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HR bears many roles and responsibilities on their shoulders in every company. They’re a critical asset as they manage staff from hire to retire, and solve disputes within a company. The performance of the human resource manager plays a direct impact on the growth of the company. The responsibilities of HR are increasing year over year. With the development of technology and gadgets, the role of HR has become more highlighted.

The competition between companies is tough now; all are trying their best to put their efforts toward customers and their employees. The HR leads a team of people to a successful implementation of their pre-assigned tasks. They are responsible for risk management, manpower planning, monitoring delegated tasks, project governance, leading the project team, and stakeholder management. Therefore, implementing smart HRMS software is becoming a mandate for new-gen HR professionals.

Now, HRs make their employees comfortable with the right tools and make sure the experience is exceptional. The HRMS of uKnowva is easy to implement and use; thus, it doesn’t cause a burden on HR. However, the responsibilities of HR keep changing and redefining with the emergence of new tech advancements. Let’s explore those further. 

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Suggested responsibilities of HR manager during HRMS implementation

The implementation of HRMS software in India brings a lot of new responsibilities to your HR manager. Listed below are some tasks that come with the implementation of HR:

  • Building a relationship between HR and IT consultants that handle the company's technical side for data cleansing.
  • Giving updates to the stakeholders about the project stages by including meetings and group discussions for a better understanding of each other.
  • With the implementation of complete HR software, they ensure the functionality of the current processes and ensure they don't exceed the line.
  • Look after the project that falls under their supervision. Such management of projects includes delivery of user training and administration work.

Other 6 Core Responsibilities of HR

The HR has responsibilities from the hire to retire of an employee. Administration, payroll, attendance, and much more all come under the supervision of HR. They also help to maintain productivity, engagement, retention, and communication of employees in the company. So refer to the core responsibilities of HR below to better understand their day-to-day work. 

  1. Motivate employees

After implementing HRMS software, some employees who are not tech-friendly face some problems initially. In that situation, HR has to motivate them to learn the software. As it is, uKnowva HRMS has the simplest and most sorted features that can be easily understood by anyone. This makes the employee motivated and engaged in learning new things and gathering new experiences at workplaces.

  1. Helping employees with the onboarding process

The common and most typical responsibility of HR includes the onboarding process and the training program for the new employees. A good HR must talk with the new employees and help them understand the software. So their initial days provide them with easier experiences, and they don’t have to chase HR for menial tasks or queries. 

  1. Processing offboarding of employees digitally

HRMS software in India helps to automate and streamline the offboarding process for HR personnel. They do not calculate the pending dues manually anymore. Their main role is to supervise who is to leave, when, with how many days of the notice period, whether to conduct an interview and which departments to send out the clearance. 

So responsibilities of HR are now more strategic instead of executive. uKnowva HRMS helps them send constant and regular alerts to the reporting managers and other stakeholders to clear their requests related to the termination, layoffs, or offboarding of a resource. 

Because of this process, there is no more dependency on the paperwork, otherwise creating last minute hustle. The HR can now easily bid a warm goodbye as it indicates the value, ethics, and empathy embedded in the company's culture.

  1. Develop plans to meet company objectives

HR managers are responsible for creating policies and plans for the company. So, they create policies for compliance with local, state, and federal laws to create guidelines for hiring and training employees. HRs store and upload the policies and plans in the software so that employees can have a look whenever required.

  1. Communicating and implementing business changes

HRMS, with its social intranet platform, offers a great source for employees to communicate with each other. This platform contains everyone in the company, and anyone can talk to whom they need. HR has to look that no one posts any irrelevant things or crosses any lines that affect the company's culture. 

Similarly, they can post news, announcements, and certain policy changes posts for all at once using the social intranet platform. So, HR leaders do not have to go and talk to each employee personally. Their one-to-one communication reduces, but the live news and announcement features save most of their time driving necessary changes in the culture. 

  1. Addressing employee’s hard work

Our HRMS brings a great dashboard that helps HR to display the star performer of the month. It is the best way to pay tribute to the employee's hard work. It makes the employee happy and motivates others to do better in the future. HR has to ensure that no one feels inferior and that the names selected are done honestly without bias or special favour. Every deserving employee can be broadcasted on the star performer dashboard.


With the rising demand for HRMS software in the market, HRs must choose the tool wisely. As every HRMS can’t provide you with all the benefits. If you want to focus more on your employees and the productivity of your workplace, then do uKnowva; it is a 360-degree smart solution that provides you with most of the features and helps to retain your employees. Additionally, all responsibilities of HR are now easy to map, monitor, and measure with uKnowva. HRs have plenty of time to strategically align with the business growth and help the CXOs deliver the impact they envisioned. 

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Why must the responsibilities of HR be digitised and streamlined?

HR responsibilities are growing complex every day. HR leaders can't map and measure those when they have much on their to-do lists. However, using HRMS makes their work life easier. HRMS is the best solution for streamlining their duties and responsibilities. 

What difference does it make when HR professionals start using HRMS software?

HR professionals can automate their workflows from hire to retire using smarter HRMS software in India, like uKnowva. They then have a lot of time to empower their employees, welcome back empathy in the HRD, and ensure work life balance remains intact. 

Can HRMS help HR professionals to delegate tasks on time?

Yes, it can. Smarter HRMS helps set KPIs, project tasks, and deadlines for all team members. HRs can assign different projects and tasks to their members. They can then fill their timesheets with the hours worked every day without the intervention of HR. 

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