamless and flawless. At no point would any worker sit idle or feel less connected to their job. 

Admins can set their own triggered responses and actions in the system. That’s because each small and start-up company operates differently. 

Your company might have a new and forward-looking approach to project and employee performance appraisals. So your company needs a system that provides all support for elevating workforce performances anyhow. 

You get this flexibility when you approach and use the uKnowva performance management system

  1. Customisability and configurability:

It’s hard to find software that is fully customisable and configurable. That too at the affordable price range for Indian start-up companies. However, now the market for the performance management system is changing and evolving like never before. 

That is possible with the entrance of the uKnowva performance management tool. This intelligent tool is based on data, available on the cloud, and runs on AI-like functionalities. 

Companies and their HR teams can easily configure the system. This could be in accordance with the branding, internal communication, and performance management tactics applied. 

uKnowva also provides an extension store for companies to use. In addition, there are 100+ in-built add-ons for you to integrate with the PMS. It makes the entire user experience easy, fun, and interactive. 

Using this PMS is more fruitful and efficient. You can set algorithms on your own. Set your goals and get instant approval from reporting managers on the same interface. So lesser dependency on paperwork, excel workbooks, and emails is assured. 

This saves the daily work hours of every worker: remote or in-house. Plus, teams can interact on the go on this PMS. This feature helps them collaborate to change the setting of a task, project, or metric whenever required. 

  1. Resolve queries on-demand:

A PMS is never expected to have a provision to resolve employee and team members' queries on demand. 

The usual expectation is that it lets the staff enter their work-related data. This is to measure their daily or monthly tasks. Later, managers and team leaders have to go through the auditing of each project for appraisal purposes. 

But the reality for the new-age performance management system is much more than expected. It lets your team resolve their queries within a few clicks. In addition, your developers can set up particular grievance chat boxes assigned to the concerned person on the system. 

This will again make staff more self-reliant and self-serving. They will be less dependent on external vendors or IT support. Rather, they will directly contact the HR person or the developer in the team to resolve their queries related to PMS.

This added advantage is time-saving and cost-effective. It’s also easy to use and less burdensome. The resolved queries flash in the dashboard and live reports for team leaders and managers to gauge and interpret. 

This also influences the overall efficiency and productivity levels of different teams and individual staff members. 


Managers and employees have a different set of expectations from the PMS. The reality of the performance management system is objective, neutral, and progressive. There is no miscalculation, misclassification, or mismanagement. 

The entire organisation can overview the workings of a PMS if need be. It drives home more transparency, trust, and affirmations to do better by sincere employees. 

If you’re an HR person or a team leader, consider rereading the five points explained above. It will bring clarity to your existing knowledge of the workings and advantages of using a modern cloud-based PMS. 

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