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HR roles and duties are changing daily with digital transformation and its avenues opening up new opportunities to manage a workforce. The strategic development reinforces the HR process and its maturity. 

For the same reason, HR digital transformation is bringing new development to business organisations every day. HR persons no longer just hire or fire employees who do not fit into the company. 

They are becoming a strategic partner for a robust alliance with the CEO or founding members. However, it pays off for a new HR to know the radical benefits of HR digital transformation. 

Read them as you get your hands on the latest HRMS tools like uKnowva for added advantages like never before.


9 Top-Class Benefits of HR Digital Transformation To Take Note Of:

1. Highly retain your top performers.

One of the topmost advantages of HR digitisation is to retain your high-scoring employees.

Do that by checking/auditing their reports on time without hovering over their workstations. You don’t need to talk to them every hour for work reports. 

They can enter their To-Do list on the uKnowva PMS software for reporting managers to check and audit.

Later, they use this data to reward and recognise sincere employees on time. That’s one sharp way to promise them the value they deserve in the firm.

2. Better alignment of choices and goals.

HR digital transformation brings more clarity to goals and their accomplishment. Employees can check their KPIs and their weights on the system. It could be on any day. So, the risk of ambiguity or non-clarity is eliminated between teams. 

For example, 

They connect on the chat process or messenger for quick conversations. That is also applicable to remote employees. Thus, there is no acceptance of any excuse for not understanding the importance of common goals. 

With that in practice, every conversation is purposeful and bound to be goal-oriented.

3. Accurate decision-making strategies.

The talent management process is never easy in today’s time. 

The uKnowva recruitment engine and performance management system are manageable to greater levels. HR managers now know if they are hiring, recruiting, or staffing right. They check their hired talent’s scorecards any time using these tools. 

Thus, most of their daily decision-making skills and strategies are becoming more accurate. 

It means they get to work with more trusted and reliable change-makers in the organisation to push forward the company’s strategic benchmarks.

Which is effective in its entirety because without the right people, it’s hard for any organisation to sustain and operate profitably.

4. Employees matter and so does their contribution.

HR digital transformation is reshaping and sharpening company culture beyond standard imaginations.

HR persons are not considering people as mere company assets. People analytics and operations departments are actually, for once, focusing on the “human” factor. 

That means there is more focus on knowing the whys and hows of their talent’s behaviour. Then, HR people reward and recognise talented employees’ contributions on time. This is a practice that even co-founders follow to boost confidence in their employees. 

Employees ' satisfaction levels are higher when they work for a better future in their organisation. They want to achieve more if they are rightly rewarded for their efforts – on time!

5. Greater automation of boring yet meaningful tasks.

Not every task can be carried out simultaneously by HR persons. But every task has a weightage when working in the company. Thus, HR digitisation helps automate tasks that matter, even if these are time-consuming or too boring to execute without flaws. 

With that assistance from the uKnowva HRMS, HR managers can focus on more critical employee management/development tasks. The tool ends up saving 1000+ hours for HR teams every year or quarter, depending on the number of members in a team. 

It is a cost-effective and pocket-saving avenue to consider when implanting the digital transformation of people management at your firm.

6. Lesser micromanagement of sincere employees.

The modern talent management process does not require you to sit over your employee’s head, figuratively. Trust your employees for them to work effectively and better than their expectations. Build a rapport with your fellow teammates. 

That’s the perk global HR digital transformation brings forward. HR executives or even team leaders mustn’t indulge in micromanagement anymore. They have the PMS or performance management system. 

They can audit or overview their staff’s performance from there. Accordingly, they participate in strategic decisions based on the data collected there. They no longer have to disrupt or intervene in their employees’ workflow.

7. Centralised HR helpdesk to solve queries at rocket speed.

Employees work without ill at ease when there is a centralised HR help desk in the system. They reach out to concerned HR people to solve their HR-related issues. The response time on the system is fast. 

Admins can also use automated chatbots and fill them up with NLP algorithms and language processing skills. This way, without the active participation of HR persons, employees’ queries still get resolved on time. 

That’s one of the most reliable and enthusiastic perks of HR digital transformation. That’s because now HRs hire employees from any corner of the world and life. Employees need assistance, especially when they are new to the company. 

Not every HR person or personnel is free at that moment. But workflow must not be delayed. Automated help desks and chatbots solve that problem. Admins and software developers feed the chatbot with the most common FAQs and their responses. 

This practice also increases employee engagement with the tool.

8. Empower employees to interact with purpose. 

To date, the best add-on of HR digitisation is letting employees chat, talk, or come forward with new ideas, suggestions, or POVs. With that, each employee knows they’re heard at any given time. 

This practice increases their self-esteem and confidence. They know how to value an organisation’s time and efforts. Thus, they indulge in giving out better ideas and workable solutions to complex business problems. 

They experience an unexpected surge of engagement with their job roles as well. 

It is most likely to happen when they work from offshore locations but interact with teammates having an utterly different experience. 

Sometimes, such interactions bring culture shocks to people. Overall, experience is overwhelming but needed for a diversified workplace environment and to open their mindsets. 

9. Use analytics to supervise employee well-being. 

Another important benefit of HR digital transformation is people analytics. It helps HR persons keep a watchful eye on their staff’s well-being. It’s becoming the need of the hour for multiple reasons, pandemic and lockdown scenarios being the primary. 

Next, when employees are working alone, they should not turn into information silos. Rather, they must be happy and joyful to turn up to work.

For that, HRs have to keep an eye on it. Without their proactive take on their people’s well-being, it’s impossible to nurture them accurately. 

The uKnowva HRMS helps access analytics to verify if the talent working for you is happy at this moment.


Watch over the benefits of modern HR digital transformation listed above. These could be similar to your organisation’s culture if you implant uKnowva HRMS solutions from today. 

Your HR persons start to save at least 100-1000 working hours every year. That’s what a firm needs to create a major impact in the market to hire and nurture right.

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