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Connected and engaged employees who are putting resources into their organization, and its vision may be the most dominant asset business can have. Yet, how can a social intranet support the HR department of an organization in realizing that vision?

Your HR department can make or break the smooth functioning of your organization. It is a lot more than remembering birthdays, organizing fun events, and answering queries. Your HR looks after the well-being of your employees and hence maintaining their productivity and spirits. With a little help from Social Intranet, your HR ninjas can take some time off from troubleshooting and truly focus on their duties. A social intranet allows full-time connectivity within the organization, smooth knowledge transfer, and last but not the least, invested, and loyal employees. Here’s how uKnowva’s Social Intranet is revolutionizing the corporate communication game!

uKnowva Social Intranet Refefine Corporate Communication in Following Steps:


Enhanced Employee Engagement

Employees tend to stop looking for support when they have to go through a lengthy process of reaching out to an expert or senior. With a secure and quick intranet, they get an opportunity to connect with their peers or seniors to solve their problems or share innovative ideas instantly. When you work in a company, you are representing the entire brand, and when you collaborate or share, you add value to your projects!

Effective Corporate Communication

A social intranet empowers HR to convey organization values, objectives, and significant ideas and rules to new and existing employees effectively and comprehensively. They can integrate corporate ideals with solid business goals that employees can identify and easily comprehend.

Every individual in the organization is an equally valuable resource. To implement these resources effectively, organizations need to go a step further and allow internal networking to their diverse and geographically scattered workforce. Social intranet makes it effortless, and your employees can get access to the information and support they need in time. It also helps you in creating polls, events, surveys, etc. for better and enhanced communication and collaboration.

Efficient information sharing

A social intranet is incredible for sharing typical HR documents, extending from medical coverage documents, scheduling, contact information, training modules, etc. By putting this data on the web, your employees can self-serve and access them at whatever point they have to, all from a centralized location. Never again will you get the telephone and responding to a similar inquiry again and again. Guide them towards the page where they can discover all the data they need.

It also allows you to handle tasks such as sharing important news/notices, share files, and reducing email clutter.

Comprehensive workspace

Sophisticated HRMS tools integrate all departments of the HR team. This way, you have all the data, controls, and reports at your fingertips. You won’t miss any update when you have everything at a glance. That is how a comprehensive workspace can boost your productivity and save a lot of time.

Summing up

Incorporating intranet within your global workforce is your highway to achieving better corporate communication, opportunities to collaborate, and maintain higher productivity. This way, the organizations can have transparent communications without compromising on their legal policies and corporate guidelines. Why let your employees’ performance hamper when they can save all the time one requires to set up formal meetings?

uKnowva’s social intranet helps you in improving your employee engagement by connecting all your employees on a single platform through communication and collaboration. Improve your corporate communication by utilizing interactive and practical newsfeed. Step up gainfulness and manage all the ordinary activities essentially and more profitably.

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