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Effective onboarding is a challenging task for any HR professional. New hires do not often get the proper training and network that they need to become productive employees. To solve the problem as per the latest guide for HR leaders, companies are now switching to smart HRMS software in India. 

It is the need of the hour as under utilised or erroneous employee onboarding results in productivity loss, heightens employee turnover, and negatively impacts the image of the company. The HRMS helps HRs in effective onboarding so that they can be successful in hiring top talent to the organisation. It will increase performance and bring more engagement to the work culture.

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What is an effective onboarding process guide for HR leaders?

An effective onboarding process refers to the digitalised and automated series of orientation activities for welcoming a new hire into their workplace through an intelligent employee onboarding software. This process involves a range of activities that start from the employee's first day on the job and continue for several months thereafter. 

The main goal of an effective onboarding process is to help the new employee acclimate to the company culture, values, and expectations. 

Some activities in the onboarding process include providing the employee with:

  • An orientation about the company policies, procedures, and benefits, 
  • Introducing them to their colleagues, 
  • Setting performance expectations, and 
  • Providing them with any necessary training. 

By having a well-structured and comprehensive onboarding process, organisations can help new employees feel welcomed and accepted. It leads to better job satisfaction, performance, and retention.

5 Effective Onboarding Methods

Below are 5 critical factors to incorporate into an HRMS onboarding process to make it effective for new hires. These factors also ensure HRs talent acquisition and management ratio success with HRMS.

  1. Onboarding must be paperless 

To make your onboarding process seamless and paperless you have to use onboarding software or a unified HR management solution to speed up your process.

The HR onboarding system must take a fresh approach to onboarding to make it flexible and easy to use.

The paperless onboarding process helps in improving employee engagement, ensures faster compliance turnaround. 

  1. Must be mobile friendly

Today’s employees want everything on their phone, so how about taking your onboarding process through mobile phones? The advantages of it are numerous like it can eliminate the restrictions of location and time, introduce diversity and inclusion in your workplace as employees from all over the world can apply for the job position.

HRs also have the freedom to take interviews at different time spans and don’t have to invest much time. It offers your employees the flexibility and the freedom that they want in their work from day one.

With uKnowva’s easily accessible and user-friendly software, employees can complete their essential tasks, even before they begin their first day at the office.

  1. Regular feedback

It is very well known that a regular feedback process improves the onboarding processes.

You can have a regular ‘check-in’ with the new hires and ask about their onboarding experience.

This feedback helps you to keep yourself updated. Employees also feel safe and less burdensome with the regular feedback they provide and see the management acting upon those viewpoints without delays.

With the onboarding software, you can have surveys to get honest feedback anonymously.

When the staff sees changes in the process, they will get to know that their feedback was taken care of and they are part of necessary cultural changes at the workplace.

It helps to improve your relationships with new and existing hires, thereby helping you to retain your loyal employees.

  1. Automates tedious tasks

It must communicate and work together to give a seamless experience to employees and employers from end to end.

With the advancement in HR technology, onboarding software needs to automate tedious tasks for HR professionals.

It must provide benefits like setting up timelines for scheduled meetings.

They must also track the progress highlighted in the back end of the HR analytics for hiring the right talent on time.

 When the software automates mundane follow-up tasks, it leaves more room for HR leaders to act as strategic partners to the CEO.

  1. New hires must feel more connected

The social intranet offered by HRMS is a great way to supplement onboarding activities for hiring candidates across global teams and organisations. Mostly, lack of communication becomes a reason for leaving a company. It helps to make a good relationship among peers by announcing a new hire and making an introduction to people in a similar role across the organisation. It also gives insights about the company to the new employee so they can get fit in the company sooner. The introductory meeting and brainstorming sessions on product issues and knowledge sharing connect the new employee more strongly to the organisation.


The above-discussed practices ensure that your onboarding process becomes effective with our recruitment & onboarding HRMS software. This software also helps in retaining loyal and talented employees who eventually prove an asset to your company and onboard new talent that give a new direction to the company.

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Q: What are some best practices for the onboarding process?

Best practices for the onboarding process include encouraging HRs who take ownership of employee experience. They articulate excitement to have the new employee on their team and provide diverse opportunities to build strong relationships with new employees.

How uKnowva helps in making employee onboarding effective?

By using uKnowva HRMS, the journey of onboarding employees becomes easy and effective as an employee gets a unified platform for all their doubts as the platform is easy to access, and they don’t need to wait for HRs response for every small thing or task.

How long does the onboarding process take?

Usually the onboarding process takes months if done manually. The whole process from posting the job opening to hiring and reviewing the desired candidate can be performed in days or minutes by using smart HRMS.

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