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A type of HR software known as an HRMS (Human Resource Management System) enables the management of various HR functions through information technology.

The best HRMS software seeks to increase business productivity and efficiency by automating laborious and repetitive operations. This also frees up time for the HR team. The extra bandwidth can be applied to the human resource management function's more strategic, mission-critical responsibilities.

An HRMS often includes the features of a human capital management system and all of an HRIS's components. Payroll and Time & Labor Management are typical HRMS well-known features.

HRMS Functions

What Are The Typical HRMS Functions?

One place that records employee backgrounds, credentials, salary, and accomplishments is the human resources department. Information management tasks can be distributed by replacing some procedures with other layers of HRMS software systems. Now, the majority of information gathering is not left up to HR to add manually into the system. 

Employees can maintain greater information accuracy by updating their personal information and relieving HR managers of arduous tasks. Each module performs a function that helps collect or track data within the HRMS.

For instance, the performance evaluation and management module would handle employee performance, the recruitment and onboarding module would handle hiring, and so forth.

Manpower Management

Planning for human resources focuses mostly on estimating the resources needed to produce the intended business results. Plans for human resources might be either urgent or long-term. The HR team can carry out these strategies quickly and successfully with the help of a reliable HRMS like uKnowva HRMS. 

The analytics embedded in uKnowva help recruiters know about the skill shortage in advance. They will know how many types of people to hire and how often. The cost for hire can be discussed with the individual departmental heads simultaneously. 


An essential duty is finding personnel with the proper combination of skills and competencies at the appropriate moment. It includes measures like internal job posting, promotions, and employee referrals for filling openings. uKnowva HRMS has a streamlined recruitment engine that offers Applicant Tracking System, Offer letter generation, a job portal, a career page, and more. All the menial tasks in the recruitment process can be automated when HRs implement uKnowva HRMS. 

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On the first day, an employee joins the company, a specific set of tasks must be completed. These processes are referred to as employee onboarding. The entire procedure can be facilitated with a comprehensive HRMS tool like uKnowva. 

With the onboarding process, new hires have less dependency on HR. They can fill in their information on uKnowva’s profile themselves with a click of a button. Their IDs are automatically generated as soon as they are hired and HR confirms their joining. 

The system will notify them about all the documents they need to upload. They can submit it for an update or review. The HR admin will approve those on time without indulging in constant back-and-forth communication. 

Employee confirmation

An employee typically has a probation period of 1-6 months after joining the company. During this time, everyone can evaluate one another and determine whether they want to continue working together. The employee would typically go through a confirmation process after the probationary period. 

uKnowva HRMS has a comprehensive probation module that helps schedule and customise reports, confirm the employment for the employee based on the open and closed grading system, and involves performance improvement plans (PIP). 

How Can An Organization Benefit From uKnowva’s HRMS?

Deeper understanding

It is impossible to obtain an accurate picture of labour costs without the best HRMS software. It gathers employees' and management data in various formats and enables teams to view it instead of downloading or printing it for security concerns. 

When employing an employee management system by uKnowva HRMS, all data is secure and safe with four layers of security system for the Instance. Employers also get a better understanding of employee data using uKnowva. The projections and estimates are real-time there. The dashboard is visually appealing and easy to understand or access. 

Therefore, there is always a sense of deeper understanding of the employee data and management process for team leaders when implementing uKnowva HRMS. 

Rapid recruitment

Another area that excites HR managers is recruiting top talent and establishing your company as "the place everyone wants to work." The candidate experience has, however, mainly been ignored because it might be difficult to gain insight into the hiring process when job postings appear outside of the organisation.

uKnowva HRMS solves this problem by electronically connecting recruiters and candidates via job portals/career pages and mobile app, and streamlining the hiring process.

Improved learning and growth of employees

Within uKnowva HRMS, HR can create training programmes, individualised learning plans, career trajectories, and mentorships. With personnel management software, HR can boost employee happiness in workplaces where a diverse workforce coexists through various initiatives and surveys. Additionally, this software aids in tracking progress and deciphering trends in staff growth. 

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The reasons for skilling up are many out there. One of the core reasons for employees to understand is that they need to be valuable. More resources are ready to be hired or taken on board, especially in a growing economy like India. Employees need to stand out and keep learning new skills. This could be an on-job-training process. uKnowva HRMS has the eLMS functionality to assist them and the employers in initiating and controlling learning and development opportunities for their employees. 

Later, the HRMS can help define the right personnel for tougher jobs ahead of time. Then, employers would bridge the skill gap without borrowing or buying talent from external sources. 

Hence, uKnowva HRMS is one of those HR software solutions for 2022 that employers prefer to help their employees outgrow and create the expected impact out of their deliverables. 


Selecting the best HRMS software for your business may be challenging because there are so many providers in the market. Using a systematic approach, you may choose the best human resource management software that supports your organisation's objectives. 

In today's corporate climate, human resource management software is essential. Given the long-term advantages, HRMS systems are no longer considered unnecessary because they initially outweigh the cost of establishing the programme. Implementing uKnowva HRMS is thus a cost-effective, scalable, and profitable approach to motivate teams by helping them automate mundane tasks like a pro. 

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