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A social intranet is a unique website that helps people who work at a company communicate and share information with each other. It's like a private social network just for the company. uKnowva's social intranet is an excellent example here. It can help organisations in many ways. For instance, if someone needs help with a project, they can ask their coworkers for help on uKnowva's intranet. Or, if someone has a good idea for the company, they can share it on uKnowva's network for everyone to see. 

uKnowva is also a good place to store vital company information, so it's easy for everyone to find. When people invest in a social intranet by uKnowva, they feel more connected to their coworkers and the company, which can make them more motivated to work. Investing in a social intranet like uKnowva's can be very helpful for firms because it helps people communicate and share information, and it can make everyone feel more connected and engaged.

Brief On A Social Intranet Software

A collaboration tool called social intranet facilitates quick, simple, and fun employee communication. Specific programme features may include instant messaging, document sharing and commenting, social tagging, and more, depending on the software supplier.

Simply put, social intranet software functions as a private social media network that connects your complete company, similar to Facebook. Despite the numerous demonstrated advantages of these networks, managers, particularly those at smaller businesses, may be hesitant to utilise them.

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Reasons For Your Firm Invest In A Social Intranet Today:

Considering using or not using a company intranet platform? It's not just you. There has recently been more interest in the subject. The top four advantages, in our perspective, are as follows:

Enhanced cooperation

Communication is simple when every employee of the organisation (or at least those in each department) is only a social tag or instant message away. Despite its benefits, email is not the best medium for internal correspondence. When messages are buried under a sea of other emails, they are easily forgotten.

Social intranets allow team members to respond to each other more quickly, readily distribute huge files when necessary (documents can be kept on business computers rather than being sent electronically), and separate internal and external conversations.

Last but not least, social intranet software's community feature promotes the concept of sharing ideas without hesitation over the network. Better ideas and suggestions frequently result in better enterprises. This type of collaboration is essential. Without that, employees might find a tandem between themselves, especially if they all are strong-headed and want to take charge of their roles. Thus, the social intranet helps to smoothen the bonding between employees, even when they all are working remotely. 

Higher productivity

Employees will turn out to be more productive if they sort out the first pointer of these reasons to invest in a social intranet. When they collaborate and communicate on time and with a shared purpose, they will learn time management as best as they can. Each time they connect over the social intranet network, they know their purpose and investment of their skill set. Employees become more entrepreneurial when they learn to be autonomous in their tasks. Thus, a social intranet gives them that platform and power to test their capabilities and coordinate better with teammates. With this kind of coordination, it’s helpful for all teams to get work done on time. Then, not only an individual but the entire team gets to improve their productivity as a unit. 

Enhanced worker satisfaction

It's critical that your team be content. According to studies, the typical employee stays with a company for only four years, and every person that leaves costs the organisation between six and nine months of their wage. However, things don't have to be this way. 

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Team members will have significantly fewer reasons to leave if employee satisfaction rises. According to studies, a social intranet solution significantly increases employee engagement, and happy employees are typically engaged.

Decrease employee churn ​

Social intranets are fantastic resources for appreciating and rewarding employees throughout the company. According to an online study, companies that recognised their workers' efforts had a 31% lower turnover rate than those that didn't.

Coordination of documents efficiently

When it comes to document collaboration, a knowledge base thrives. It makes team collaboration simpler and more practical because you no longer need to switch between apps to edit a document. Instead, several authors can make modifications directly in the document and view the changes as they are made. A social intranet by uKnowva has that power. It allows teams to have multiple-level approvals to view, access, and edit the document. It also keeps the log or track of the changes made in the docs, if necessary, to keep things and changes transparent between everyone. 


As we just saw, social intranets have a lot of advantages for businesses. But does it fit your company's needs? Your company's goals, culture, and organisational structure all affect the response to that question.

However, in general, we think that most firms ought to use a company intranet platform. Your firm can also invest in a flexible, scalable, and fully customisable tool like uKnowva. 

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