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uKnowva’s Social Intranet

There are two things that are critical to our productivity as we move deeper into this digital age: Ability to communicate and access information as quickly and painlessly as feasible, and engage with peers on topics other than work.

Intranets, thankfully, are still alive and well. An intranet is a company's internet gateway, including all of the information that keeps a business functioning.

Users return to a successful intranet to keep on top of what they're working on and more. Intranets are sometimes forgotten since they aren't established in a company's operations or culture. Employees either aren't aware that their intranet exists, don't know how to utilise it, or don't have a compelling motive to do so.

Benefits of uKnowa Social Intranet are multiple as it is highly accessible using mobile and desktop, allowing workers to access all resources from a single dashboard.

To deliver the maximum value to your firm, uKnowva also has an integrated Artificial Intelligence into your custom social intranet platform where employee portals can leverage this advanced feature to deliver a customised user experience based on common behaviours and department goals.

These personalised social intranet bring your workforce, with a common communication hub that boosts employee engagement and motivation across the board. Employees have greater access to learning and knowledge, allowing them to participate in new ideas and crowdsourcing information. 


Benefits of uKnowva Social Intranet To Ace The Competition:

1. Easily share information with the whole company.

Email is the most common technique of conveying essential corporate information in most businesses. Did you know, though, that the average employee checks their email 36 times every day? Sharing information where your workers currently work saves time and reduces context switching. For company-wide announcements, It's more convenient to have a company's intranet.

Everyone gets access to the posts that are being shared, the conversations that are taking place (no more FOMO), the teams engaged, and anything else that is trending in the organisation on your uKnowva intranet.

Your team will have more opportunities to respond if you share information via internal blog posts.

Instead of one-way communication from one person to the rest of the firm, anybody may use likes, emojis, and comments available on the uKnowva social intranet facility to express themselves. You're establishing the principles of open communication and trust among employees by creating a space for them to talk with one another.

This way of sharing on an open platform also encourages conversation and assists in identifying specialists within the firm who are willing to share their perspectives and skills.

2. Make it easy to discover information.

Your firm, no matter where you work, has a lot of data to store. The majority of the time, knowledge is saved across various platforms such as email, Word documents, Google Drive, and other similar services, making it difficult to locate information.

Instead, use benefits of uKnowva Social Intranet concerning it as a single one-stop shop for all information. Then your staff will have a simpler time finding what they need. uKnowva provides an intranet that has robust search capabilities so that teams can find relevant content fast.

Blog entries, documentation, and business polls are all examples of knowledge kept on an intranet.

The tribal knowledge accumulated by everyone in the organisation is one of the most significant advantages of having a single source for this information.

This may provide your organisation a significant competitive advantage by lowering the time it takes to onboard new workers, maintaining the expertise of those who have left the company, and making it all available to existing employees.

Knowing that all of the information an employee could want is reliable and easily available allows them to work more quickly and with greater confidence in the job they create. This will have an impact on how you treat your consumers and how they perceive your company.

3. Enhance communication and feedback.

Pulling workers into your intranet is the greatest method to persuade them to use it. When people are drawn to their co-workers or their work, they will naturally employ a tool.

Many intranets include social features like @mentions, comments, quick document sharing, and alerts. Using mentions and comments allows you to pull in the relevant individuals at the right moment to help with tasks, while also keeping all feedback and contributions contextual.

A uKnowva intranet allows for real-time page modification with coworkers as well as task assignments with due dates and it promotes cooperation as all information is available to involved stakeholders and changes are in real-time and there is only a single spot to collect input and collaborate with your team.

4. Create a culture of transparent communication.

You need to establish an environment where your workers can feel comfortable sharing their ideas and opinions if you want to bring out the best in them.

Did you know that 87% of individuals prefer to work for a firm that is open and honest? I'm sure you've figured out that from given benefits of uKnowva Social Intranet that it help yous do precisely that.

Our corporate culture, which is based on the values of openness and transparency, is one of our most valuable assets at uKnowva and we believe that a social intranet is integral to a company and to how you choose to collaborate with one another.

End Note:


Anything shared within the firm may be contributed to, liked, and commented on by anybody, providing for openness between executives and all workers and when teammates feel free to be themselves at work, they form better bonds with their coworkers.

This leads to a better knowledge of one another, increased trust, and eventually the ability for each member to fully offer their worth to the team, resulting in higher job satisfaction and better work life!


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