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Initially, HR was thought to just be an administrative role. No one could have seen the growth and influence HR would gain over the last two decades. Now, you cannot see a thriving organisation without an HR department. A successful HR is concurrent to a successful workforce. HR has become revolutionary to the point they don’t just handle the paperwork and enforce protocol. 

Today HRs are also seen as strategic business partners who play an important role in letting the workforce achieve their challenging goals. With many changes in today’s business world, HRs must be ever dynamic and ready to handle challenges and prepare the company. 

Hence, there are HR soft skills that every HR team should have to help businesses grow and improve. uKnowva enables HR teams to focus on more important and pressing matters at the workspace by automating core HR tasks. Instead of handling time-consuming and repetitive tasks, HRs now focus on the business front of the organisation by putting their energy into the workforce. 

But you can read more about the crucial HR skills relevant to these teams in 2022 and beyond. Also, check how uKnowva is enabling teams to become future-proof by providing them with the right tools for building those skills fluently.  

HR Generalists


5 Soft Skills For HR Generalists to Work On

Positive reinforcement and encouragement among teams

Everyone needs an encouraging factor to help push people towards their goals, and HRs can be that for their company. Positive reinforcement has proven to work a lot better than negative reinforcement. Encouragement is a soft skill that can promote positivity and enhanced work culture among employees. 

With an encouraging factor in the workplace, employees have a space to improve themselves. Being encouraging is not an easy skill to pick up on, but it’s important. HRs must pay attention to their workforce and engage in conversation with them. 

At times, low performers need a little bit of a push. Knowing that their HR still wants to work on them with encouragement can boost their performance and quality of work. uKnowva HRMS helps teams encourage each other over its Social Intranet platform without much to-and-fro.


HR manager skills in 2022 include working in tandem with all employees. It is unavoidable to work without collaboration in an organisation. At times, egos can clash, and there might be bitterness between employees while working with each other.  

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Competitiveness is good in a company but becomes negative if it blossoms into something unhealthy. Companies need a workforce that works with each other and does not fight one another because everyone is on the same team at the end of the day. 

An important quality among the top-class HR soft skills includes building a collaborative spirit. Part of this may entail organising conversations and team bonding exercising. An HR that gets everyone to work together despite their differences is successful. uKnowva helps HRs never miss an update with constant messaging and live notifications. 

Conflict management

As mentioned above, there will be conflicts when people work with each other. Factors like creative differences, competitiveness, and egos can cause conflict. It is up to the HRs that conflict does not disrupt the workflow.  

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Mediating high-tension situations can be difficult, but it’s an important soft skill to ensure organisational success. Conflict can be resolved by monitoring the situation and communicating expectations. Disagreements happen all the time, but manoeuvring around them to ensure that productivity isn’t compromised is a vital skill every HR should possess. 

If there are complaints in the workplace, HRs can utilise uKnowva’s complaint redressal feature so that conflicts can be fixed without waiting time or energy.  

Proactiveness in handling Quiet Quitters and disengaged employees

There are two types of HRs and teams in the world. The first is a non-impressionable HR who only does simple procedures and paperwork. They don’t go out of their way for the employees and are only around when an issue is to be solved. Nothing wrong with being this kind of HR who follows being a Quiet Quitter. But with the fast-paced world, businesses need proactive HRs. 

HR manager skills in 2022 include being in the loop with their employees, and that’s only possible by keeping in touch with them. This can mean regularly checking in on them, listening to their professional issues, and providing for all their requirements in the workplace. 

Sometimes it can be difficult to keep in touch with everyone in the workplace because of the sheer volume of employees. With uKnowva, staying in constant touch with your employees is better, more fruitful, and more purposeful. With easy accessibility and flexible communication with everyone, HRs can now function faster and proactively. It helps them improve their internal communication and relations with teams across business divisions. 

Set examples as leaders for the teams

It’s hard to manage a workforce without setting examples as leaders. HR individuals are ultimately leaders and should be held to a higher standard of professionalism. 

This means being punctual, following procedures, and so on. uKnowva features an attendance and time management system so that HRs handle their workforce and, ultimately, themselves without any extra effort.  


Organisations now notice that being an HR is not just handling administrative tasks; there is so much more that goes into it. uKnowva’s HRMS gives enough flexibility for developing these HR soft skills with features like talent management, workflow automation, eLMS, happiness metre, ticketing system, and more. 

Contact us for a demo and explore all our features. 


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