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Initially, it’s been difficult to streamline and automate the talent management process with HR digital transformation. The entire agenda of talent management in a rapidly changing world wasn’t always easy to understand. 

It’s now more manageable with the uKnowva HRMS tool and other smart solutions. You can profoundly reemphasise digitally transforming talent management skills and processes. 

These radical changes allow for companies to work with more efficient and effective talent in the long run. With this type of HR digitisation, HRs are now more focused on improving their existing talent’s journey and giving them opportunities to excel. 

Such strategies improve retention, reputation, and revenues for the businesses and their units. 

Talent Management Process

How HR Digital Transformation Has Shaped Talent Management Process:

Predictions and prognosis of talent gaps:

Use automated smart tools like uKnowva HRMS to predict and diagnose the current talent situation in the organisation. The backend data churn and gives an estimate of the talent, skills, and man-hours required for completing a project for better profits and revenues.

It highlights the accurate talent gap based on impending projects, tasks, and key objectives for smooth business operations. With predictive analysis, HR digital transformation is easier. 

The tool tells you about the possible attrition rates in advance. With that knowledge, CHROs and their teams prepare well as and when the situation occurs. They ensure they have enough backup or better retention plans to retain their extraordinary employees. 

Sourcing new talent vs. developing the existing one:

There has to be a conscious decision by HRs and their teams. Either they look out for new talent or develop the current one. They must talk to the hiring managers and functional heads to get the budgets. 

Later, they enter the same in the tools which improve the entire talent management process experience. That is because integration with multiple job portals and engines is smooth and fault-free there. 

So, it’s easy for HR teams to decide whether they want to source new talent online or go with the existing one. Also, they get recommendations for the same on the tool after studying the entire employee data registered already in the network.

Recruiting only the best with automation:

The smart recruitment engine and tools provide ample automation features to recruit and manage the best talent. Features like publishing job vacancies in the network and outside the system are embedded in the tool. 

This way, employees get notifications on time. They can apply to make an internal switch for better promotion and appraisal opportunities. Otherwise, they can refer someone to join the firm and earn automatically from referrals.

Similarly, HR teams can automate the talent management process further by screening and parsing CVs rapidly. The virtual assistant shortlists candidates based on triggered keywords, phrases, and responses. 

HR teams later send bulk offer letters and save the template to initiate the next hiring and sourcing process smoothly. It saves at least hundreds of hours every quarter for young and professional HR teams. 

That’s just one of the other prominent ways HR digital transformation reshapes various steps in managing and developing talent.

Following digitally transforming engagement strategies:

Once talented people are hired and oriented to the system and company culture, engagement strategies have to come into place. They need to belong to the culture, teams, and their job roles. 

To initiate the same without hiccups, uKnowva HRMS is there to help. It has multiple employee collaboration tools and features. It makes the entirely new and existing employee journey easy to monitor, handle, and configure. 

Employees interact with one another without flaws and lags on the system. They access the same even when they’re in the field.

 Additionally, employees participate in team-building as a core part of the HR digitisation of talent management, development, and engagement. These activities can include but are not limited to polls, surveys, notice boards, and uploading their pictures/posts/videos.

On-time appraisals for everyone:

The modern and digitalised HRMS allows HR teams to note performance records. They audit and study these employee records to appraise them on time. For that purpose, they even ask for every approver, reviewer, and contributor/team member to review each other. 

This is a forward-looking approach, often accepted by everyone, as they start reviewing every team member after each project. There is no need to wait all year to review a single candidate or employee for every project they participated in.

That would have been too tedious, lengthy, time-consuming, and not at all automated. Now, the smart uKnowva performance appraisal system sends automated reminders. 

Those are for particular team members assigned to a project together. Not everyone will be spammed to review a single person.

However, it’s up to admins to change the system settings. But with on-time appraisals and reviews, employees feel more charged up. They know that their work is immediately evaluated after every project. It keeps their talent more chiselled and sharpened. 

They will know what weaknesses to overcome next and how to utilise their strengths for better outcomes. In fact, exceptional employees can be rewarded and appraised in front of the system. 

That’s one of the advantages and by-products of the HR digital transformation in the talent management steps. 

Plan for a continuous loop of talent development:

Companies and their HR teams now plan for a continuous talent development and management cycle. With this cycle in place, automation of the reward system, appraisals, and setting up important goals and KPIs can be done effectively. 

HR executives and reporting managers set goals and KPIs 3-6 months in advance for their teams. It saves time and total effort. But that’s up to teams to implement as setting long-term goals would initiate more retention and require increased rapport and trust. 

However, that’s just one of the many advancements in HR digitisation. Admins and HR executives are free to experiment with the talent loops and cycles they want to establish. It will work best for employees who are extremely well and fit for the job. 


HR digital transformation is reshaping every single talent management step. Employees are more aware of how they bring more value to their JDs. 

On the other hand, HR executives have to exercise being more proactive and help their dedicated workers engage with purpose. 

With these roles playing out in harmony, companies grow steadily, even changes occur bearing unfavourable situations.

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