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New-age HRM software is the go-to platform for employees to smoothen and automate their mundane tasks. But that’s one part of it. There are countless advantages attached to using the modern uKnowva HRMS tool today for affirmative digital HR transformation in 2024. 

You can refer to these transformations in an employee’s journey triggered by HR digitisation in this blog post. 

Understand how these HR practices are useful to your company culture and start implementing the same. But do not forget to evaluate the feasibility and the HR process maturity. 

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6 Best Employee Management Practices Conforming to the Digital HR Transformation in 2024:

Use insightful reports to welcome favourable changes

One of the core practices to follow is using insight reports to bring better change to the company culture. Employees will prefer such changes with a more welcoming nature and attitude. 

However, that’s possible when you take suggestions or ideas from your staff. That also happens on the digital HR transformation network like uKnowva. 

These reports are free from bias or manipulation, generated on the system’s backend or live dashboard based on employee data. The suggestions recommended in the reports are often accurate, workable, and in the confinement of the financial budgets. 

It saves time for CHROs to evaluate the feasibility later on. If admins want, they can compare these recommendations with the latest HR industry trend to evaluate their impact or ROI. 

Such HR digital transformation will be beneficial for employees in the long run. The company culture will strengthen, and employees will look forward to knowing what’s happening around them. It stirs or piques interest in dedicated and hard-working employees.

Initiate open, transparent, and honest conversations

Use the uKnowva intranet platform to promote digital HR transformation by communicating openly and transparently to achieve shared goals effectively. Honest communications there between teams boost confidence and acknowledgment of one’s strengths and weaknesses. 

With this practice in place, there would be no scope or room for dirty office politics.

Employees love to connect with shared meaning and purpose to remain employable in the long run. They get to grab more expansive, scalable, and profitable opportunities to enhance their career graph with open communications. 

Connecting on the social intranet platform by uKnowva helps the team sharpen their interpersonal, networking, and persuasion skills. They build rapport with each other and get work done faster. 

It improves internal and external job promotions over a defined period. There will be clarity of roles and responsibilities shared by teams when using Intranet by uKnowva

They clarify their doubts and queries without delaying project deliverables. This improves external reputation before clients and customers. This HR digitisation practice brings in more business and multiplied revenue.

Verify that the change is constant to upgrade the employee experience

You can enable constant change using smart HR management solutions offered by uKnowva. Frequent changes and fine-tuning of the company culture are necessary for employees to feel refreshed. They get better at their jobs and feel highly connected to their KPIs. 

They develop an entrepreneurial mindset with regular changes and look forward to welcoming adjustments. Such settlements are often helpful to newcomers in the team and organisations. 

Developing a mind that’s non-resistant to change helps teams be more respectful, grounded, and goal-oriented. Instead of resisting change, they conjoin their capabilities and evaluate the impact.

This behaviour is repeatedly possible only when digital HR transformation solutions are implemented. 

Help employees perform well using modern HRMS tool

The uKnowva HRMS is one of the perfect solutions to help employees perform better. It is a feature-rich, cloud-based, and AI-backed online platform. It’s suitable for startups with 100+ employees to growing organisations with 1000+ workforce. 

This tool helps employees automate their core HR tasks every day. Be it from recruitment, payroll, monthly performances, and completion of tougher projects. The tool records every interaction and data point. 

These bites later generate reports on employee productivity and efficiency. These reports help give hikes to the dedicated employee after a period or compensate them for overtime. 

Besides that, employees can use calendars, timesheets, virtual biometric systems, and happiness metres to their advantage. Such features help outperforming employees to keep track of their performance, mood, and punctuality themselves. 

Managers would not be micromanaging them till the time goals are achieved and performances are on track. Such HR digital transformation practices make employees self-reliant and independent. 

They can choose their working hours and styles if that system operates in the firm. Managers overview their every day or weekly performances on the dashboard. Employees leave notes on work-related tasks. 

They also create their personal to-do lists on the interface visible to them to get reminders on what’s left to be done. 

Hence, employees own up to their performance records and figures from every aspect. They do not hold anyone else responsible for their success and failure. The justification is clear and transparent, building better authentic individuals every day.

Automate core recruitment and hiring steps

Sourcing the right talent is necessary for hiring managers from appropriate channels and portals. These steps become tedious over time when sourcing talent is repetitive and constant for largely growing companies. 

HR managers no longer have time to follow up with their potential hires actively. But they can’t afford to lose the talent either. 

That’s when an automated recruitment engine works its magic. Also, it’s one of the core advantages of HR digitisation today when using the uKnowva system and solutions. With its features in the recruitment engine, HR teams roll out automated and predefined offer letters in bulk. 

They have a real-time applicant tracking system to know if candidates are done filling the applications. If not, automated reminders are sent to those, and evaluation runs to check who is most interested and job fit. 

These processes, including shortlisting CVs based on triggered questions, answers, phrases, and words, enable HRs to recruit only the best. 

Empower employees to engage on the intranet consistently

Consistent engagement leads to purposefully completing more projects on time. An efficient team needs that as its strength. It is possible in the era of HR digitisation with the empowerment of employees to engage without hesitation on the intranet. 

They need to be heard, respected, and nurtured when working for an organisation and stay motivated to achieve tougher goals. The uKnowva intranet is enabled with limitless features, upgraded, and reinvented concurrent with the HR trends. 

This is benefitting for employees to talk their issues out on the platform. Reporting managers, on the other hand, better boost their team’s confidence to initiate conversations there. 

Overall, consistently approaching intranet system solutions help employees be authentic, more engaged, and more involved. They are no longer just information silos. Rather, they build trustable workforce empires virtually for tackling business complexities effectively. 


Digital HR transformation in 2024 is becoming the most talked-about change of today’s time. Organisations are becoming more future-ready to incorporate the uKnowva HRMS and intranet solutions.

Check if your firm is ready too by consulting us about the approach defined above. 

For that, contact us here

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