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Return-to-office plans seem impossible with the fluctuations of COVID-19 new variants. That means it’s important to focus on  reasons why the hybrid work model is the new normal.  Additionally, because of the new rising XE variant cases in India and around.

Companies will again have to balance the offline and online work modules for everyone’s safety and well-being. In contrast, employees have already experienced remote working styles for the past 2-3 years. 

Now they prefer to work where companies value their contribution compared to the time invested. They feel more connected to the workplaces where they can be self-reliant, self-serving, and exercise their entrepreneurial mindset. 

That is only possible when companies are actively using an HRMS system. However, let’s begin understanding the stark  importance of the hybrid work model as the new normal first. 

This way, companies, and HRs can learn to manage their existing talent pool with sheer respect and knowledge. 

Hybrid Work Model

5 Reasons Why The Hybrid Work Model Is The New Normal:

1. Opportunities for employees to be self-reliant.

With a hybrid culture, an outperforming workforce wants to achieve their goals independently. As a result, they don’t require getting micromanaged daily. That eases reporting managers' lengthy tasks to persuade and motivate their subordinates to work on time. 

Instead, workforce management is easier with an HR management system. Employees can easily set their KRAs on the system. They can supervise their own monthly targets and achieve them accordingly. 

This practice makes them self-reliant and better at setting priorities right. 

2. Talented people can be from anywhere.

Reasons why the hybrid work model is the new normal are also because workforce HRs need can be from anywhere. 

This trend of virtual talent acquisition and recruitment process was seen more evidently during the pandemic. However, it somehow has stuck by employees and growing companies. 

That is because workers now want to enjoy their life. They want a life that matters. Therefore, their  contribution to the company must be valuable and equally respectable. 

And it is not anymore restricted to their working location. So, they can choose to spend time with their families, fulfil their pending commitments, or go places. Overall, employees learn to manage their time accordingly without spending hours in commute to faraway workplaces. 

3. Coming to the office holds more meaning.

Several studies and surveys concluded: that employees were not sure why they were coming to the office. They could accomplish their daily tasks from home. But, instead, they felt like wasting time on the commute. 

This conclusion has been seriously taken into consideration by many companies. That’s one of the growing  reasons why the hybrid work module is the new normal. So, employees now have more meaningful office visits. 

They prefer not to visit the office if it’s not highly important or urgent. Each office visit holds a special meaning, purpose, or direct link with their productivity. This hybrid working style enhances how employees respect and view their offline workstations. 

4. Workers need to take time off to avoid burnout.

Employees' well-being and mental health are two more  reasons why the hybrid work module is the new normal. In addition, with flexible working hours, employees switch off from the system required. 

They don’t need to sit in front of the system for 8 hours at a stretch. That is as long as they complete their daily tasks on time. So, whenever employees feel unhappy, demotivated, tired, or exhausted, they must take the required break off the screen. 

Working at  flexible hours means they can go out and spend time with their family or in nature. This would rejuvenate their mindset and help them regain their energy levels. 

We know that working alone or remotely can put employees in an isolated mood. They find connecting with people difficult in such cases if they are not given the provision to take occasional breaks in between.

That is why a  hybrid management system at a firm is necessary to work and be implemented. Because when employees are not feeling themselves, their productivity reduces. They might not deliver benchmarking work expected of them. 

Therefore, they can maintain their happy and entrepreneurial mindset with regular expected and required breaks. This way, their regular work completes on time without roadblocks. 

5. Working remotely can be boring and lonely for some people.

Working from offshore locations is not always mandatory. There should be a hybrid work model. This way, workers would regularly connect with their team members – whenever required. 

This  employee engagement can be on the HRMS system as well. Otherwise, employees can plan a day to meet at the office. This day could be more special to these employees as they all meet after a long time. 

This brings a sense of belonging and recognition between employees as they meet one another. They share their worries, queries, and achievements face-to-face with more energy and power. 

Later, this meeting leaves a positive impact on the employee. Ultimately, employees don’t feel alone or like nobody cares about them. Instead, they know they can visit the office or offline workstation whenever required. 

That’s why these are more justifiable  reasons why the hybrid work module is the new normal. Now employees can engage, co-create, and collaborate with their teams using any module or platform. 

This could be entirely virtually using the  HR management system like uKnowva. Otherwise, they could play out team-building activities offline for exercising team synergies at best. 

One Bonus Reason (Overlooked & Underestimated):

+1: Employees receive a unique work experience in the hybrid model. 

To bring a sense of belonging to employees, a hybrid working model is quite efficient. They can connect with their seniors, C-level management, and subordinates whenever they desire. 

This is possible with  uKnowva Social Intranet features. They no longer depend on emails, excel workbooks, or offline documents. Instead, they can simply share their concerns online using the chat messengers, polls, surveys, or forums available on the uKnowva intranet. 

With this regular practice of connecting with their seniors or juniors on demand, employees learn more about their firm’s values. 

They can know what is acceptable in the firm – what is not. Everything can be discussed both transparently and privately between teams on this platform. Otherwise, there will always be a provision for employees to visit the office and get their issues sorted. 

Either way, the  employee experience in a firm is memorable. They have greater chances to be true evangelists of their firms as they continuously impart the values in themselves. 


5  reasons why the hybrid work module is the new normal stated above tell us what an employee goes through in today’s generation. They can experience a company’s environment with ease, both virtually and offline. 

They are no longer required to be present at the firm all the time. 

What matters is how they work and deliver it on time. Prime focus is also on their well-being, happiness scores, and motivated moods. This way, they manage their personal life commitment along the way without disrupting their work-life targets. 

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