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A giant surge in demand has risen for the era of biometric devices as digital HR transformation is taking place. Biometrics need technology that is accessible from digital and physical locations. When integrated with smart HRMS software, the biometric devices decrease the dependency on the other person to record the attendance. 

Biometric devices are more advantageous than conventional security methods and are not easily compromised through collusion or theft. Let’s explore the blog further to learn more about these devices.

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What is Meant by the Era of Biometric Devices?

Biometric devices involve the tech of uniquely identifying an individual through their physical, behavioural, and virtual characteristics. They are widely used for security purposes. 

As organisations are growing vastly and need a strong network to maintain their data, biometrics along with HRMS software is widely used. 

It uses automated techniques which reduce human intervention to the minimum. It can be used in various forms, such as face recognition, fingerprints, voice, and digital location markers for remote workers. The advancement in devices and technology is called the era of biometric devices.

Pros of the Era of Biometric Devices

Biometric devices have both pros and cons. The benefits are noteworthy and tangible without a second thought, which is why millions of organisations are using them all over the world. 

The reason why they are considered better than other devices are:

  • No area of failure
  • Better than passwords
  • Better return on investment (ROI)
  • Highly scalable
  • Don’t need to remember long security passwords

Cons of the Era of Biometric Devices

As digital HR transformation is rapidly in demand, organisations are opting for more virtual and physical biometric devices. Keep in mind the disadvantages of it as well. Though the disadvantage is not so wide, you can easily overcome them with smarter integration, like with virtual biometric systems with uKnowva HRMS, a complete HR software in India. 

Some of the ones are listed below:

  • Complex system
  • Scanning error
  • Physical incapacity
  • Environment settings

Future of the Era of Biometric Devices

In the present world and in the upcoming future biometric attendance devices will become an integral part of our lives. With the rate at which remote working is increasing, the time is reaching us soon. It is an easier, more secure, and faster way of accessing resources from anywhere in India. 

It almost eliminates the risk of fraudulent identities and theft. There is still development going on to make this device more secure to use and innovative for the future.

Presently we are using biometrics in our phones, doors as fingerprint and face recognition systems for opening other smart devices. 

Organisations are using physical and virtual biometric attendance devices to take attendance of their employees. Soon, we will see biometric devices engaging heartbeat patterns and DNA signature readings to make them more advanced in the HRMS software world.

Application of Era of Biometric Devices 

Biometrics has covered a wide area, but some of the major and innovative applications that are currently making strides are listed below. Let’s take a brief look ahead.

Biometric and Cryptocurrency: By introducing biometrics in cryptocurrency, we are making it accessible to more individuals. Soon, a fully automated and remote onboarding process will be seen for crypto platforms. 

Biometrics at airports: For a seamless and contactless boarding of passengers, biometrics are of great help. Shortly, we will see face recognition boarding to match faces to e-passports. 

Staffless stores: The customers will be connected to the stores via smartphone applications that identify the item purchased. The items get identified by a real-time monitoring system, and finally, the payment will be auto-debited from the customer’s account. 


The advancement and innovation of biometrics will continue to bring a whole new era of biometric devices with face recognition, fingerprints, virtual log and log out using geo-fencing and geo-tagging features. This advancement goes well with uKnowva’s HRMS, which makes the attendance system easier and hassle-free.

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What are the major types of biometric devices?

There are various types of biometric devices which you can explore in the market. The use of a particular one depends on the needs of the user. Mainly fingerprint, iris, face, ear, voice, and even gait biometrics are used for access control environments. 

How does uKnowva HRMS make use of biometric devices?

uKnowva HRMS uses a virtual biometrics system to record the attendance of employees. However, it can easily connect and sync with the physical biometrics available at workplaces. It makes the attendance-taking procedure easy for HR and employees. It maintains the daily record and helps HR go paperless with an attendance track record. 

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