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Employees want to manage their work/life balance better than before in 2022. It puts the onus on hiring managers in return. They have to manage changing HR trends already. 

The burden of tracking important HR hurdles and solving them before things are out of hand is too much at times. However, the ability to remain calm in a dynamically changing HR world is one of the specialities of a human resource manager. 

Therefore, the importance of HR becomes more apparent when we acknowledge our HR person's shortcomings. Then, as a team, we rectify it. This gives employees hope for change to improve working conditions in a firm. 

If you’re one such HR person unable to handle the pressure of the unknown HR hurdles, this blog will enrich your knowledge. 



5 Important HR Hurdles We Should Address In 2023:

1. Need for more inclusion and diversity.

The first among the many HR challenges discussed in this article is for HRs to prioritise DEIB-oriented company culture. It’s a justified point according to previous year’s Gartner study

It clarifies that 35% of HR people would need to incorporate more DEIB-friendly activities and policies in the years ahead. 

This will impact HRs roles and responsibilities drastically. But, first, they need to install and configure better systems that do not ever hurt any person’s or community’s sentimental or ethical values. 

Bringing these changes inside and immediately outside the environment of a firm takes time. It could be months or years. So, there would be a constant need of spreading awareness about DEIB-oriented company culture.

Some employees might not even be aware of this type of work environment. While employees belonging to indigenous and minority communities understand its value to the par. 

2. Hiring for the best talent could be from anywhere. 

Companies have to introduce a hybrid working system like a trustable HRMS tool. Using this, they can automate and streamline their pre-boarding and onboarding activities. 

This can include:

  • Automated reminders to candidates.
  • Leaving notes in the system about the right or wrong hires.
  • Ensuring the candidate follows through with the entire hiring process.
  • Checking analytics to know the insightful reports about the efficiency of hiring sources. 

These steps signify that the role of HR is changing for the good. But HRs need to be proactive and knowledgeable enough to use HRMS. 

Because now, the right talent for their company culture could be literally anywhere in the country. With HRMS they have provision for remote employees. However, managing remote employees has its own pros and cons. 

Not every company might be comfortable with those cons when working with freelancers, contractual labour, and/or remote workers. But that decision would cost HR their right employees at a justifiable cost. 

That is why it’s under the top 5 important HR hurdles HR should meet and address in 2023. Going forward, the hiring trend could be simply from LinkedIn chats or posts. Otherwise, it could happen over a chat box too. 

What matters is how efficient employers accept non-conventional ways of hiring the right employees without considering geographical boundaries. 

3. Building a culture of change management is critical now.

COVID-19 and Russia vs Ukraine war have taught companies that anything could happen anytime in the hyperconnected but overly sensitive world. Their managers, workers, or management/leaders must love, adapt to, and accept industrial changes. 

However, while studying the important HR hurdles of 2023, it’s evident that not everyone desires change. That is prominent when employees demand stability and value in their workplaces – now more than ever. 

Simultaneously, companies have to be adaptable to frequent changes. It includes equal acceptance and participation from existing employees. 

But change can occur in any department and standard operating system. This could make new employees more resistant to change compared to the top performers. The core reason for this resistance could be the comfort zone they work in. 

In this case, HR management must prepare to onboard new, easy-to-use and -train systems. 

HR professionals must teach their employees the pros and cons of change management. They must make their employees anticipate change which is good for the company and everyone’s growth. 

Otherwise, companies sustain with difficulty in the competitive markets without bringing necessary changes in the systems and SOPs. 

4. Encouraging and inviting active employee engagement.

This is the role of HR that emerged before pre-pandemic. However, understanding it can be difficult for traditionally operating companies. That’s why it’s one of the important HR hurdles to research. 

Employee engagement relates to employees bringing forward their constructive opinions to the management.

Then, it shows how actively they contribute to the company and its management decisions. Their contribution levels on Social Intranet offered by uKnowva depicts a positive attitude. 

Otherwise, disengaged employees do not engage on these platforms often. Then, it is harder for the HR person to discern the correct employee mindset and behaviour. That is why HR professionals must encourage their employees to share and contribute. 

With a culture where workers are satisfied and put out their opinions, the company grows organically. There are more chances of employees becoming loyalists and evangelists to draw productivity and profits. 

That is possible because engaged employees comprehensively understand the company’s vision and mission. 

They know what type of goals to set and how to bring predefined changes in the systems. Also, there is clarity in communication between teams when employees learn to engage on HRMS platforms on time. 

5. Provide remarkable and memorable employee experiences.

Another one of the important HR hurdles faced by growing companies is to create a welcoming employee experience. Unfortunately, most HRs have little or less idea about the definition of employee experience. 

So, you must have clarity on what EE means for a company. It is how employees perceive your brand from the first day of contact to their last in the organisation. 

If employees fail to have an outstanding experience in a company, it’s one of the HR challenges companies must address immediately. Because with a memorable employee experience, a company’s internal and external branding improves. 

More hires will be willing to work for your company at the quoted cost if it’s known for an excellent experience. Otherwise, employees reduce their tenure in a company which fails to understand their needs and expectations on time. 


Important HR hurdles will keep growing. There are more than five at the moment in different industries. But the ones stated above are the most common, emerging, and mostly overlooked HR challenges. 

However, companies can overcome these hurdles by opting for and implementing uKnowva 360-degree solutions.

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