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The market of HR technology is changing widely. HR professionals are the torchbearers to change for complete digital HR transformation amidst the HR tech revolution era. The future of the company depends on the capabilities of HR to take the growth ahead. So make sure that your HR team is well satisfied with your adoption of technologies. Otherwise, a company has to set a program in place for HR skills to optimise and utilise. We cannot expect HR professionals to drive the change the industry demands without providing the frontliners with the right tools and mediums. 

From the hire to retire process of an employee, the company relies on the HR department and their leaders. So, to reduce the workload of an HR professional, we bring you intelligent, easy-to-use, and cost effective HRMS software, uKnowva. Our human resource management software helps HR in their skills so well that they can focus on different things and take the reputation of the company to the next level. Know about these HR skills in detail below. 

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9 Top HR Skills Optimise with HRMS 

The listicle below highlights some of the top HR skills incorporated by HR professionals, optimised with the use of uKnowva HRMS. HR now also plays a crucial role in monitoring each one of them individually.

  1. Payroll administration

The toughest and most time-consuming task for an HR has payroll administration skills to take care of all the movement of money in the company. This quality is most desirable in HR professionals. HRMS software takes care of all the calculations and reduces the time spent on them. It automates the process that calculates employee regularity, days off, and gives them the automated generated payslip. HR has to deal with all the doubts and queries if an employee has any, but the software leaves no space for error in any way.

  1. Recruitment and onboarding

HR is the one who is responsible for providing the best hire to retire journey to an employee. Without the complete HR software, the manual work is overburdening. It becomes impossible to handle a large number of documents for HR leaders. 

The process of searching for an ideal resume and taking the interview is a never-ending process. 

Human resource management software makes the life of HR easier. Firstly, it reduces the usage of paper, and with its AI technology, it has many filters to select the ideal resumes so that HR has to deal with a handful of candidates, which saves their time.

  1. Employee engagement

Employee engagement is a must for any company. And our HR management software helps to increase this engagement in various ways. It provides a dashboard where the hardworking employees get appreciated, which motivates other employees. Complete HR software helps HRs to plan different activities, to-do lists, and events so that employees can interact with each other and create a good work culture as it directly affects their work. The more engagement between employees, the better the results, which help in the enhancement of workplace productivity.

  1. Managing priorities

The HRMS software we provide helps HR professionals to plan out their work according to their priorities. The dashboard of every employee has a column of ‘to do’ in which they can fill their everyday goals. Now HRs have much time to look into the company. They can help employees or ask departmental managers to help employees in setting their tasks. In this way, the software helps the company in any late submission or missing important projects.

  1. Confidentiality

Protecting the sensitive and personal information of the company is essential for maintaining the image of the company in the market. All the responsibility for protecting the data comes under the HR department. It raises the demand for HRMS also as protecting so much data manually is more difficult. 

The HRMS helps to update and store the data and makes it easy to search and insert the data in the files. As the software is cloud-based, there is no scope for losing data, and access is given to the main authorities only to keep it confidential.

  1. Teamwork

To maintain a good work culture and the best results, teamwork is needed. With HR management software, HR has ample time to refine the culture and help employees. So, they collaborate with employees for particular projects, which makes the bonding stronger, and the employees get a chance to know their skills and expertise.

It makes communication better and management easy. It helps to motivate employees and maintain their work so that no one suffers because of them.

  1. Communication

HRMS software comes with an inbuilt feature of social intranet which is like any other social platform that helps employees to communicate with each other. It helps HR to look into their emails and messages during their important work. It unites all the managers and employees on the platform, where official announcements and personal chats can happen easily, and no one has to use different modes to talk to one another. It is very beneficial for remote workers as it unites them with the office culture and what is happening in the office. HR skills to hone here include how HR professionals can be better communicators and persuaders. They can form better working relationships with their peers, lead them to a defined path, and motivate them equally to complete work on time. 

  1. Adaptability

Mostly HR gets the stress out in unpredictable situations. Our HRMS helps to deal with such a situation as it alarms them about it in advance. These situations include employee quitting, the introduction of new technology, and management changes. 

The software analyses the employee activity in various ways and gives a hint to HR that an employee can quit the company soon. So, one of the HR skills here to focus on is change management and adaptability to change. HR professionals are ready for the change, and they know how to tackle it effortlessly when they can predict employee attrition, engagement, loyalty, ambassadorship, punctuality, and loads of other factors that shape the company culture and trajectory ahead of time. 

  1. Time management

Time management gets mostly affected by the attendance of the employees. This software has an attendance management program that helps HR professionals to automate the attendance procedure and balance the leave management so that HR can focus on work productivity, employee retention, and turnover rate. 

The log-in and log-out of individual employees get automatically saved in the system once the employee starts and closes their work. The process of approval of leave and seeing the available leaves also becomes easy as it gets displayed on the side panel of the software, which is easy to apply and see. It gives flexibility to remote workers so that they can do their work from home or anywhere and anytime.


Now you have a concise look at the 9 most demanded HR skills that get an upgrade with the use of uKnowva HRMS. The different features like eLMS, attendance and leave management, and many more offered by the software help to make the performance of your company stand out from the market.

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What are the top HR skills to digitise today?

Top HR skills to pay attention to today include change management, conflict management, time management, AI and ML knowledge, bringing back empathy factors into the HRD, relationship management, etc. 

Why do HR professionals need to skill up?

HR professionals deal with the management and the employees every day. They are the bridge between the two opposite or extremes of an organisation. They need to constantly skill up to know how to drive the necessary changes before the deadline.

Can HR managers and their employees skill up together?

Yes, they can. uKnowva HRMS software provides eLMS functions. It is available for all users to learn new skills, chapters, or courses together. 

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