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Recognising employees’ efforts on an employee appreciation day or otherwise for their proactive contribution to the firm is inspiring. It adds value to their work. Their perception of the work culture enhances and evolves. 

Employees grow well professionally in a workplace that implements regular employee engagement activities. 

Employee Recognition Activities


One of the primary goals for HRs and managers in emerging companies is to serve their sincere and hardworking employees well through staff appreciation activities throughout their lifecycle. 

That’s why it’s relevant to put our sheer focus on the dos and don’ts of employee recognition activities today. Because when an employee is rewarded on time, they wish to do better next time. That’s their basic human psychology as an employed person.

7 Dos and Don’ts of Employees Recognition Activities are:

1. Use warm words in your appreciation letters.

Writing warm appreciatory letters to your employees could be an example of recognising their efforts. But wherever these letters are, email, Social Intranet, or another app, use warm and welcoming words. 

Reading warm appreciation letters creates a bond between employees and their seniors. Employees feel that their contribution has effectively impacted the senior to say those words. 

You can use words like “We are glad/honoured/stoked/so happy for your success.” These words give out a positive vibe. Using these employee recognition examples is a proven way to build a rapport with your employees. 

2. Recognise their efforts in front of the entire team or organisation.

If an employee is dedicatedly performing well, they deserve the grand scale of appreciation and recognition. This could be as minimal as in front of the team or as grand as in front of the entire organisation or on a social media platform.

It depends on what type of company culture the firm follows. But achieving a feat should matter a lot to the company. It already does to the employee. Therefore, the employee recognition program of a firm must include posting live recognition letters or posts. 

It gives a moral and social boost to the employees receiving these accolades in front of their whole team. One such example can be “start of the month” or “employee of the month.” 

Labels of these accolades must depend on what kind of task was given and performed by the employee. 

3. Offer free lunches or other meals.

There’s another way to get into your top-performing employees’ good books. That’s basically when you offer them free meals. If employees can bring their family or friends to these free meals, it would be a plus point for the company. 

Companies must have regular tie-ups with restaurants or similar venues for discounted deals. These deals create an excellent impact on an employees’ impression of the work culture of their workplace.

Some employees put their level best every month to get exciting deal offers as their incentives for proactive contribution. Again, these are just examples of rewards and recognition that are often workable and appreciated. 

4. Provide opportunities to employees to learn something new at discounted rates.

While learning dos and don’ts of employee recognition activities, you must understand that upskilling is a core part of their journey. When you provide them with free or discounted certified courses related to their profile, they will surely thank you for it. 

After all, your top-performing can become better at one thing or another. Later, employees could use the same knowledge to be assigned better, more challenging, and more complex projects. 

It would ultimately benefit employees only. This way, their portfolio and skillset multiply. 

That’s one of the most acceptable ways to show that the company recognises their efforts and wants them to excel in various other skills. 

5. Do not create awards for behaviours or tasks common to many. 

Be mindful while learning dos and don’ts of employee recognition activities of not creating awards for expected KPIs. Employee recognition does not mean that you reward or award each employee for completing their KPIs per month. 

Fun awards for employees are to motivate them to perform better.

The mere activity of recognising or rewarding employees should mean that they did something exemplary than what was expected. Such awards motivate all other team members afterwards to perform better in a healthy and competitive environment. 

6. Do not keep awarding the same employee every month without proof.

The example recognition example here to understand this "don't" is to avoid awarding or recognising the same employee as “Star of the month.” That is if you don’t have enough proof for their excellence month after month. 

If you have proof that the employee did better than everyone every month, even breaking their record, then awarding them is justified. 

But that rarely happens. So, be mindful of that. Because if you award employees wrongly based on false digits or data, it could create confusion and mistrust. 

Instead, keep team performance transparent. For that, the uKnowva performance management system is apt. There, team managers and team members can see each other’s progress. That way, the competition between employees remains healthy and objective. There is no scope for bias or ambiguity in such a system. 

All in all, rewarding and recognising hard-working employees’ efforts never go to waste using this tool. 

7. Be on time for appraisals or don’t do it at all.

One major part of the dos and don’ts of employee recognition activities is to be on time for appreciating your top performers. Otherwise, don’t do it from the beginning. It should be a regular task from your end as an employer or hiring manager. 

That means you should be rewarding or recognising your employees’ sincere efforts regularly. It’s equivalent to ego massaging and boosting their morale. 

If you are inconsistent in such regular employee engagement activities, it will lead to disappointment amongst team members. So, either you should assign someone to measure and monitor HRMS analytics or don’t do it. But the most affordable solution is to form the habit of timely recognising employees. 

This habit improves employee engagement, retention, and overall contribution to the company. 

They might even become brand ambassadors of your firm in front of their peers when they trust your company culture. Again, that is an added advantage for persuading good employees to stay longer in the firm. 


Dos and don’ts of employee recognition activities is a topic you must research for empowering employees to collaborate and co-create. 

In short, from the 7 pointers mentioned in this blog, you understand ways to appreciate your smart/talented employees timely. Once implemented, a company culture strengthens, and employees’ trust emboldens in the company policies and management. 

As a result, they contribute better each month and exhibit qualities of a self-serving asset to the company.

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