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Companies are going digital in every corner and every department. If your organisation is also looking for the same thing, this blog is for you. Handling and maintaining an increasing overload of paperwork is next to impossible for any organisation. Paperless HR can offer numerous benefits to the organisation as it helps in increasing efficiency, enhancing communication, improving the security of data, and many others. 

Transforming the whole HR department digitally is often more complex than it appears on the surface. Firstly, you have to look for the HRMS that will be the best fit for your working style and by the use of which your work will be easier.

The steps to consider are discussed below. Read them to successfully transform your HR department and turn it paperless effortlessly.

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6 Steps to Achieve Paperless HR

Every organisation has a different path toward achieving paperless HR. But some aspects are going to be the same for a startup or a big organisation. Given are the six steps that can be proved helpful in digitally transforming your HR department.

  1. Paperless Onboarding

Starting with the first step of every organisation is onboarding. When you go digital, your digital employee management system will maintain all the records that will be easier to handle and access. 

If you collect your employee’s information digitally from the hiring stage, it will prove to be beneficial for you in the times ahead.

A good and smart HRMS offers a great database in which you can securely gather all your data, and as it saves the data on the cloud, your data is in safe hands. You can easily update, access, and create new employee records whenever needed.  

  1. Teach staff how to go paperless

Make your employees well aware of the new HRMS software and allow them to access it on their own so they can navigate it thoroughly. Regular training sessions will help in introducing new things with the latest technology that help to motivate employees and learn something new that keeps them updated in the market. 

Going paperless plays a major role in going green, and this can only be possible with the help of your employees. 

In the starting phase, you may face some problems with going entirely paperless. But gradually and with team efforts, the workplace can turn paperless efficiently. 

Plan regular online or offline meet-ups so that employees can share their views and put forward the problems they face. Take suggestions from employees that will make the transition more seamless.

  1. Start Using E-Signatures

When you change your offer letter to a PDF form, e-signatures become necessary to kick-start your digital transformation. Introducing e-signature like the eMudhra integration at uKnowva HRMS will help immensely in going paperless, as most of the documents get signed and shared in PDF form. It saves employees time and the hassle of manually signing each document. 

  1. Don't let the change go unnoticed 

If you are planning for such a big step, let the world know about it. You can write a blog or publish it in a company e-newsletter. It will help to spread awareness and motivate other companies to step in the same direction to go green. 

Keep your customers updated and encourage them to save paper and start using electronic communications for discussion. It will help you in branding yourself as a responsible company. Doing it on a high level helps you to make a great impact on your workforce and the competitors.

  1. Integrate Your Workflows

When you have different applications for various tasks, it leads to lower productivity, communication mistakes, inefficient data management, and other undesirable results. 

It can be handled by using an innovative and collaborative HRMS that has numerous tools, including custom-made software and third-party applications. The software ensures that you get it designed by your unique operational processes. It will help you to digitally transform your HR department by making it paperless and automated. 

Apart from making your HR paperless, it will help in building connections between applications to bridge the gap between client managers and recruiting and increase flexibility across the organisation.  

  1. Select a Secure Platform

Paperless HR can only be achieved when you have a strong digital platform. Study each human resource management system carefully and choose the best fit for your organisation. 

It must contain some specific features that make it different from other HRMS software in the market. 

uKnowva HRM software is a cloud-based, secured, unified platform that gives everything in a single software. Be it attendance and leave management system, communication, and collaboration, payroll system, etc., it has all. 

It is built with industry-specific needs, and you can constantly configure it according to your current business needs. It is easy to use, and mobile friendly thus, it becomes a friend of your workforce and increases productivity.


The bottom line is to make the HR department paperless. Though, it can be a complex task that requires careful planning and execution. With uKnowva bringing the change from physical documents to a fully digital system can be easily possible. It ensures that the digital system remains compliant and secure by staying updated and performing regular audits. It proves to be the best partner in your digital transformation journey.

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What is the need for a paperless HR department?

A paperless HR department offers numerous benefits, such as increased efficiency, cost savings, improved accessibility and collaboration, reduced environmental impact, streamlined processes, enhanced data security, and easier compliance with regulations. It enables a modern, digitised approach to HR management.

Why should organisations opt for paperless HR?

Organisations should opt for paperless HR to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs associated with printing and storing documents, enhance accessibility and collaboration, strengthen data security, promote environmental sustainability, streamline processes, and ensure compliance with digital standards and regulations.

In what ways HRMS helps the organisation in the digital transformation journey?

HRMS helps organisations in their digital transformation journey by automating HR processes, enabling self-service for employees, centralising data for better analytics and decision-making, facilitating remote work, enhancing communication and collaboration, and ensuring compliance with digital standards.

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